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Boot Screen View 1.1 release

Boot Screen View 1.1 release

NOTICE! The plugin has been temporarily removed due to antivirus detects.

Windows XP boot screens preview plugin. Features:

• Previews “.bootscreen”, “.bootskin”, “.tbs” skin files, screens from kernels “ntoskrnl.exe”, “ntrnlmp.exe”, “ntkrnlpa.exe”, “ntkrpamp.exe”.
• Automatic detection of palette and progress bar position for all versions of Windows XP kernels.
• Conversion (also batch conversion) between skin formats (conversion to Windows XP kernel is not possible, but conversion from it is.) “.tbs” skins can be unprotected from editing.
• Information from INI files (skin properties) is displayed and edited.
• Thumbnails creation.
• Explorer integration: context menus of skin files.
• Imitates technical limitations: palette, screen border, specific artefacts (except “.bootskin” skins which do not imply kernel modification.) Overlays (Pro/Home etc.) are displayed according to the installed version of Windows.
• Progress bar animation.
• Respects Lister view options (centering, fitting of images etc.)
• Zoomimg with antialiasing.
• Help in Russian and English.

Category: TC Lister Plugins
Status: freeware
Author: Athari
Added: 25.06.2007
Updated: 10.02.2008
Downloaded: 72870 times

Boot Screen View

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