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Ultra TC Editors 6.42 Final

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Ultra TC Editors package include the following programs:

1. Main Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander main menu.
2. Start Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander start menu.
3. Directory Menu Editor: for editing Total Commander directory menu.
4. Extended Commands Editor: for editing Total Commander extended commands.
5. Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander main button bar.
6. Vertical Button Bar Editor: for editing Total Commander vertical button bar.
7. History Editor: for editing history sections in Total Commander configuration files (Wincmd.ini and Wcx_ftp.ini)
8. Configuration Editor: database for all Total Commander configuration keys.
9. Hotkeys Editor: for modifying Total Commander hotkeys.

Help files
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TC Changes Viewer 2.50 Final

TC Changes Viewer displays the contents of the Total Commander history file but in a convenient way.
92 KB - Updated: 25.03.2019 - x32 - Downloaded  8549 times

TC Log Viewer 1.50 Final

TC Log Viewer opens Total Commander logging file and show its contents in the following three parts:

Dropdown list: shows all dates in the log file.
Source panel: shows all file operations happened within the selected date.
Target panel: shows the target path for operations like Copy, Move, Unpack etc...

183 KB - Updated: 16.08.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  15582 times

Nested Button Bar Creator 2.00

This program will create Total Commander button bar files ( 2 up to 20).
Each button bar will start with predefined number buttons which you will use to switch from button bar to another.
The active button bar number will be pushed and colored by red to easily know what is the current button bar you are using.
54 KB - Updated: 29.10.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  14395 times

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