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Extended English Menus v7.10.50

Extended menu file for Total Commander v10.50 or newer including virtually (almost*) all internal commands in meaningful categories and sub-categories.

This menu file was released at TC v10.50RC3 release point to incorporate v10.50 additions.
The Complementary folder has been discontinued this version on.

* Excludes duplicated commands that apply individually on the right and left file panels and customizable commands where user interpretation is needed. A sample layout is present only as a starting point for your needs.
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FullTCHistory 3.8a_9.22a

Full TC changelog history to the best of our knowledge. Reasons for having such a file can be many. From purely emotional and historical to having some development details not documented within the help file of TC which can help you understand some features better or help you master "hidden" secrets of some features.

We are lucky to have missing extensive changelog details down to minimum. On the other hand there are a couple of inconsistencies either based on typos (dates and/or version numbers), or based purely on human errors while gathering up all the necessary information.

You will also find a great number of historical references throughout the development period of TC (and WC).

Feel free to contact me if you locate any errors or if you have additional information so than I can have the file updated. Thanks!
866 KB - Updated: 29.03.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  29936 times

Mastering Directory HotList Doc 1.5

A document on how to master the Directory HotList feature of TC. A relatively old forum project about mastering TC features which as many users predicted, it didn't really catch up! :(

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236 KB - Updated: 5.07.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  15483 times

Official FAQs 1.0

A collection of all "frequently asked questions" from TCs official site as a convenient off-line reference in pdf and doc format. Thanks Christian for the permission to duplicate the info.

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281 KB - Updated: 1.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12800 times

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