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NoCancel 1.0.1

A tool for closing message boxes with No button instead of Cancel button by Esc.
2 KB - Updated: 13.09.2021 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  1665 times

MultiArc MVV Build

MultiArc allows viewing, extracting and modifying contents of archives that are not supported by Total Commander directly (e.g. IMP, InnoSetup, JAR). MultiArc translates the commands from Total Commander into corresponding external console archiver calls. You can easily add support for your favorite archiver by editing MultiArc.ini.

MultiArc MVV Build continues official MultiArc version taken from its repository. All additions and fixes introduced by this build are listed below in history and in Readme.txt file.

MultiArc addons and extensions may be found here and in the forum discussion.

(discussion is here)
243 KB - Updated: 28.01.2021 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  15760 times


Packer plugin for copying files with folder structure:
+ copies/moves folder trees from branch view/search result
+ 'choose number of levels to copy' dialog that allows observing relative paths for all cases
+ allows setting up include/exclude masks for files to be proccessed
+ allows displaying choose dialog once or if Win key is down or every time
+ multi-threading support (background operations in TC 7.55 and later)
+ allows copying directory timestamps
+ reports if some files weren't processed
+ full Unicode support

Plugin allows you to keep directory structure when you copy/move files from branch view (Ctrl+[Shift+]B by default, or "Branch View" command) or search results panel ('Feed to listbox' button in search results dialog). TC copies files in theese modes w/o keeping directory structure, into single directory (TC 8.50+ allow keeping directory structure relative to current directory in case of branch view).

(discussion is here, see Readme file for more detailed description)
29 KB - Updated: 11.04.2020 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  54933 times


Tool allows controlling TC window modes:
+ maximize/restore window
+ move/resize window
+ hide/show window title
+ enable topmost window mode
+ hide/show any TC interface item
+ change dirs in panels
+ move file panels separator
+ send keypresses
+ undo last action using backup command
+ etc...

Program works with both 32-bit and 64-bit TC versions.

All predefined functions are in TCFS2.Core.ini file and may be changed at any moment, so please keep your own functions in user-defined file TCFS2.ini. Configuration files must be placed near application and have same name and extension INI.

Tool uses features of additional module TCFS2Tools.

(discussion is here, more detailed description see in Readme file)
36 KB - Updated: 11.11.2019 - x32 - Downloaded  27723 times

NTLinks Maker

Tool for NTFS links creation:
+ supports junctions, hardlinks and symbolic links
+ allows duplicating first levels with regular folders
+ allows keeping directory structure (for objects from multiple dirs)
+ elevation request when admin rights needed
+ supports silent mode w/o any windows
+ Unicode and long paths support

You can get information about NTFS links and edit link target paths using NTLinks content plugin.

(discussion is here)
27 KB - Updated: 17.07.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  19953 times


VirtualPanel is a temporary panel plugin for Total Commander. It is is a sort of virtual folder that allows keeping links to frequently used files and accessing them as if they were real files and not just links. It doesn't store any files, it only keeps links to them in special list files.
You can use VP as a temporary place for files that should be copied to some other place. Also you can use it for organizing media libraries and for other needs. You can even set up some folder for collecting files from multiple folders on your PC.

Main VirtualPanel features:
+ keeping links to files and folders, and virtual folders
+ saving VP state on exit TC or Windows, by timer or after each modification
+ import/export of whole contents or separate directories
+ import/export of usual filelists (like m3u)
+ correct copy/move operations processing
+ deleting real files when Shift key is down
+ logging file operations
+ internal commands for extra functions (execute ? command for help)
+ ability to execute command batches and create script files
+ autoexecuted scripts on load state or enter directory
+ support for executing scripts remotely
+ virtual explorer with drag-and-drop support
+ multi-threading support (background operations in TC 7.55 and later)
+ support for internal associations in TC 7.51 and later
+ support for standard cd command in TC
+ full Unicode support

(discussion is here, more detailed description see in Readme file)
168 KB - Updated: 1.05.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  86390 times


Expands TCFS2 functionality by allowing to:
+ show/hide main menu
+ temporary show main menu on menu call
+ show main menu as popup menu on user command
+ get/set file panel separator
+ get current view modes for panels
+ get system metrics via function GetSystemMetrics
+ get width and height of desktop work area

You must send messages to TC window in order to use module features. Module is designed for using together with TCFS2 tool.

Old module name is Autorun_HideMenu.
15 KB - Updated: 5.06.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  23742 times


Allows entering command line parameters in GUI dialog. Entered parameters may be inserted into command line of process to be started in any order and ammount. You can set dialog title, prompt text and set of suggested strings for drop-down list. Environment variables in suggested strings are expanded automatically before asking corresponding parameter value.

Environment variables are expanded anywhere: in started application path, in suggested strings, in full parameter string passed to that application, and in dialog caption and hint text.

Example (button to shutdown PC after specified number of seconds):
Command: AskParam.exe
Parameters: /c"Shutdown computer after timeout" /t"After 10 minutes: 600" /u"After an hour: 3600" /t"After two hours: 7200" /c(1)"To Be" /c(2)"Not To Be" /p(h)"Shutdown timeout in seconds:" shutdown -s -t %%1

(discussion is here)
6 KB - Updated: 17.05.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  19077 times


This little tool is designed to act as mediator between MultiArc console and archiver and allows asking user for some information to be sent to console if specific text is found in console output.

Primary task is asking user for encrypted archive's password (usually Total Commander just freezes when you enter such archive or extract files from it).

To use ConPaste for reading archive contents with 7z.exe archiver within Total Commander you should modify your addon's List parameter like this:
List="ConPaste.exe /s /h%AQ /c%AWQ /p\"Enter archive password:\" \"Enter password\" %PQA l {%S} %AQA"
Also you need to modify commands for other operations in similar manner (parameters Add, Extract, ExtractWithPath, Test and Delete). File ConPaste.exe should be placed to MulitArc folder.

To use ConPaste with InnoUnp.exe archiver modify your List parameter like this:
List="ConPaste.exe /s /h%AQ /c%AWQ /p\"Enter distributive password:\" \"Type in a password\" %PQA -v -m %AQA"
4 KB - Updated: 3.04.2016 - x32 - Downloaded  10888 times


Plugin allows working with NTFS reparse points data fields:
+ gets file indexes and number and paths of hardlinks
+ gets target path for reparse points and real path for all objects
+ supports symbolic links (new in Windows Vista/7)
+ get/set target path for symbolic links and junctions
+ fastest hardlinks comparison (within same volume)
+ Unicode and long paths support

You may choose between natural and symbolic output mode - in symbolic mode volume names for mount points are not resolved to mounted path names. If TC supports Unicode (TC 7.50+), plugin returns Unicode strings.

In order to create NTFS links you can use NTLinks Maker tool.

(discussion is here, see Readme file for more detailed description)
21 KB - Updated: 7.01.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  33369 times


Plugin for comparing cases of filenames in Sync Tool:
+ compares filename character cases for predefined file masks or search templates
+ allows chosing equal sign to mark affected files
4 KB - Updated: 14.10.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  4775 times


Micro tool that allows starting elevated process (or from another user if elevation is not available).
2 KB - Updated: 21.09.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  14112 times


Plugin allows skip of compare contents for predefined file categories in Sync:
+ skips compare contents for predefined file masks or search templates
+ allows chosing equal sign to mark affected files

(discussion is here, see Readme file for more detailed description)
4 KB - Updated: 22.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  4990 times

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