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Total7_icons (Disks & Files) 0.1b

All the icons (file and disk icons) are replaced by the standard resources of Windows 7 were selected to maximize the similarity (identity) of the files window, disk toolbar Explorers 7 with Total Commander.
Install - 1. Use TweakTC
2.Open file
wincmd.ini in a text editor, in the section [Configuration]
IconLib = C: \ ... path to Total Commander ... \ Fileicons.dll
DriveLib = C: \ ... path to Total Commander ... \ Drives.dll
345 KB - Updated: 10.08.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  16481 times

Total7 Fugue icons (Toolbars & Menus) 0.1

Total7 Fugue icons (Toolbars & Menus)
Replaced all default toolbars & menus icons(Wcmicons.dll) by Fugue icons(16x16 ONLY and only for default panels Total)
Recomended to use with Total7 Icons for disks and files -

based on fugue icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane (


Replace file Wcmicons.dll in the totalcmd folder
367 KB - Updated: 2.08.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  14535 times

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