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This little tool is designed to act as mediator between MultiArc console and archiver and allows asking user for some information to be sent to console if specific text is found in console output.

Primary task is asking user for encrypted archive's password (usually Total Commander just freezes when you enter such archive or extract files from it).

To use ConPaste for reading archive contents with 7z.exe archiver within Total Commander you should modify your addon's List parameter like this:
List="ConPaste.exe /s /h%AQ /c%AWQ /p\"Enter archive password:\" \"Enter password\" %PQA l {%S} %AQA"
Also you need to modify commands for other operations in similar manner (parameters Add, Extract, ExtractWithPath, Test and Delete). File ConPaste.exe should be placed to MulitArc folder.

To use ConPaste with InnoUnp.exe archiver modify your List parameter like this:
List="ConPaste.exe /s /h%AQ /c%AWQ /p\"Enter distributive password:\" \"Type in a password\" %PQA -v -m %AQA"
4 KB - Updated: 3.04.2016 - x32 - Downloaded  10980 times

CT MultiArc Collection 

ClubTotal MultiArc archivers collection.
3461 KB - Updated: 27.09.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  12239 times

NSIS Unpacker MultiArc Addon 0.5

This addon allows entering and uncompressing NSIS archives. Some NSIS archives are not supported by 7-Zip (till now) and will display crap data when entering and an error message when trying to unpack!

What you need:
1. MultiArc packer plugin >= 1.2
2. 7z.exe and 7z.dll from 7-Zip >= 4.40
5 KB - Updated: 16.09.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  19574 times


Calls external archiver programs like JAR, AIN, IMP, 777 and many more - user-configurable!
125 KB - Updated: 24.03.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  56884 times

MultiArc configuration for UHARC 0.4

MultiArc configuration for UHARC.


Uwe Herklotz
1 KB - Updated: 14.09.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  36931 times

MultiArc configuration for 7-zip 3.13

MultiArc configuration for 7-zip (with SFXs support).


Yuri Bomstein
Alexey Klimin
Milykh Alexander
Black Dog
2 KB - Updated: 14.09.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  25589 times

Inno Setup Addon 0.07

Inno Setup is a popular program for making software installations. Unfortunately, it is one way - once made, there is no official method of getting the files from the self-extracting executable other than running it. This MultiArc addon works with Inno Setup Unpacker 0.07 (included in package) and allows to unpack Inno Setup Installations by entering exe-files with CTRL+PGDN.
78 KB - Updated: 3.04.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  28415 times

UPX4TC 1.1 beta

A set of setup files useful to add support to TC and it's extension Multiarc for the UPX compressing program
393 KB - Updated: 24.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  19641 times

ExAddon 1.0

TC MultiArc config addon for EX_ and DL_ compressed windows files
8 KB - Updated: 24.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  16988 times

Par4TC 1.0

Modified version of PAR for MultiArc 1.11 including support .addon files and a PAR customized version able to work with MultiArc. PAR for whom that don't know it, is a program able to decompress as it would be a packed file all the .prc and .pdb PalmOS files, letting you to see inside resources and code section as if they would have been packed files (PalmOS files are indeed similar to little databases). You can also add/extract. Unfortunately it didn't work with TC and specially with MultiArc. In order to fix this PAR limitation (;-)) I changed it a bit (mainly how the output is created). Modifications are specific for TC only and to distinguish it from the official release (updated rarely indeed) I renamed it as 0.05.02 Included in this package there's is also the offical PAR manual, which of course can still be used as a DOS command. Some of the supported operations indeed don't have sense inside TC and I left them out. You can think of specific usage, for example using custom buttons of TC's command bar (i.e. the creation of a pdb file streaming into a text is one of these less useful funtions with respect to an integration into MultiArc).
40 KB - Updated: 24.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  13770 times

English SFX Module for MsCab 

93 KB - Updated: 19.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  15508 times

Russian SFX Module for MsCab 

64 KB - Updated: 19.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  17808 times

MsCab addon 0.63

MsCab.exe works via MultiArc with (Microsoft) CAB archives.
It allows you to create, modify and extract CAB archives.

MsCab extends original (Microsoft) CAB format:
1. It allows you to add dirs' names to an archive.
2. You can encrypt files with password.
3. You can pack more than 65535 files per cabinet.
You can make standard CAB archives -- simply don't use these three extensions.
107 KB - Updated: 19.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  40483 times

DDI image 

Extracting files from floppy disk image files created by WinImage, DCF, DF, Sabdu, and a lot of disk copy tool which make disk image.
30 KB - Updated: 12.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  17937 times

ICL_addon 0.2.1

50 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  14798 times


292 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  18263 times

PvAdt Addon 0.1

33 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  12316 times

tbb2mbx 1.2

9 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  24662 times

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