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FavMenu & Menu Editor 2.0

NOTICE! The plugin has been temporarily removed due to antivirus detects.

FavMenu is Windows OS enhancer and application launcher. It stores information about your favorite folders and executables and let you quickly use your favorites within system dialogs (Open/Save, Browse For Folder, Office2003 dialogs), Console (cmd.exe), Widows Explorer and Total Commander.

Format of the menu configuration file is compatibile with the Total Commander file manager directory menu, and was originaly written to work as addon for this file manager. Almost all features of the TC directory menu are supported, including plugins and pseudovariables. Furthermore, TC doesn’t need to be started.
If you don’t use Total Commander Favmenu can be set to work with Windows Explorer. This option will be automatically offered on first start-up if TC is not detected.

Menu Editor can be used to create, edit, delete and organise menu items. This is also complete replacement of TC’s internal directory menu editor witch adds many new options. It can be used together with FavMenu or separate.

     Developing page
     Supported dialogs
506 KB - Updated: 18.09.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  20333 times

TC Fav Menu 1.0 beta 7

This is Total Commander utility. It will make TC favorites available in the system.
Main feature is Open/Save dialog enhancer. If dialog is active folder will be changed in dialog, not the the TC.

     Developing page
208 KB - Updated: 14.06.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  9514 times

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