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Extended Chinese Menus for TC 9.0 32bit and 64bit - Windows 7 64bit version - 9.0 

Composed by petermad in English and translated by yeskky@DRL/CCF in Chinese, any Chinese translation problem please contact Kufei: # with @).

Click the small & cropped image below to view the full screenshot.

Original English menu link:
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NewFiles &

NewFiles is a batch files/folders creation tool developed by Loogle (E-mail: ,replace # with @) since 2009.

Main features:
1. Batch create files and folders. One item one line, and folder(s) must end with \ or /;
2. Support relative or absolute path creation, support multi-level path or trans-drive creation;
3. Support template file creation, you need to place template file, e.g., SomeFile.docx or Temp.xls, in Template folder in advance.
And many many more.

If you need to create user command, here is the example:

menu=New Folder Only...
param=-onlyDir %P%S

Then you can asign shortcut, e.g. F7, to em_NewDirs. The parameter -onlyDir means to force to create folder even no \ or / symbol at the end.

menu=New File & Folder...

Then you can asign shortcut, e.g. F8, to em_NewFiles.

See readme file (Chinese) for detailed usage.

Important notes before your downloading:

The download file version in current page is, it has only Chinese interface (Actually what you need most is just two buttons: OK, Cancel), but it's compatible with pure Windows XP without dotnet environment.
If you need multi-language version ( and later, including English) and you already installed dotnet 3+(or 4+) in your system, then you can download from Baidu Cloud NetDrive link below:
390 KB - Updated: 8.11.2015 - x32 - Downloaded  3588 times

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