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ChoiceEditor 1.95c_patched

The original ChoiceEditor.exe (included and renamed to ChoiceEditor.exe.orig) includes some
hardcoded accelerator shortcuts which make it impossible to use A, O and U as
standard hotkeys throughout the program.

In this patched version this annoyance has been fixed by stripping the & from
the following strings:

Button: &other program...
Checkbox: &Use as additional
Checkbox: &Always use this program to open this filetype

Also the Button O&K has been changed to &OK.

All credits go to mozers for coding ChoiceEditor -- -- and for giving his OK to
release this patched version!
56 KB - Updated: 26.10.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  13501 times

System Volume Information Eliminator 1.1

NOTICE! The plugin has been temporarily removed due to antivirus detects.

The "System Volume Information" directories in the roots of NTFS partitions
are used by several OS features, like System Restore, Indexing, etc...!

Since XP SP2 they are recreated on each boot and maybe other occasions as
well. This patcher removes this annoyance by overwriting the string
"System Volume Information" in ntoskrnl.exe!

Please make sure that you have disabled all programs and services which
rely on these directories and which are accessing them and especially that
you don't need the data contained in them anymore!
10 KB - Updated: 26.09.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  19737 times

NSIS Unpacker MultiArc Addon 0.5

This addon allows entering and uncompressing NSIS archives. Some NSIS archives are not supported by 7-Zip (till now) and will display crap data when entering and an error message when trying to unpack!

What you need:
1. MultiArc packer plugin >= 1.2
2. 7z.exe and 7z.dll from 7-Zip >= 4.40
5 KB - Updated: 16.09.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  19574 times

Deletion Delay Eliminator 1.0

NOTICE! The plugin has been temporarily removed due to antivirus detects.

Trying to delete locked files and folders under XP typically results in five-second-delays in which Windows retries to delete every second. This patcher removes this limitation by searching for all occurences of 56 57 33 FF EB 21 83 FF 05 in shell32.dll and replacing the 05 with 00. After doing that, the in-use error messages will pop up instantly.
9 KB - Updated: 20.08.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  9241 times

WCReg_patched Packer Plugin 1.4

Patched version of the original WCReg_1.4 packer plugin:
Open and work with .REG-files as archives!
15 KB - Updated: 17.05.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  11532 times

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