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Red JPEG XT [06.02.2013]

Red JPEG XT [06.02.2013]

Powerful plug-in for steganographic hiding arbitrary data in JPEG images using unique authors method. The solution includes open cryptographic algorithms (AMPRNG rev.1.1, Cartman Cipher 2.DDP.4) and effective LZMA compression. The image itself is changed only slightly, without any visible distortion. Modification practically does not distinguish visually, without having original. Data is user-defined password protected, which is pre-hashed. In contrast to many analogues, and common techniques used in the program is a real steganography, which consists in slight modification of the image. Capacity of a single image file depends on its characteristics (color, brightness and contrast, a set of variations in pixels). Data is pre-compressed and encrypted by reliable mass-production cryptographic algorithms. When you retrieve data, its checked for validity and integrity of the archive, checksum calculates. Plugin includes extended version with optional masking the fact of the embedding and intensive procedure of stream cipher initialization based on a number of characteristics of each image.

If you need BMP, PNG, TIFF steganograpghy on x86-64 platform, use my StegoTC G2 plugin. Supports RSD mode.

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: freeware
Author: Alexander Myasnikov
Added: 25.11.2011
Updated: 6.02.2013
Downloaded: 11242 times
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