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Script Content Plugin

Script Content plugin 'Lev Freidin (c) 2005-2013

Plugin allows to write your own vbs and js scripts to get information from the file or for parsing it's name and for placing the result to the plugin's column. Can be useful for getting useful information from the file, for sorting files in a desired order, for complex file renaming with Multi-Rename Tool.
See ini file for the examples of usage
change value in [Script] Section to define current rules
Refresh current window after ini file editing.

If you want to create additional columns of the plugin then create a copy of a plugin directory. Rename wdx file, do not rename ini file. Register new wdx as new plugin and add a new column.
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UnPacker plugin which allows to execute definite commands depending on file extension.

Discussion -
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(c)Lev Freidin, 2007

The program should select the duplicates of files in the panel with the Search results. It works only with TC 7 or newer.

The identification of files equality is done using the third panel column. For the simple cases it is enough to switch on the Full view mode (the identification would be provided by the files size), for more reliability it is recommended to create a custom column of a checksum plugin, for example, wdHash [] (it is slow for big size files, wait for all checksums calculation before applying the utility). Sinse the checksum is not calculated for the zero size files you should add something to the plugin field, like - "0[=wdhash.MD5]" (there will be "0" before all sums).

The program can also work in the current directory (you don't need to make a precomparing), copies of the files which have duplicates in the directory will be selected.
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Regexp Content plugin
Content plugin acting like a Multy Rename Tool, but without actual files renaming.
Could be useful for sorting files in a desired order
See ini file for the examples of usage

[N][E][C][content plugin] modifiers - are not supported
55 KB - Updated: 5.08.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  13053 times

CDR info 0.3 (11)

Shows the version, number of pages, dimensions and so on for CorelDRAW 6-11 files.
For CorelDRAW 3-5 and 12 files it shows only a version.
Needs CorelDRAW 11 for it's work (CdrInfoFilter110.dll)
40 KB - Updated: 1.03.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  12962 times

Used cars from Japan


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