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File Descriptions 2.6.2-x32 / 1.2.3-x64

File Descriptions 2.6.2-x32 / 1.2.3-x64

File Descriptions is content plugin for Total Commander, which allows to display file descriptions:

- descriptions from Descript.ion/Files.bbs
- for text files: file contents
- for executables/dlls: version information
- for HTML files: contents of Title/Meta tags

It also allows to use additional plugins (also other WDX plugins!) to show descriptions of other file types:

- AVI/QuickTime Movies (*.AVI,*.MOV)
- MPEG Movies (*.MPG,*.MPEG,*.MPE,*.M1V,*.M2V,*.VOB)
- Images (*.BMP,*.JPG,*.GIF,*.TGA,*.PNG,*.PSD,*.TIFF,*.PCX)
- Streamed Music (*.MP3,*.MP2,*.MP1,*.OGG,*.WMA,*.WAV,*.VQF,*.AAC,*.APE,*.MPC,*.FLAC,*.CDA)
- Tracked Music (*.MOD,*.XM,*.IT,*.S3M,*.MT2,*.STM,*.MTM,*.UMX)
- MS Office Documents (*.DOC,*.DOT,*.XL?,*.PPT,*.PPS,*.POT,*.OBD,*.WPD,*.SDA,*.FPX,*.MIX)
- Documents (*.OD?,*.OT?,*.SX?,*.ST?)
- Linux RPM Files (*.RPM)

Category: Content plugins
Status: freeware
Added: 21.01.2005
Updated: 7.10.2011
Downloaded: 72412 times
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File Descriptions

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