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Object icons TC WinXP 0.9

Object icons TC WinXP 0.9

Set of icons (icl-library) for Total Commander 5.1-new. Allows to replace standard icons of objects of files panels, and also an icon of the window of the program.
In a set there are all possible icons on a transparent background (the sizes 16 and 32). Icons are created in WinXP (32-bpp) format in style Windows XP, and intended for use in Windows XP, 2003 and later operational systems.
Recommended for a light background of panels (light-grey, white, beige).
The set is developed within of project "Total Commander iMP-pack".

For classical operational systems (non XP) it is necessary to use another, 256-colors (8-bpp) a set of icons "Object icons TC WinClassic".
For replacement of standard badges of buttons of drives TC, i recommend to use my set "Drive buttons TC DriveXP".
(See below: "Author: AnexeR (3)")

Copyright look in sections "Copyrights" and "In detail" in ReadMe (WinXP_eng.txt).

Category: Icon Packs
Status: freeware
Author: AnexeR
Added: 19.04.2005
Updated: 1.05.2005
Downloaded: 32962 times

Object icons TC WinXP

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