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MultiLister Configuration Tool 2.0

MultiLister Configuration Tool
653 KB - Updated: 6.04.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  12554 times

MultiLister (former PDF Filter) 1.50a

The MultiLister plugin allows converting arbitrary file from one format to text, picture (BMP or GIF), and HTML, via appropriate converter and display it within the TC's Lister.
Multiple instances of Lister windows using the
ActiveX controls are supported as well.
291 KB - Updated: 6.04.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  67114 times

Simplest converters for MultiLister 1.0

1. XML->HTML converter for MultiLister WLX plugin. Converts XML to HTML based on an XSL template. DOCX, ODT, and FB2 templates are included. User extendable.
Can also be used without MultiLister plugin as a standalone application
2. Small utility finding index of a CHM file to be sent as an URL for MultiLister for preview and thumbnails of CHM files by MultiLister plugin
818 KB - Updated: 14.12.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  12198 times

Converters pack for PDF-Filter plugin 1.1

A bundle of converters which can be used with PDF-Filter plugin. Most users probably already have those.
XPDF converter (version 3 can be downloaded from, web-site:
pdftohtml PDF->HTML converter (
It is highly recommended to obtain the GhostScript interpreter (see above URL) which allows
pdf2ascii and PDF->IMAGE conversion as well as PS->IMAGE conversion be performed.
GhostScript can be obtained from the following URL: and is about 7M size.
3586 KB - Updated: 1.06.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  30333 times

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