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SVGInfo 1.0.2

Content plugin for show some info from *.svg and *.svgz files.
This is extended version of SVGwdx plugin. Plugin parse svg as xml.
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SQLite Viewer 2.11

Simple plugin for TC for view SQLite3 database files. Supports *.db, *.db3, *.sqlite, *.sqlite3 and *.fossil extensions.

Supports up to 2TB files, no sqlite3.dll needed.
Supports data types described in this document:

About auto creating any additional files when some database viewing (and open these databases from read-only sources):
6508 KB - Updated: 4.12.2020 - Downloaded  110431 times

TCbarGen 1.1.0b

The program for generating a *.bar file from the *.lnk files contained in the catalog.
-First of all, place in one folder the shortcuts of the programs that you want to place on new panel.
-Select the directory containing *.lnk files ("Select catalog" Button). it doesn't matter how many *.lnk files will be selected. All shortcut files from the directory will be automatically taken.
By default *.bar filename is the same as the catalog name. You can give it manually in the yellow box.
-Generate bar file ("Generate" Button)
2 files will be created in the folder with shortcuts. *(file name)*.bar and *(file name)*.txt
Also the data for pasting the button by right-clicking will be copied to the clipboard.(After right-clicking on a TC panel select "Paste"). This will add the new panel as a menu.
If for some reason the necessary information is not copied to the clipboard, it can be copy manually from the bottom part of the TCbarGen program window, or from *(file name)*.txt file.
-You can also link the *(file name)*.bar file directly by drag&drop with mouse.
-If you just generated a *.bar file, then it can paste automatically into the current TC toolbar by select current clicking "Select *.bar" and add "Link to *.bar".
Button will be added to the end of the current toolbar.
-On first launch, the program creates the TCbarGen.ini settings file.
It will contain the last used path to *.lnk files and the path to *.bar file in which you added the new panel.

The shortcuts in the folder should point to executable files (*.exe) it's does not tested with other shortcuts

P.S. the program is provided for free use without any guarantees.
I made it for myself, If the program is in demand, then plans to add functionality.
13664 KB - Updated: 4.12.2020 - Downloaded  132 times


Plugin for view SVG files.

It can use RSVG (rsvg-convert.exe) or ImageMagic or Inkscape for convert SVG files to bitmap.

Unpacked version of RSVG (from used by default and included to archive.
For open SVG files with Unicode symbols plugin copy these files to temp folder and open it.
4179 KB - Updated: 19.11.2020 - Downloaded  22709 times

PHSM-Calendar 11.4

PHSM-Calendar is a Window Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Desktop gadget

A perpetual calendar that shows Week numbers, Leap year, Number of day, Daylight sawing time and Time zone info.

* PHSM-Calendar supports Flash player clocks - currently there are up to 225 different Flash clocks available (41 types).
* PHSM-Calendar supports html5 clocks - currently there are up to 110 different html5 clocks available (25 types).
* PHSM-Calendar also provides a Countdown / Stop Watch timer and 2 Alarm Clocks.
* The format of Date and Time can be set by the user.
* The Week format (Sunday or Monday as first day of the week) can be set by the user.
* The Week numbering (first week = week with 1st of January / first week = week with first Thursday) can be set by the user.
* The clock can be set to Strike the Hour with various selectable sounds.
* User defined marking of events - for example birthdays - is possible in the calendar part.
* Audio-Visual notification of the marked events is possible.
* Extensive function for searching in the events.
* English and Danish are supported.
* PHSM-Calendar can be run as a gadget under Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 after installing 8GadgetPack from
* PHSM-Calendar can be used as an Active Desktop item under Windows XP.
* PHSM-Kalender can be run in a browser also on a SmartPhone.
* PHSM-Calendar can be inserted in an iframe or a frame on a webpage.

Click here to read more.
Online demo.

Click here for Unicode version

8841 KB - Updated: 30.10.2020 - Downloaded  15657 times

CSV View Beta

Lister plugin for view CSV files (*.csv).

This is new independed version of CSV Viewer plugin (
1636 KB - Updated: 24.09.2020 - Downloaded  16930 times

TCTorrent 2.1.2

TCTorrent is wlx/wdx/wcx plugin for retrieving and viewing info.

* retrieve almost all available info
* fully unicode (if torrent in UTF-8)

Content part:
* caching info

Lister part:
* higly configurable presence (icons, fonts, colors etc.)
* fast loading and displaying of big torrents

When moving from version 1.x to 2.x it's recommend to remove old version (but you can preserve configuration file).
1914 KB - Updated: 18.09.2020 - Downloaded  51802 times

EMLView Beta

Lister plugin for view e-mail message files (*.eml and *.msg).
This is new independed version of EML Viewer plugin (
1941 KB - Updated: 12.09.2020 - Downloaded  12230 times

AnyELF 1.6

ELF File Viewer

The viewer is capable to dump ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) format files for seamlessly all OS and target architectures. This includes (Linux and bare board, object and executable files for x86, ARM, PowerPC, etc platforms). The viewer works with 32- and 64-bit ELF files.

Source is available at SourceForge.
636 KB - Updated: 23.08.2020 - Downloaded  14964 times

MediaInfo 20.08

This content plugin uses MediaInfo.dll to display various properties (like duration, bit rate, frame rate or format information) of audio and video files in Total Commander. It is an enhancement of the plugin originally started by forum user j.

List of supported formats
3526 KB - Updated: 17.08.2020 - Downloaded  3881 times

Used cars from Japan


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