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The new version the program fixed bugs, and added a new functionality.
Always download the latest version youtube-dl.exe.

Because their licenses are limited in time.
1133 KB - Updated: 7.02.2018 - x32 - Downloaded  2370 times


This is a small utility that can do selection files in the mode of displaying files without directories. (cm_DirBranch and cm_DirBranchSel).
421 KB - Updated: 5.12.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  1425 times


This program is for those who use the command line Total Commander.

This provides more flexible work, you can insert selected files into any position of the inside command line, and not at the end, how Total Commander works.

Also, there is a graphical interface in which you can make more accurate work.
447 KB - Updated: 4.11.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  1044 times


This small utility that will allow users Total Commander go to directories,
using not a drive letter, but a volume label.

Users will no matter what letter has device.
418 KB - Updated: 29.10.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  1097 times


This is a small program that will be useful for Total Commander users.

Its idea is that you can hang up to eight built-in and user commands on one hot keys.
417 KB - Updated: 25.10.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  1085 times


This is a small utility that will help you to forcefully terminate any running ˝ontrolled and uncontrolled processes, regardless of the number of running instances of these processes.
The program can terminate processes whose names from clip.
Also, the program can terminate processes using the command-line parameters passed.
Also, it is possible to create your own settings (Presets) for frequently-terminated processes.
To new version added new functional.
921 KB - Updated: 8.10.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  2234 times


0 KB - Updated: 25.04.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  1233 times

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