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WALaunch4TC 1.1

WALaunch4TC 1.1

Correctly launch WinAmp 3.0 and following on selected files in TC. New version of WinAmp 3.0 and 5.0 doesn't work well with TC, because it's not able to read lists created by TC with %L or %l (see TC help). So this program takes the list sent by TC and append an header to create a temporary m3u list.
All these operations happens in the TC's temporary folder and all produced temporary files are deleted just after WinAmp read them.
The optimal usage is in a button in TC, that once pressed sends the selected files to WinAmp.
An interesting usage is with CTRL-B selecting only those files you area interested to ear.
In this archive there are also the setting to be used for the button.

Category: TC Utilities
Status: freeware
Author: Frumento Enrico
Added: 24.03.2004
Updated: 24.03.2004
Downloaded: 13656 times


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