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Ultimate Calendar

Ultimate Calendar – is easy to use calendar with rich features and settings. These are its main characteristics:
• Calendar for any year from 1 to 9999-th as table and list
• Generic and personal events differing by sets and groups
• Movable, recurring, periodical, particular events
• Internal editor for easy work with dates sets
• Popup window which contains the list of nearest events and displayed when the mouse hovers over the tray icon
• Status bar to show selection details
• Calendar views: “Year mode” and “Month mode”
• Plugins and themes support
• Export to Microsoft Excel and formats BMP, RTF, TXT
• Possibility to choose displayed elements and use priorities
• Weekend days moving
• Tracking change of day
• Options “Autostart on system startup”, “Hide to tray on minimize”, “Run only one copy”, “Always on top”
• Multilingual interface and Unicode support
• Contains predefined dates sets with holidays and events for Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Peru, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom (England, Nothern Ireland, Wels), Ukraine and USA
• Supported OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
• The program is free

You can download Installer or Portable version (zip, rar, 7z).
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tcPhonebook. Simple phone book. File system plugin (WFX) for Total Commander (x32, x64). Displays as user-defined structure and allows to manipulate the phone book contacts directly in the file window of Total Commander.
Each record can contains general information about the contact person, data on place of work, personal, other data, and note. In addition, the plugin supports custom fields to store any additional data.
Allows you to import/export contacts in vCard format (file format standard for electronic business cards) in next encodings: ANSI, UTF-8 (import/export) and Quoted-printable (import only); supports work with files that contain multiple contacts.
Has multilingual interface.
Supported OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

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Applications loader
This plugin allows you to open chosen files using the associated applications in cases where it is possible to use the internal viewer (Lister).
The main feature of this plugin is that you can open the file in any application of these modal windows Total Commander as «Find Files» and «Synchronize directories» as well as in the Overwrite dialog, which can not be done by any other means.
No less pleasing is provided feature to run associated application by means hotkey for an already opened file in the Lister.
Also plugin can work with selected files, has a flexible configuration of execute conditions, and feature to disable using the Scroll Lock key.

Examples of convenient use
• Use in modal windows.
You no longer need to run another copy of Total Commander, if the need arises, for example, open a document in Microsoft Word or play video with the handy player in «Find Files», «Synchronize directories» or Overwrite dialog. Just configure associations for convenient applications.
• Use to open files from FTP-servers and WFX-plugins.
You no longer need to pre-copy file on the local disk to view or extract the contents. Just configure associations for convenient archiver.
• Working with selected files.
You need to open a group of files in separate tabs of text editor or print them in one motion? Just select the appropriate application and correctly configure the associations and command line parameters.
• Association application with folders.
Want to open in a player the entire season of your favorite series? Make sure that your player is able to work with folders and set associations.
• Launching applications for already opened file in Lister.
You have viewed the file in Lister and realized that you need to edit it? Just assign hotkey to launch the associated application and do not forget to use it :)
• Copy searched text to clipboard.
You already have appreciated all plugin features and use it to the full in «Find Files» dialog? Then this function is for you. If you're searched for files with option «Find text» plugin will automatically copy the search text to the clipboard, and you can paste it later in the search dialog of associated application.

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Ïàêåò óêðà¿í³çàö³¿ Total Commander 8.01

Ukrainian language for Total Commander
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VFS 0.5

This plugin is appropriated for learning of Total Commander file system plugins interface. It is possible to use as base for plugin in which need to work with virtual (existing in plugin only) file system. Wrote with C++ Builder 6. Base of virtual file system - ini-file.
Compiled vfs.wfx
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edt-pack for tcCalendar 22.12.07

Pack of extended date sets for tcCalendar. Before using download and install tcCalendar.
Saint's days (French; Paul)
Internationals & Worlds Days (English,French; Paul)
Name-day (Czech; Petr Skach)
Celebrities (Russian; Demon™)
Memorable dates (Russian; Demon™)
Name-days (Russian; Demon™)
Orthodox calendar (Russian; Eavasi)
Name-days (Slovak; Ivo Seki)
Name-days (Polish; djk)
Saint's days (Hellenic; Panos)
Name-days (Hellenic; Panos)
Signs of the zodiac (Hellenic; Panos)
Danish unofficial holidays (Danish; Petermad)
Saints of Serbian Orthodox church (Serbian; Melita)
Angel (Dutch; Marieke Pannekeet)
Italian saints (Italian; Dario)
Internationals days (Russian, Ukrainian; Paul, Anatoly Goncharov)
Signs of the zodiac (English, Russian, Ukrainian; Maximus)
Swedish flag days (Swedish; Tauno Pinni)
Signs of the zodiac (German, Latin; Martin Seibert)
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tcCalendar 2.0u10

Development terminated!
Try analog – Ultimate Calendar
Universal calendar.
Allows to use common and personal dates with different their categories and possibility to limit displaying.
For most of date types provided special formats:
- relatively Orthodox
- Catholic Easter
- by number of week day in month
- Julian calendar dates
- movable dates
- cyclical dates
- particular dates
You can configure almost any element of calendar as you like.
You can export calendar table into Excel or save it as bitmap (BMP), and save dates list as RTF or plain text.
Using external module SunMoon tcCalendar can get information about Sun and Moon.
Calendar has multilingual interface (Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hellenic, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Ukrainian).

Module SunMoon, Additional dates sets, Hellenic tcCld.lct here
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Used cars from Japan


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