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WdxInfoPacker 1.4.1

Packer plugin to list content plugin (wdx) information . It can create "complex" file...
Available language : French, English, German, Spanish,Polish,Russian
New :
-Scheme Comment
-Fix the date problem
437 KB - Updated: 14.05.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  32502 times

expander 0.1

Use it to separate filename into diferent string (specific char separator) for sorting puprose
If separator is "\" then the path is also explosed
59 KB - Updated: 6.07.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  12566 times

Mover 0.1

To separate files into folders...
29 KB - Updated: 7.05.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  11176 times

readGbx 1

Read info from track's file of the famous game Trackmania
It can show :
All time (silver, gold, author)
Track Name
Coppers Value
25 KB - Updated: 31.01.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  10236 times


It can show : Tracker, File Number, SHA, Total Size
75 KB - Updated: 19.01.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  18363 times

Torrent 1.3

Quick view of a "torrent file":
-- Tracker url (and backup tracker)
-- Author of the file (1st seeder)
-- Creation Date
-- Comment
-- Size of pieces
-- SHA
-- Directory
-- File Name
-- File Size

Available language : French, English, Spanish
221 KB - Updated: 2.12.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  37561 times

Used cars from Japan


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