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PPMPackTC 2010-07-14

PPMPackTC 2010-07-14

Archiver plugin for working with Dark's PPMP format. It can pack multiple files, has fantastic compression level, more then in ZIP and Tar.GZip, ideal for packing texts, documents, etc.

Suppors PPMD compressor memory up to 512 (classic format - up to 256 Mb)

Plugin PPMPack is based on sources of PPMd by Dmitry Shkarin (public domain from 1997), also used in 7-ZIP and WinRar for text compression. Supports packing one file or multiple files to Tar.PPMP, storing 256 chars in CP-1251. Supports tag-based archive header. Plugin can create solid Tar.PPMP (or Tar.PPMD) archive with higher compression. Compression is nice, but speed isn't too high. Use settings dialog in packer menu. Set more memory (up to 128/256 Mb) and order (up to 16). Best results are in (XML, HTML, some non-unicode texts)

Supports also compression based on HA ASC (LZ+Ari based algorithms) and HA HSC (PPM order 4 based algorims) compression, PPMZ, PAQ8, LPAQ8, QUAD and BALZ compression.

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: freeware
Author: Alexander Myasnikov
Added: 18.05.2008
Updated: 14.07.2010
Downloaded: 12712 times


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