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crc32tag 0.23beta

This content plugin intend to calculate crc32 and to read the crc32 value previously saved from a filename (as example : FileName_[0AA03FF4].bin).

This may useful when having a lot of little files which are constantly separated (like video samples),
and cannot supporting a big general sfv or individual sfv's due to incessant moves.

Since 0.13b, it permit also to get and check crc32's values contained in .sfv files.
Since 0.21b, it permit to calculate crc32 from MP3 files, ID3 tags regardless (v1 & v2).
170 KB - Updated: 23.07.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  14798 times

CBxThumbs 0.24b

CBxThumbs : CBxThumbnails(lister) plugin for total commander (6.5x I guess and 7.x).

- This plugin is freeware and permit to see thumbnails from .CBZ & .CBR (by default) files.

- What is a CBZ file ? CBZ file is a ZIP file which have simply been its extention renamed : .ZIP to .CBZ. That kind of archive containing generally pictures, and tend to be viewed as a comic/photo album/ect.. using related software, like the excellent freeware : "CDisplay 1.8"
- Since 0.23b, you can also use it for other usages, like showing the first .JPG found on the archive from zipped albums or whatever.
362 KB - Updated: 11.08.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  12228 times

MIDlet 1.0.2

This is a content plugin for total commander 7.x (

It read some of the infos contained in jar (and jad) file.
130 KB - Updated: 5.04.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  8747 times

TotalRun 0.2 beta 4

With this program you can run your own totalcmd in any pc (example from an usbkey), even if it have already (or not) Total Commander installed with different settings and owner. Usefull to help friend on their own pc without losing your favorite file manager, full of customised button, 2000 of ftp entries, 100 of wcx-wfx-wlx files. In other words it runs Total Commander and a lot of other programs (even if his original location is changing), through an virtual drive with a FIXED letter.
404 KB - Updated: 15.09.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  33461 times

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