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Total Commander 9.21a released

September 17, 2015: Total Commander 8.52a is released.
Fixed some more problems.

August 26, 2015: Total Commander 8.52 is released.
This update was released primarily for fixing some Windows 10 problems, but also includes other fixes.

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Total Commander 9.21a - advanced file manager


Today 1.5

Content plugin for show additional info about file creation/modification date.
Can be used for file coloring.
Category: Content plugins
332 KB - Updated: 19.02.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  115 times

decTC32Host 2014.06.17

Tool allows 64-bit Total Commander to use 32-bit WCX plugins. Setup program installs host exe file and creates necessary 64-bit WCX plugins.
Category: TC Utilities
3535 KB - Updated: 09.02.2019 - x32 - Downloaded  268 times

decRecycleBinWDX 2019.02.03

Plugin shows props of Recycle Bin files: date of deletion/ source name/ source path. Plugin works with real folders like c:\$Recycle.Bin\%SID%, but not with common virtual folder from cm_OpenRecycled.

(by: Dec)
Category: Content plugins
590 KB - Updated: 09.02.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  2626 times

Ultra TC Editors 6.42 Beta 7

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Ultra TC Editors package include the following programs:

1. Main Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander main menu.
2. Start Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander start menu.
3. Directory Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander directory menu.
4. Extended Commands Editor: for editing Total Commander extended commands.
5. Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander main button bar.
6. Vertical Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander vertical button bar.
7. History Editor: for editing history sections in Total Commander configuration files (Wincmd.ini and Wcx_ftp.ini)
8. Configuration Editor: database for all Total Commander configuration keys.
9. Hotkeys Editor: for modifying Total Commander hotkeys.

Help files
Category: TC Utilities
2544 KB - Updated: 06.02.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  142010 times


The FileInDir content plugin is a replacement of the legacy FileInDir plugin by olesio. It can be used to search for directories which contain specified files, and optionally with specified text content. Furthermore, it can be used in the search dialog for a full text search.
Category: Content plugins
262 KB - Updated: 02.02.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  394 times


Plugin Office2007wlx rebuilt for 64-bit architecture and minor improvements.

The plugin allows to view Office2007 documents as plain text. The Office suite itself is not required.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
321 KB - Updated: 01.02.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  25562 times

CudaText - Addons pack 2019.01.22

Collection of addons/plugins for CudaText editor.
To install any plugin from zip, open zip in CudaText.

Category: Text Editors
30252 KB - Updated: 22.01.2019 - x32 - Downloaded  19079 times


Cross-platform text editor. Flat look. Lite interface.

* Supports syntax hiliters from SynWrite (160+ lexers).
* Config system in JSON files: you need to open "default" config, copy lines to "user" config and edit lines in it.
* Multi-carets, multi-selections.
* Flat UI.
* Command palette.
* Python plugins.

Author: UVViewSoft
Category: Text Editors
10400 KB - Updated: 22.01.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  19353 times

EMLView Beta

Lister plugin for view e-mail messages files (*.eml).
This is new independed version of EML Viewer plugin (
Category: TC Lister Plugins
1923 KB - Updated: 21.01.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7199 times

super_wdx beta

New version of plugin based on work by Pavel Dubrovsky (

Allows to use all content plugins for Total Commander in just one column. You will not need to have a lot of column combinations for different file types. The super column is a universal one. It will show only proper information for different file types. For example for images it will show dimentions, for mp3-files - id3 tags, for text files - descriptions, etc. You will need to configure it by running SSettings.exe before using.
Plugin help file
Category: Content plugins
1494 KB - Updated: 20.01.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  1711 times

10 - 20 - 30 new files with descriptions

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