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kIT TC Color Presets 1.0.0

Utility for a simple choosing of Total Commander color scheme based on kIT Universal Presets
91 KB - Updated: 14.08.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  8991 times

kIT Universal Presets

The utility allows you to apply configuration changes to any programs and the operating environment in general.
The process of change is fully customizable with script-like files presets.

Already supported features:
manipulation of the INI-file;
manipulation of the registry;
manipulation of files and folders;
manipulation of the process and much more.

In addition:
possible to use in console mode, but there is simple user interface;
full support for environment variables and relative paths;
support for all major encodings (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16LE/BE) for the presets and for manipulating text files;
tiny size, low resource consumption, fast start-up.

There is a draft specification at program's web-page, only in russian.

Size of utility: ~100 KB.

Archive contains examples of presets. Presets suitable for use in Total Commander 8+ (32/64), because there are using of variables %COMMANDER_EXE% and %COMMANDER_INI%.
303 KB - Updated: 9.06.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  10585 times

kIT Portable Launcher 1.9.3

Utility allows you to organize the simplest form of portability to non-portable programs.
Utility runs the program (and any executable files) and makes certain actions before run and/or after exit this program:
import reg-file before running;
remove existing registry keys before importing;
backup of existing keys in the reg-file before deleting;
memorization of existing keys and restore them after program exited;
save the registry keys after program exited but before restoring.

In addition:
full support for environment variables and relative paths;
UNICODE support for import/export reg-files;
fast start-up, tiny size, low resource consumption.
22 KB - Updated: 1.10.2011 - x32 - Downloaded  8307 times

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