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XPIInfo 1.1d

XPIInfo is a combined plug-in for Total Commander. It is destined to obtaining the information from xpi- and jar-files in which extensions and themes for Gecko-based applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.) are distributed.
The plug-in consists of two parts and can be used as content-plugin and/or Lister plugin. As a content-plugin XPIInfo offers a lot of opportunities on its usage. Information provided by plugin can be used to search files, to rename group of extensions, to fill file tooltips, to create custom colums sets, etc. When using XPIInfo as Lister plugin it shows information on xpi-files in Lister window. One can easily customize information with templates.
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wdHash 1.0

wdHash is a simple content-plugin for that is intended for calculation of checksums (hashes) for any file. wdHash can initially calculate checksums using the CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 algorithms. But one of the key feature of this plugin is that amount of supported algorithms can be easily increased by adding extra second-level plugins. One can download a number of additional second level plugins from the homepage of the wdHash ( There are plugins that add support of various modifications of the such algorithms as Haval, RipeMD, SHA, MD, Tiger, etc.
The second feature of the wdHash is its ability to work in a background. This makes its usage more convenient and allows to reduce delays when waiting for calculation of hashea in such situations as calculation of long checksums of files having the big size.
89 KB - Updated: 18.06.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  13729 times

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