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Plugin for TotalCommander to extract/view/create CBM
(Commodore Business Machines) disk images

Currently the following disk image formats are supported for reading, creating
and writing:
-D64 (Commodore 64 1541 disk image)
- including 40 track formats like SpeedDos and DolphinDos
- if 40 track format is not recognizable as one of these
(e.g. other format or disk is full) -> image is R/O
-D71 (1571 images)
-D80 (8050 images)
-D81 (1581 images)
-D82 (8250 images)

Currently the following tape formats are supported for reading only:
-T64 (C64 tape images)

The unpacked file sizes show the actual file sizes in bytes. The packed file
size shows the size in "blocks" (except for T64 where both sizes are in bytes).

The file sorting should be turned off (Ctrl-F7), to get the original sorting

With an active setting for scratched files these will be shown as hidden files.

-read / write / extract files from/to the image
-create disk images (Alt-F5)
- with standard or customized interleave (via config dialog)
- with default or customized disk title, disk ID and DOS ID
(via config dialog)
- with optional error information space added (via config dialog)
- with option to write data starting from track 1 (via config dialog)
- with option to use dir sectors for data (via config dialog)
-deleting of files (disk images only)
-replace illegal file characters with '_' ( \ / : * ? " < > | )
-special settings are in DIRCBM.INI (normally in plugin path);
see INI file for more details
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urlData 0.4

urlData wcx plug-in version 0.2

This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to extract resources stored in HTML and css files.

-- = = Capability = = --
- Decode quoted-printable, base64, 8bit, 7bit, binary, uuencode
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MhtUnPack 2.4

MhtUnPack wcx and wdx plug-in version 2.4

This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to extract resources stored in MHT files.

-- = = Capability = = --
- Decode quoted-printable, base64, 8bit, 7bit, binary, uuencode
- Open file create with brouser IE, Opera, etc.
- Open file create with mailer (*.msg)(Outlook not supported)
- Open *.b64, *.uue, *.xxe file
- Handling name in KOI8-R, UTF-8, UTF-7
- Decode name from quoted-printable, base64
- Delete file from archive
- Pack file to archive
- Search in unpack files
- Wdx-functional
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Graphic Converter

Packer plugin for Total Commander for convert from one image format to another.

*** Features ***

- read many graphic formats including camera RAW;
- save to PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, ICO;
- apply embedded ICC profile;
- and some more.
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M3U/M3U8 1.0.0

Packer Plugin for M3U/M3U8 Playlist Files
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Java Decompiler 1.1

This plugin allows Total Commander to both decompile and navigate java .class files. It is a packer plugin, meaning you can "enter" these files as archives.

But... a .class file is not an archive, is it?

It is not, .class files do NOT contain other files. However this plugin "hacks" the TC packer interface so that class files appear to be archives containing all of:

- a file "" which you can view (F3) or copy (F5). This java is the decompiled class file
- a list of directories representing all the methods, fields, constructors, member classes and interfaces of the class. This way you can have a very quick view of the class structure
- a couple more directories show the system properties and environment variables (this info is not directly related to the class, but it could be useful)

In the screenshot, on the left panel we have entered to a .class file. The sub-directories contain members of the class. Decompiled class is viewed on the right panel.

The plugin uses CFR 0.152 decompiler as a library, so it does not need any extra executables or processes.

More info and source code at the Github project

This plugin is based on the Java plugin interface 2.3, also here in

JavaDecompiler is written in Java, so you need to have installed a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Because it uses lambda expressions, it needs at least Java 8. It has been tested on JDK1.8.0
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Thousand Types (packer plugin version) 1.0

Have you ever being checking what's inside of a lot of documents such as PDFs or .doc files,
spending a lot of time waiting for a new Acrobat Reader, MS-Word or Whatever-program to open, just to close it and continuing the process?

Have you ever wondered what a particular file contained and wanted to take a look at its contents, not having the associated application to open it?

This plugin allows TC to show a very quick text preview of almost every file format. It comes in two flavors: packer and lister plugin.

The Thousand Types packer plugin

Packer plugin allows Total Commander to **very quickly** "enter" (ctrl + pgDown) docs as if they were archives or folders.
In that "simulated folder" you can see at a glance:
- a plain-text preview (or whole contents) of the document, that you can then view (F3) or extract (F5)
- document metadata: author, version, creator tool...
- first lines preview of the contents shown as file names, so that you dont even have to open any file in the folder

This info is shown as file names, so that you can have a very quick preview, and then if needed extract to a file or view the complete document's metadata or contents.

The Thousand Types lister plugin (coming soon)

Lister plugin shows (F3) the text of the document in the integrated Total Commander Lister, even if you dont have the corresponding appplication.
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DiskDirW (Unicode) 1.2.4

Initial developer and sources - Christian Ghisler

Creates a list file with all selected files and directories, including subdirs (e.g. as an index for CD-ROMs). It is called like a packer (Files->Pack).
This version supports unicode.
List format is UTF-8 without BOM marker.
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inTRD 6.52

inTRD is a packer-plugin for Total Commander, allowing to work with ZX-Spectrum TR-DOS disk images (.TRD).

- Supported viewing, extracting, creating, modifying;
- smart TR-DOS file length detection;
- hobeta files support;
- transferring START and LENGTH properties via file creation date;
- automatic joining of split TR-DOS files;
- interacts with inSCL and inMBD plugins;
- show deleted files;
- can defragment images;
- partial DirSys support;
- configurable;
- bonus: content plugin (wdx).
148 KB - Updated: 12.01.2022 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  18957 times

inSCL 6.52

inSCL is a packer-plugin for Total Commander, allowing to work with ZX-Spectrum TR-DOS disk images (.SCL).

- Supported viewing, extracting, creating, modifying;
- smart TR-DOS file length detection;
- hobeta files support;
- transferring START and LENGTH properties via file creation date;
- automatic joining of split TR-DOS files;
- interacts with inTRD and inMBD plugins;
- checking SCL file integrity;
- configurable.
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DiskDirCrc 1.1

As the original DiskDir plugin, DiskDirCrc creates a list file with all selected files and directories, including subdirs. You can then "navigate" this list with Total Commander as if it was an archive or directory containing the files.

DiskDirCrc also calculates the CRC of the files and writes them into the index file. CRC is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital storage devices to detect accidental changes to data. DiskDirCrc can then check (Alt+Shift+F9) the integrity of files comparing the CRC in the list.

The format of the list file created by DiskDirCrc is compatible both ways to the format of DiskDir, meaning DiskDirCrc can read/navigate lists created by DiskDir and viceversa. The CRC is stored in an aditional column that DiskDir just happens to ignore.

Note if you want to keep .lst extension associated to original DiskDir plugin, you can still use DiskDirCrc associated to a new extension, like .clst

DiskDirCrc is based on the Java plugin interface, so a Java installation is needed.

More info and source code at the DiskDirCrc Github project

Let me know your comments at this thread in TC forum
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CatalogMaker 4.1.3

Create catalogs (lists) of the selected files/directories, with user-defined list format
694 KB - Updated: 3.01.2022 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  48724 times

Wcrez 2.0

Packer plugin to extract resources from PE files.

Initial developer and sources - Ivan Ogorodov (
451 KB - Updated: 21.09.2021 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  2408 times


Zip2Zero is a packer plugin to zip directory/file structures as zero-byte files for convenient exchange of directory/file names.
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MultiArc MVV Build

MultiArc allows viewing, extracting and modifying contents of archives that are not supported by Total Commander directly (e.g. IMP, InnoSetup, JAR). MultiArc translates the commands from Total Commander into corresponding external console archiver calls. You can easily add support for your favorite archiver by editing MultiArc.ini.

MultiArc MVV Build continues official MultiArc version taken from its repository. All additions and fixes introduced by this build are listed below in history and in Readme.txt file.

MultiArc addons and extensions may be found here and in the forum discussion.

(discussion is here)
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Allow work with icl files (icon lib's) as archive files. Supports extract/add/delete icons from/in icl files and creating new icl from icons.
606 KB - Updated: 27.07.2020 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  80750 times


SetFolderDate is a utility packer plugin to recursively set the timestamp of directory structures from the last modified/write time of the youngest file inside. Alternatively, the timestamp of the oldest file can be taken.
182 KB - Updated: 3.05.2020 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6757 times

ICQScheme 2.0.2

The ICQScheme packer plugin is an enhancement of the legacy ICQScheme plugin by Alexander Krivoshein aka logosman. It can be used to work with embedded sound files of ICQ schemes.
73 KB - Updated: 22.04.2020 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  1986 times


Packer plugin for copying files with folder structure:
+ copies/moves folder trees from branch view/search result
+ 'choose number of levels to copy' dialog that allows observing relative paths for all cases
+ allows setting up include/exclude masks for files to be proccessed
+ allows displaying choose dialog once or if Win key is down or every time
+ multi-threading support (background operations in TC 7.55 and later)
+ allows copying directory timestamps
+ reports if some files weren't processed
+ full Unicode support

Plugin allows you to keep directory structure when you copy/move files from branch view (Ctrl+[Shift+]B by default, or "Branch View" command) or search results panel ('Feed to listbox' button in search results dialog). TC copies files in theese modes w/o keeping directory structure, into single directory (TC 8.50+ allow keeping directory structure relative to current directory in case of branch view).

(discussion is here, see Readme file for more detailed description)
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Webshots 0.99

New version of plugin based on work by Kovács Endre János (http://

Webshots Plug-in for Total Commander is an archive format plug-in for Total Commander which supports the file formats used by Webshots software (WB0, WBO, WBD, WB1, SPV, WBC, WBP, WBZ).
364 KB - Updated: 28.01.2020 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  2491 times

Audioconverter 1.0

Audioconverter packer plugin for Total Commander (32/64-bit version)

This plugin is inspired by Plotn’s 32-bit audioconverter module. Currently it supports only the most basic audio conversion functions (via SoX) as a proof of concept.
5974 KB - Updated: 27.12.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  3568 times

wcx_storage 1.0

Packer plugin for unpack structured storage (compound document) files (*.doc, *.xls, Thumbs.db, Outlook *.msg, etc.).
This is new independent version of decStorageWCX plugin (unpack only) (
368 KB - Updated: 18.12.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  3734 times

KillCopy plug-in 0.9.1 alpha

New version of plugin based on work by Kovács Endre János (

This is a simple TC packer interface to KillCopy (available at, a utility made by Killer which claims to be able to speed up copying of large files. Source code included.
51 KB - Updated: 5.12.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  2738 times


Mover is a packer plugin to move and separate files (also recursively in sub-directories) by number, extension/type or a customizable date format. If the source list of files contains sub-directories, these sub-directories will be recreated in the target directory maintaining the original directory structure.

Compared to the legacy plugins (Danish Mover, English Mover or French Mover) by Franck8244 it comes with the following enhancements
- Support of Unicode encoded file names
- Support for 64-bit TC
- Also works in branch view, since the specified directory (of the target panel) is used as target directory.
- Also considers directory trees.

192 KB - Updated: 7.07.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  4821 times

casMSXwcx 1.3

Total Commander plugin (x32/x64) to read/extract/view files in CAS MSX tape files.

You can open a CAS file, even if compressed, and see a list of data blocks with their CRC32b hashes.

Also you can extract, insert and delete data blocks.
25 KB - Updated: 3.03.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  2165 times

Blat Mailer

The Blat Mailer plugin is a simple front end for Blat to easily send email with attachments using the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). Neither a Blat profile nor any other mail client needs to be installed.
The included stand-alone Blat Mailer can be used as Send To utility and from button bar of Total Commander.

Available languages: Simplified Chinese (简体中文), Česky, Dansk, Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Korean (한국어), Magyar, Polski, Русский, Español

See the TC forum for Blat configuration for GMail.

Source of Blat is available at GitHub.
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For the encryption program Kryptel. The plugin requires Kryptel components so it is recommended to install any Kryptel version (the free one will do). The plugin is included in all Kryptel distribution files.
199 KB - Updated: 26.05.2018 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  13724 times


The plugin can pack and crypt files. Main feature of the program is key storage and distribution. User don't type any passwords. Key for encryption and decryption can be either file. The key-file may be divided onto parts. Key-file or one of the parts can be placed on removable phisical storage. Procedure for creation or definition key-file executes only once for each your extension. In process of working, access to the key-file and session key choice occur imperceptible for users and looks like simple archiver.
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Zstandard packer plugin

a WCX plugin for zstandard The packer supports packing of one file, so apply tar before using zstd.

308 KB - Updated: 1.05.2017 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6229 times

ZPAQ 1.5.5

A packer plug-in (wcx) for Total Commander for the ZPAQ format.
Based on zpaq 7.07.

Zpaq is a journaling (append-only) archiver for incremental backups.
Files are added only when they differ from the version(s) already stored.
Both the old and new versions are saved.
It also features:
* Multithreaded compression and decompression
* Unique deduplication feature, which will reduce archive size, even if you don't compress at all (compression method 0)
* (Remote) Multi-part support with optional local index file
* "Rollback" of archives to an earlier state
* Encryption (AES-256)
See for more details.

In short: you can't delete files, only add new ones, but it's very efficient for detecting duplicate file fragments, when you'd add several versions of a file to an archive.
Additionally it has very efficient compression methods (method 4/5), which in most cases creates even smaller files than 7-Zip in it's best mode, but can be quite slow.
The lower compression methods (up to method 2) compress fast, and decompress very fast.

In default mode, when you open a zpaq archive in TC, you can only see either the latest update's files, or all "collected" files from all updates you made, with each file showing it's newest version, just like you would expect from other archivers (zip, rar, ...).

To use the unique journaling feature, i.e. when you want to get your old file versions, enable the 'Show all archive versions' option (through 'Pack files' -> select 'zpaq' -> 'Configure'), so that you will be able to view all of the archive's updates.

For using more than just one compression/decompression thread, the x64 version is highly recommended.
1024+ MB RAM is recommended for stable use.

Compression method 4 is very slow, and method 5 is extremely slow, so take care before starting them with huge file collections.
600 KB - Updated: 15.04.2017 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  14014 times

7Zip Plugin

7Zip standalone packer plugin for Total Commander. (No requirement to install 7-zip at all)

- File listing
- Extraction & compression (7-Zip 9.2 compatible methods)
- 7zAES file decryption/encryption using password
- CRC test and detection
- Multilanguage support, langpacks included:
Chinese BIG5, Czech, Danish, English (built-in), German, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian.
- SFX support: put 7z.sfx, 7zC.sfx or 7zCon.sfx into 7zip.wcx folder
and use *.exe filename to create 7zip SFX archive.
- set 7z datetime to newest file.
- Extraction & compression files in background.

Discussion on the official TC forum.
607 KB - Updated: 13.12.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  570169 times

decMpoWCX 2016.09.21

Packer plugin to view MPO archives - containers for many JPEG files (frames of 3D image).

(author: Dec)
643 KB - Updated: 21.09.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  4638 times

Hard Link meta-packer 1.0

Yet another „one-evening“ software from NickDoom the Industrial Programmer. This plug-in is provided „as is“, without warranty of any kind. You can use it freely on your own risk. Both binary executable code and source code of this plug-in are placed in PUBLIC DOMAIN. The author is not responsible for any damage caused by use or misuse of this software. This software has been written to satisfy my own needs.

To create a single hard link, just pack the file and the archive name will be used as the hard link name.
To create multiple hard links, pack the desired files into the desired directory. The hard links with the same names will be created, the archive name will be ignored.
If you end the archive name with „\“, it'll be used as a new directory name for both single and multiple files modes. The hard links names will be same as file names.
To replace files with same content with hard links, use the „Move (pack and DELETE)“ option. The archive name and path will be ignored, all hard links will be created INSTEAD of existing files.
21 KB - Updated: 5.05.2016 - x32 - Downloaded  3432 times

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. db unpacker 0.0.3

unpacking of *.db* archives from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. "Shadow Of Chernobyl" (SHOC) and "Clear Sky" (CS).

1. Archive version is detected automatically by content. Plugin should support both english and russian version of SHOC archives, but support of english version is not tested.
2. Plugin is registred by default for extension *.db0 only, so you must enter into archive with Ctrl+PgDn. The default settings is "don't show packer icon".
184 KB - Updated: 15.04.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  24099 times

Total SQX 2.11

- SQX is a powerful packer which allows the user two balance between high compression ratio and fast compression
- To increase compression ratio and speed many options can be set. Special compressors are provided for multimedia-, audio-, text- and executable files. In addition solid archives can be created.
- Multi-volume archives can be created based on predefined or userdefined sizes. Each type of self-extracting archives can be created as multi-volume archive.
- Archives can be encrypted with up to 256 Bit (AES). As a German product it's not restricted to the strict Swiss cryptography export laws.
- Recovery data can be added to the archive or saved externally to enable repairing of damaged archives.
- The packer features 3 types of self-extracting archives. They can customized through many options.
- Additional information like archive- and file comments, security attributes as well as extended timestamps and file streams can be saved.
- The packer is almost completely localizable. Currently English, German, French, Danish, Dutch and Russian are included.
1252 KB - Updated: 24.01.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  26678 times

TotalObserver 1.2.0

This plug-in assists in listing and extracting content from several types of containers.
This plug-in uses modules from Observer Plug-in for FAR Manager Copyright: 2009-2015, Ariman

Supported formats:

- Installation packages
- MSI packages for Windows Installer
- Installation packages made with Wise Installer
- Install Shield packages.
- Setup Factory packages.
- Create Install(gentee) packages.

- Images of the optical disc (CD/DVD/Blu-ray)
- ISO-images. Following formats are supported:
- ISO-9660 (incl. Joliet, RockRidge)
- UDF (ISO 13346) up to revision 2.60
- NRG-images Nero Burning ROM
- MDF-images Alcohol 120% (MDF/MDS)
- ISZ-images UltraISO

- MIME containers (.eml, .mht, etc.)
- MS Outlook databases (*.pst)
- MBox containers
- The Bat! databases (*.tbb)

- Containers used in various games
- CAT, PCK, PBD, PBB - used by Egosoft for X-series games
- VP - Volition Pack V2 (from FreeSpace 1/2/Open)
- BIG, SGA - containers from games made by Relic (Homeworld 1/2, CoH, WH40k DoW 1/2)
- GCF, WAD, XZP, PAK, BSP, VBSP - used inside Steam
- MoPaQ packages (used by Blizzard)

- Other
- Embedded files from PDF.
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inTAP 0.71

inTAP is a packer plugin for Total Commander. With this plugin Total Commander will treat ZX Spectrum tape image files (*.tap) like archives.

- Supported viewing, extracting, creating, modifying;
- Interacts with inTRD, inSCL, inMBD plugins;
- Hobeta files processing;
- Configurable.
111 KB - Updated: 23.06.2015 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  5267 times

BS-DOS support bundle 2015.05.10

This is a set of plugins for Total Commander providing support for BS-DOS disk image formats.

BS-DOS is a ZX Spectrum DOS and file system used in some European countries. Plugins developed by request and in cooperation with Czech and Slovak users of ZX Spectrum and Total Commander.

The bundle contains 4 plugins: inMBD, inMBD_wdx, inMBH, inTAP. They provide support for *.mbd; *.mbh and *.tap files.

Each plugin is self-sufficient and can be installed independently. However, they are most efficient if used together; for example, it is possible to copy files between MBD and TAP images preserving Spectrum-specific file attributes (autostart, body flags, etc...).

Each plugin is bundled with manual and changelog. Additionally the bundle includes:

bundle_readme.rtf - short bundle description;
Sample images - several files you can use to test plugins.
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DiskDir Extended 1.68

The same as DiskDir - creates a list file with all selected files and directories, including subdirs - but also lists contents of archive files:
Also lists all the other archive files recognised by installed TC plugins.

You can choose which archive types to list and whether to try to determine unknown archive type using installed TC plugins.
Format is fully compatible with DiskDir, i.e. this plugin can display DiskDir files, as well as DiskDir can display this plugin's files.
137 KB - Updated: 3.01.2015 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  93562 times

inHrust 2.10

A plugin for Total Commander allowing to unpack HRIP archives and files compressed with Hrust 1 and Hrust 2 compressors, popular among Russian ZX Spectrum users.

- Scan arbitrary file for Hrip and Hrust-compressed blocks;
- Extracting in hobeta format;
- Interacts with inTRD/inSCL and inMBD plugins;
- Configurable.
139 KB - Updated: 6.12.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  8058 times

RegXtract 1.6

This is a Packer plug-in that searches file content with Regular Expressions and extracts the search results to an output file.

So what's the deal?
While you might find it useful to know that a particular search string exists in a file and of course where exactly in the file it can be found,
it is in some situations even more useful to save all resulting strings to work with these.
For example, if you want to extract all URLs from a HTML file (<a href="URL"...),
you can do a Regular Expression search with a lot of editors and tools quite easy, but saving the results is often a pain,
especially if you have a lot of results and/or a lot of files to search.

This plug-in helps you to do this quite easy.
Just type the Regular Expression, optionally a detailed Replacement String which can reference subgroups from the Expression.
Additionally you have a full Search and Replace mode and you can use the plug-in for visualizing Regular Expressions results.

- Searching in most Unicode files, not just plain ANSI and binary
- Using any Regular Expression that are valid for the built-in PCRE library, which is in most points compatible with the Perl syntax and features
- Using up to 99 subgroups (for the replacement string): $1 - $99 and $0 (the whole expression), plus any desired text, single bytes, current result number, filename
- Unicode file names and Unicode Regular Expressions and replacement strings
- Long file names (path > 259 characters) usable
- Search and Replace strings - output file becomes input file with replaced strings/bytes - now also works for Unicode files!
- Suppress duplicate results - only first occurrence of individual strings issued
- Output file names and line numbers from which each search results originates (line mode)
- Save and load presets
- "Misuse" the program to merge/combine files (in input sequence) with additional replacement
- "Misuse" the program to remove or add BOM from an UTF-8 file, or to convert UTF-16 or ANSI files to UTF-8
- Visualizing Regular Expressions results by typing a test string
- On-the-fly RegEx error check
835 KB - Updated: 3.10.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  17932 times

decRegWCX 2014.07.07

Allows to browse inside REG files. Alternative to WCReg.

(author: Dec)
803 KB - Updated: 8.07.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  5036 times

Z Archiver 1.0

Z packer plugin (Unix archive format). The 64-bit version is an inofficial port by Christian Ghisler.
88 KB - Updated: 9.05.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  23055 times

Windows Media Audio 1.0

Plugin uses the Windows Portable Devices interface to access media players and some other devices like Android tablets.

For modern systems it is recommended to use Windows Media Audio 2.
80 KB - Updated: 9.05.2014 - x32 - Downloaded  4405 times

xz 1.0

Pack+Unpack files in .xz format, mostly used on Linux/Unix to pack .TAR files, or .CPIO within RPM. Very good compression based on the lzma2 format (7zip).
278 KB - Updated: 8.05.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  10003 times

lzma 2.1

Pack and unpack files in .lzma format, mostly used on Linux/Unix to pack .TAR files, or .CPIO within RPM. Based on the older lzma 1.0 format. Use xz plugin for the newer lzma2 format.
197 KB - Updated: 8.05.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  5942 times

RAF packer 1.2

Version 1.2 release 2014-01-03
A plugin for browsing RAF files from League of Legends by Riot Games.
Currently supports browsing, unpacking and searching in .raf-files, as well as support for modifying and creating new archives.
Modified and created archives have not been tested with League of Legends, so making a backup of the .raf- and .raf.dat-files is recommended.
If you have any suggestions or want to rant, basically any form of feedback, contact me at with "tcmd_raf_wcx" in the subject line.
254 KB - Updated: 3.01.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  5734 times

RPM_64 1.7

Plugin RPM rebuilt for 64-bit architecture.

The plugin allows to unpack RPM files (one of Linux application installation package formats). It is also recommended to install the CPIO plugin and also bz2, xz, lzma.
154 KB - Updated: 22.10.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  12295 times

UnArkWCX 1.0

Unpacks the following formats using Ark library:

1682 KB - Updated: 12.09.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  11693 times

Imaginator 2.0 (2010)

Packer plugin for IMG files.

(by: Andreas Ziemer)
44 KB - Updated: 31.08.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  20886 times

CPIO_64 1.6

Plugin CPIO rebuilt for 64-bit architecture.

The plugin allows to unpack CPIO files (archives used in Linux). Most often, these archives are used as contents of RPM packages, so it's recommended to install also the RPM plugin.
155 KB - Updated: 13.05.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  10387 times

deb_64 1.0

Plugin DEB rebuilt for 64-bit architecture.

The plugin allows to unpack DEB files (one of Linux application installation package formats).
83 KB - Updated: 13.05.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6062 times

fb2wcx_64 1.0.3

Plugin fb2wcx rebuilt for 64-bit architecture.

The plugin allows to extract and modify the binary contents in FB2 e-book files.
63 KB - Updated: 27.04.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6357 times

TotalRSZ 2.5

Allows to do batch image resizing and cropping with convenient ways to configure the resizing tasks and an option of multi-threading to accelerate the processing.

Language can be set via the configure dialog. Currently supported languages are English, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional.

(by: taohe)
3808 KB - Updated: 19.04.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  23603 times

tthGen 0.2

This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to generate TTH checksum for files.

-- = = Installation = = --
1. Copy "tthGen.wcx" into "TotalCommander \ Plugins" directory.
2. Go to Configuration -> Options... -> Packer -> Additional packers -> Configure packer extension WCX's
3. Enter "tth" into the edit box
4. Press "New type", browse for plugin, then press "Open"
5. Press all "OK" buttons

This plugin is compatible with TC's automatic installation procedure.
63 KB - Updated: 18.04.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6391 times

LineCount 0.3

LineCount plugin for TotalCommander v 0.3

Handled project's C, C++.

This is a Total Commander plugin that allows to calculate lines of source files.
Sample result file:
Files Total Lines Code Lines Comments Empty Lines Ratio % Name
5 928 495 299 177 53 LineCount
118 KB - Updated: 18.04.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7749 times


This plugin allows to extract/view/create Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) PSARC format archives.
Supported compression algorithm are ZLIB and LZMA.
Multi CPU capability.
969 KB - Updated: 22.03.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  22512 times

DarkCrypt IV 2013.03.16

Simply and powerful plugin for best file manager - Total Commander. This wcx-plugin is used for file encryption using 100 algorithms and 5 modes.

New! Supports encryption to stego container, such as Text File, Bitmap, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, PSD, TGA, MNG, Wave audio, Win32/PE file (.exe, .dll), NTFS streams (any file)

This freeware plugin can encrypt / decrypt any file using 40 popular algorithms, such as GOST, Cast128, Cast256, Blowfish, IDEA, Mars, Misty 1, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, FROG, Rijndael, SAFER, SAFER-K40, SAFER-SK40,SAFER-K64, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-K128, SAFER-SK128, TEA, TEAN, Skipjack, SCOP, Q128, 3Way, Twofish, Shark, Square, Single DES, Double DES, Triple DES, Double DES16, Triple DES16, TripleDES24, DESX, NewDES, Diamond II, Diamond II Lite, SapphireII. Supports multiple file packing to Tar.XDC archive.

Also there are algoritms with fixed key size (hashed from user key by SHA, RipeMD, Whirlpool, MD6, Skein etc):

Ice (64 bit), Ice 2 (128 bit), Serpent (256 bit), Gost (256 bit), AES (256 bit), Mars (512 bit), Blowfish (384 bit), PC1 (128 bit, MD5 hashed key), XXTEA (128 bit, MD5 hashed key, ECB), XXTEA-x (128 bit, RipeMD128 hashed key, CBC), Hurricane (128 bit, by Roman Ganin, 2005, MD5 hashed key), LOKI97 (256 bit), Camellia (256 bit, ECB, Haval), Camellia-X (256 bit, CBC, Haval), Iraqi (160 bit), Bassomatic (512 bit key, 2048 bit block, 8-16 rounds, 16 tables, CFB), Bassomatic-89 (512 bit, CFB), Bassomatic-89 (2048 bit, CFB), Khazad (128 bit, CBC), Noekeon Indirect (128 bit, CBC), Caracachs (128 bit, CBC), FealNx (128 bit, CBC), Lucifer (128 bit, CBC, Enchanced), Redoc3 (256 bit, CBC), BBC (96 bit, 256K block), EnRUPT (512 bit, CBC, Skein hash), EnRUPT-W (512 bit, CBC, Whirlpool), EnRUPT-md6 (512 bit, CBC, MD6), Mir (128 bit), Crypton (256 bit, CBC), Decorrelated Fast Cipher - DFC (256 bit, CBC), Hasty Pudding Cipher - HPC (256 bit, CBC), Magenta (256 bit, CBC), E2 (256 bit, CBC), Deal (256 bit), Frog (256 bit), RC6-256 (256 bit, AES source), MBC2 (128 bit, CBC), Modular Multiplication based Block cipher - MMB (128 bit, CBC), MMB2 (128 bit, CBC), Safer+256 (256 bit, CBC, AES source), MDC (512 bit, CFB), Anubis - Rijndael variant (256 bit, CBC), Anubis-tweaked (256 bit, CBC), Mars 256 (256 bit, CBC), Misty128 (128 bit, CBC), NewDes120 (120 bit, CBC), Twofish-256 (256 bit, CBC), Skip32 (128 bit, CBC), Square128 (128 bit, CFB, vers.2.7), NSEA (256 bit, CFB), KolchCrypt III (512 bit, 512 bit block, CBC), Aria (256 bit, CBC), Borland (48 bit), Mercy (128 bit, CBC), Raiden (256 bit, CBC), MacGuffin (128 bit, CBC), VigerePlus TEAII (512 bit, CBC), REDOC II (160 bit, CBC), Khufu (512 bit, CBC), Khufu-w (512 bit, CBC, Whirlpool), Keeloq (64 bit), IDEA-NXT (256 bit, CBC), NUSH (256 bit, CBC, GNUPG source), Wicker98 (128 bit, CBC), RTEA (256 bit, CBC), SHA1Crypt (512 bit, CBC), MD5Crypt (512 bit, CBC), MD4Crypt (512 bit, CBC), Serpent (256 bit, CBC), Tnepres (256 bit, CBC), XTEA-tw (128 bit, CBC, tweaked version), XXTEA-tw (128 bit, CBC, tweaked version),XXTEA-tw30 (128 bit, CBC, tweaked version, 960 bit block), SHACAL (512 bit, CBC, SHA512), SHACAL (512 bit, CBC, MD6), DES-X (64x2 bit, CBC), RC2-1024 (1024 bit, CBC, Skein hash), IDEA128 (128 bit, CBC, Skein hash), Kasumi (128 bit, Skein hash), Rijndael-256 (256 bit block, 256 bit key, CBC), Anubis320 (320 bit, CBC), Blowfish448 (448 bit, CBC), DES-EDE (168 bit, CBC), GOSTcb (256 bit, CB of RF SBOX, CBC), GOST3cb (768 bit, CB of RF SBOX, CBC, EDE3 design), Threefish (1024 bit key, 128 bit tweak, 1024 bit block, 80 rounds), CAST-128 (128 bit), CAST-256 (256 bit), Rijndael-128 (256 bit key, CBC), KASUMI-b (128 bit, CBC), CIPHERUNICORN-E (128 bit, CBC), Diamond2 (2048 bit, 16 bytes block, 12 rounds, CBC), SEED128 (128 bit, CBC), TC18 (64 bit, CBC), SHARK (128 bit, CBC), SHARK-E (128 bit, CBC), Skipjack80 (80 bit, CBC), SPEED (256 bit key, 128 bit block, 64 rounds), SAFER++ (256 bit key, 128 bit block, CBC), CS-CIPHER (128 bit, CBC), SAFER-SK128 (128 bit, CBC), BJ256 (Bob Jenkins 256 bit block cipher, 512 bit key, CBC), R3DES (3DESEDE, 192 bit, CBC), Raiden32 (128 bit, 32 rounds, CBC), Raiden256 (256 bit, 16 rounds, CBC), Raiden2 (256 bit, 24 rounds, CBC), XTEA-3 (256 bit, 128 bit block, CBC), MULTISWAP (384 bit, CBC), PES (128 bit, CBC), TWOPES (256 bit, CBC, 16 rounds), Raiden-512 (512 bit, CBC, 32 rounds), NEWTEA (128 bit, 128 bit block, CBC), AES-G (256 bit, CBC, Gladman's ASM code), Rainbow (256 bit, CBC), NOEKEON (128 bit, CBC), RC5-32/16/64 (512 bit, CBC), RC6-512 (512 bit, CBC), Threefish-512 (512 bit key, 512 bit block), Cartman-2P (384 bit, CBC), Chaos (512 bit, CBC), LOKI91 (512 bit, CBC), XTEA1 (128 bit, CBC), Q128e (128 bit, CBC), Newdes96 (128 bit, CBC), Mars-1248 (1248 bit, CBC), FNAM2 (512 bit, CBC), C2 (64 bit, CBC), Sinople (128 bit, CBC), Phantom (256 bit, CBC), Paranoia (512 bit key, CBC), Pikachu (128 bit, CBC), SC6B (320 bit, CBC), Letsief (512 bit, CBC), Lja1 (2048 bit key, 128 bit block, 16 cycles), Clefia (256 bit, CBC), MPJ2 (128 bit, CBC), Curupira2 (192 bit, CBC), Curupira1 (192 bit, CBC), KARLA (160 bit, CBC), Cobra-64-256 (256 bit key, 64 bit block), Cobra128 (576 bit), Simplicity (256 bit key), 3NEWDE (192 bit), CRYPTON 1.0 (256 bit), EksLOKI89 (256 bit), BREAKME (256 bit), VSEN (512 bit), Hierocrypt-3 (256 bit). Hierocrypt-L1 (128 bit), CIPHERUNICORN-A (256 bit), SC2000 (256 bit).

Encryption can be done with any of 5 modes (CBC, CTS, etc.) 4 modes with 3Way and 4 modes with special algorimts with fixed key size.

Supports also other ciphers:

- SALSA 20 (256 bit)
- Phelix (256 bit)
- ABC 3 (128 bit)
- SEED (128 bit)
- SHACAL-2 (512 bit)
- XTEA (128 bit)

Support for many stream ciphers:

Rabbit (128 bit), HC-256 (256 bit), Sosemanuk (256 bit), CryptMT3 (512 bit),Dragon (256 bit), Lex2 (128 bit), NLS2 (128 bit), Yamb (256 bit), Hermes (128 bit),FFCSR (128 bit), Pomaranch (128 bit), Mickey (128 bit), Vest32-Pro (256 bit), WG2 (128 bit), ZKCrypt3 (160 bit), Dicing (256 bit), Py6 (256 bit), Grain (128 bit), Achterbahn (128 bit), Moustique (96 bit), TPypy (512 bit), TPy6 (512 bit), Py (512 bit), Pypy (512 bit), TPy (512 bit), Fubuki (512 bit), SSS (128 bit), Pike (512 bit, CBC), Seal (128 bit, CBC), Trivium (80 bit), Decim (128 bit), Edon80 (80 bit), Sfinks (80 bit), Konton (512 bit, CBC), QCypher (512 bit, CBC), SCOP-384 (384 bit, CBC), Sober-128, QUALCOMM Incorporated (128 bit), Shannon (256 bit), Leviathan (128 bit, CBC), A5 (64 bit, CBC), Panama (256 bit), WAKE (256 bit), RC4-drop[65536] (1024 bit), CS2-128 (128 bit), Lili (128 bit), Lili2 (128 bit), Snow2 (256 bit), SEAL2 (160 bit), SN3 (6144 bit), PolarBear (128 bit), VMPC (512 bit), VMPC-KSA3 (512 bit), Chacha (256 bit), Turing (256 bit), AMPRNG (384 bit).

Supports assymetric encryption by RSA algoritm using key pair of public and private key with length from 128 to 1024 bits.

Supports fast assymetric encryption by RSA-AES algoritm using key pair of public and private key with length from 128 to 1024 bits. Random symmetric key is encrypted by slow assymetric RSA, data is encrypted by fast AES (Rijndael) with key length 256 bit.

Supports fast assymetric encryption by RSA-Serpent algoritm using key pair of public and private key with length from 128 to 1024 bits. Random symmetric key is encrypted by slow assymetric RSA, data is encrypted by fast Serpent (AES finalist) with key length 256 bit.

Assymetric encryption variants:

RSA-Ice 2 (128 bit), RSA-Serpent (256 bit), RSA-Gost (256 bit), RSA-AES (256 bit), RSA-Mars (512 bit), RSA-Blowfish (384 bit), RSA-XXTEA (128 bit), RSA-CAST256 (256 bit), RSA-RC6 (512 bit), RSA-3DES (192 bit), RSA-MISTY1 (128 bit), RSA-Twofish (256 bit), RSA-IDEA (128 bit)

- Optional powerfull BWT compression using ABC algorithms

- Optional more secure mode with disabled CRC32

Part of Total Commander Ultima Prime (TCUP) project

NOTICE! DarkCrypt x64 edition - is special BETA build, that works in x86 emulator mode and has serious differences. Please read manual in archive of x86-64 plugin. Before installing it, please remove old version from TC.
2901 KB - Updated: 16.03.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  87815 times

AES plugin 0.6.3 [64-bit port]

AES encryptor plugin 0.6.3

This plugin allows you to encrypt/decrypt files.

- encrypt/decrypt files with 128bit key
- create self-decrypting archives
- internal Zlib compression
- wipes files according to Department of Defense standard DOD 5220.22-M
- random password generator
- configurable password policy
- user defined hotkeys
- multilanguage support
- uninstall

Delphi source available.

This is 64-bit beta port of original plugin. Be careful.
2078 KB - Updated: 4.03.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7776 times

WordArc [27.02.2013]

WordArcTC - plugin to work with MSWord files as archives

Unpacking formats:
careful.txt - get text form document using careful direct mode, no need for installed Word *

direct.txt - get text form document using direct mode, no need for installed Word *

direct_oem.txt - direct, but in OEM encoding *

msfilter.rtf - get RTF text using Microsoft TexConv library *

word.txt - get text from document using MSWord

word_lines.txt - get text with line breaks from document using MSWord

word.rtf - get RTF text from document using MSWord

word.html - get HTML text from document using MSWord

word_dos.txt - get ASCII DOS text from document using MSWord

word_dos_lines.txt - get ASCII DOS text with line breaks from document using MSWord

word_unicode.txt - get unicode text from document using MSWord

* MSWord or MS Office may be not installed.


Use Ctrl + PgDown to enter word document as archive.

See sources in archive.

How to enable support for DOCX files?

wincmd.ini [Packer] PluginOverrideZip=1 allows to use packer plugin which overrides the internal ZIP packer

Please, add or change this option to allow WordArcTC to handle DOCX files.

Try also RedDOC Lister plugin
1300 KB - Updated: 27.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  21819 times

LZ8Comp TC 18.02.2013

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking LZ8Comp - archives.

Plugin LZ8Comp  is based on SixPack. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.

Very nice compression of texts, e-books, documents, etc.
717 KB - Updated: 18.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7202 times

UkrPack TC 18.02.2013

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking UKR-archives.

Plugin UKRPACK is based on UCL, used also in UPX packer. Nice level of exe and dll compression. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
713 KB - Updated: 18.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7445 times

APLibTC 14.02.2013

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking good compression level APL-archives.

High-compression level plugin APlTC  is based on APLib, used also in some exe packers. Supports tag-based archive header. Supports packing to Tar.APL. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc. Nice for text, documents and data packing. Packing engine dictionary can be set in configuration file.
717 KB - Updated: 14.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7191 times

ABC-TC 14.02.2013

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking superior compression level ABC-archives.

High-compression level plugin ABC TC BWT is based on BWT, used in nice ABC packer by J.Abel. Supports tag-based archive header. Supports packing to Tar.ABC. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc. Nice for text, documents and data packing.

Compression is better than Zip, GZip and BZip2!
748 KB - Updated: 14.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7878 times

LZOP plugin [12.02.2013]

Fully rewritten LZOP plugin that helps you to extract files packed by LZOP in TC x86-64. Also supports archive creation.
1356 KB - Updated: 12.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  5501 times

LZOPackTC 12.02.2013

WCX-plugin for fast packing & ultrafast depacking LZOPack-archives.

Plugin LZOPackTC is based on LZO library by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer. Nice level of documents, texts compression. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.

Supports all 39 LZOv2 compression methods!

- lzo1_99_compress,
- lzo1_compress,
- lzo1a_99_compress,
- lzo1a_compress,
- lzo1b_1_compress,
- lzo1b_2_compress,
- lzo1b_3_compress,
- lzo1b_4_compress,
- lzo1b_5_compress,
- lzo1b_6_compress,
- lzo1b_7_compress,
- lzo1b_8_compress,
- lzo1b_999_compress,
- lzo1b_99_compress,
- lzo1b_9_compress,
- lzo1b_compress,
- lzo1c_1_compress,
- lzo1c_2_compress,
- lzo1c_3_compress,
- lzo1c_4_compress,
- lzo1c_5_compress,
- lzo1c_6_compress,
- lzo1c_7_compress,
- lzo1c_8_compress,
- lzo1c_999_compress,
- lzo1c_99_compress,
- lzo1c_9_compress,
- lzo1c_compress,
- lzo1f_1_compress,
- lzo1f_999_compress,
- lzo1x_1_11_compress,
- lzo1x_1_12_compress,
- lzo1x_1_15_compress,
- lzo1x_1_compress,
- lzo1x_999_compress,
- lzo1y_1_compress,
- lzo1y_999_compress,
- lzo1z_999_compress,
- lzo2a_999_compress.
1308 KB - Updated: 12.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  10256 times

Red JPEG XT [06.02.2013]

Powerful plug-in for steganographic hiding arbitrary data in JPEG images using unique authors method. The solution includes open cryptographic algorithms (AMPRNG rev.1.1, Cartman Cipher 2.DDP.4) and effective LZMA compression. The image itself is changed only slightly, without any visible distortion. Modification practically does not distinguish visually, without having original. Data is user-defined password protected, which is pre-hashed. In contrast to many analogues, and common techniques used in the program is a real steganography, which consists in slight modification of the image. Capacity of a single image file depends on its characteristics (color, brightness and contrast, a set of variations in pixels). Data is pre-compressed and encrypted by reliable mass-production cryptographic algorithms. When you retrieve data, its checked for validity and integrity of the archive, checksum calculates. Plugin includes extended version with optional masking the fact of the embedding and intensive procedure of stream cipher initialization based on a number of characteristics of each image.

If you need BMP, PNG, TIFF steganograpghy on x86-64 platform, use my StegoTC G2 plugin. Supports RSD mode.
2116 KB - Updated: 6.02.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  11311 times

ICONew 1.0

Packer plugin for Total Commander

This is new independed version of ICO.WCX (

*** Features ***

As original can:
- Allows work with multipage icon files as archive files.
- Supports extract/add/delete single icons or group of icons from/to multipage icon files.
- Also can creating new multipage icon from single icons.
624 KB - Updated: 27.12.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7643 times

CabCE 2.0

Packer plugin for CAB files with WindowsCE install-cab support.

(by: Andreas Ziemer)
43 KB - Updated: 23.12.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  17827 times

MS-Compress Packer Plugin 1.0

This ia a packer plugin for MS-Compress (*.??_) files.
This is a reimplementation of the plugin by nyam ( with the exception that it support x64 also.
I could not make TC accept ??_ as a file extension :(
At least you can use it with Ctrl+PageDown.

Binary and source are included.
86 KB - Updated: 6.12.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6000 times


Packer plug-in based on 7z.dll and 7zG.exe for Total Commander.
Also it works as Content plug-in. (new in
Also it works as Lister plug-in. (new in


Full support for Unicode and other innovations of the latest Total Commander.

Total7zip uses 7z.dll for opening archives. It can open files by content - press Ctrl+PageDown on any file and the plug-in will try to find out file's format. The plug-in can handle 7z archives, as well as all the formats that are recognized by 7zip. 7zip v9.20 can read all these files:
For example, you can use Ctrl+PageDown to open chm and iso files. You can extract audio from flv files. Etc.

Total7zip uses 7zG.exe when you want to compress files, update existing archive or delete files from 7z archive.
You can use 64-bit version of 7zG if you want.

Total7zip supports all languages supported by 7-zip.

Total7zip can create sfx archives.

The plug-in uses original 7-zip files, and you can use the latest version of 7-zip to update the plug-in.

Total7zip allows to use special compression settings that are different from the settings of the installed 7-zip. It can be used with portable installations of Total Commander.

Total7zip can work with a list of known passwords. You can save passwords and the plug-in will use them when it's possible.

Total Commander can search for files containing given text in all archives supported by Total7zip.
1802 KB - Updated: 20.11.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  299889 times

AlbumPack 1.03

This plugin allows to extract songs from MP3 files created by AlbumWrap. You can also create your own AlbumWrap albums using the standard packer method. Can be used as Lister plugin too.

(by: Commsoft)
311 KB - Updated: 24.10.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  4846 times


Unpacks SIS archives.

(by: Patrik Daransky)
24 KB - Updated: 23.10.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  5488 times

UnLZX 2.2

Unpacks the popular Amiga pack format LZX. Handles file date/time (with Y2K workarounds), file attributes, filenotes (saved to descript.ion) and some more. Everything can be customized by editing settings in an INI file. Detailed description and help in HTML in English and German included.

This is an updated version of UnLZX plugin v2.1 written by me based on the sources of LZX plugin v1.1 written by Sebastian Erbert.
116 KB - Updated: 16.07.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  28399 times


Total ISO maker (TotalISO) is a Packer/unpacker plugin for TotalCommander (TC). It's function is to make it easier for you to create ISO image files. TotalISO is only a GUI front end to third party tools. To actually create ISO files, you need either mkisofs.exe or cdimage.exe, or both. mkisofs.exe is included in cdrtools. You may find the latest version of cdrtools for win32. cdimage.exe, however, is only used internally in Microsoft company. It's not available in the public domain.
409 KB - Updated: 18.06.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  50518 times

CHMDir 0.41-alpha

CHMDir adds support of ITSS/CHM file format (compiled HTML) to Total Commander, allows you to extract, search, pack, delete files in CHM.

Also it add unpacking of HtmlHelp 2 files (.Hx?).

Also it can used as content plugin, showing info about title of help window, maker of CHM and time of compilation.

Presence of Internet Explorer in system is not necessary.

NB: Plugin can not make full-fledged HtmlHelp files (contents, index, etc.) but it can make CHM-file even if there is one '.htm' or '.html' file in files to be packed. For example, repack this archive to CHM-file. To make full-fledged HtmlHelp use HTML Help Workshop or htm2chm.
If there is not file '#SYSTEM' in root of packed files list it will be created and if there is not some '.hhc' file in packed list, 'stub.hhc' will be created with all files and directories from packing list using of topic. Its order depends on sort type of TC. Default topic will be (what comes first, case insensitive): see 'default_topics' in CHMDir.ini. If there is not such file, first found '.htm' or '.html' in packed list will be used.

For keeping structure of file before repacking it must be unpacked with turned on option 'Show special CHM files' in CHMDir.ini to keep files such as '#SYSTEM' (there is information about title of help window and contents file in this file).
435 KB - Updated: 6.04.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  112852 times

ISO 1.7.7 beta 4

ISO plugin for reading CD-ROM images

Official Polish ISO.WCX plugin website, with tutorials and FAQ can be found at
45 KB - Updated: 2.04.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  28360 times

btdir 0.1 beta4

Total Commander plugin, interpret torrent-file as a directory.
63 KB - Updated: 22.03.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  13794 times

TotalZAR 2

Totalzar is a packer plugin for TotalCommander. The major function is to extract files have been compressed twice using zip and/or rar. For example, some files may be compressed into multiple valumes of rar archives, and then each volume is compressed by zip.

(by: W. Dong)
657 KB - Updated: 26.02.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  9093 times

CopyLinkTarget 1.10

Extracts the file behind a link.
87 KB - Updated: 7.02.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  21749 times

dar wcx 4.2012

Plugin supports dar [Disk ARchive] archives. Decompression and archive testing are supported.

download from the homepage

(by: gulikoza)
65 KB - Updated: 30.01.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7108 times

LTAR 1.0

This plugin allows to extract/view/create LTAR v3 format archives.
For example, it's used in "F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Fear 2)" and "Condemned 2 - Bloodshot" games.

Plugin can extract, view and create Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PC LTAR archives.
In the extract/view mode it's recognise PS3 and PC versions automatically.
For creating specific type of archive there is an "Options" dialog,
accessible through the "Pack files" dialog of Total Commander by pressing
"Configure" button in it, where you can configure Extract and Create options
of this plugin.

How to install the plugin in Total Commander:
1. Double click on the plugin zip file within Total Commander
2. Follow the instructions

There is a "gaup.wcx" - Game Archive UnPacker PRO by Alexander Cherenkov
GAUP plugin can view LTAR v3 PC archives, but extracts files from them incorrectly !
703 KB - Updated: 5.01.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  4959 times

StegoTC 2012.01.03

Unique steganographic plugin for TC, supports user defined bitset, 40 encryption algorithms, etc. Plugin is based on ImageSpyer utility and can hide any file in TIFF (LZW) or Bitmap image using also strong encryption and powerful LZMA compression.

Second generation of this plugin (StegoTC G2) supports x86-64 platform, but isn't compatible with this editon.

RedJPEG plugin supports x86-64 and JPEG steganography.
626 KB - Updated: 3.01.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  15787 times

StegoTC G2 2012.01.03

Unique steganographic plugin for TC, supports user defined bitset, strong stream cipher encryption, etc. Plugin is based on ImageSpyer utility and can hide any file in TIFF, PNG or Bitmap image using also strong encryption and powerful LZMA compression.

Waring! Second generation of StegoTC isn't compatible with first edition, but support x64 platforms.

If you need JPEG steganography in TC x86/x86-64, use my RedJPEG plugin
1441 KB - Updated: 3.01.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7210 times

DirCopy 1.10

A Packer plugin to recreate an empty tree structure from source with date, time and attributes preservation.

a version dynamically linked to MFC is also available on my webpage ( (filesize : 27KB)
244 KB - Updated: 13.12.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  33313 times

umod.wcx 0.0.6

- opening UMOD (Unreal Tournament), UT2MOD (Unreal Tournament 2003), UT4MOD (Unreal Tournament 2004), WMOD (Wheel of Time) and possibly RMOD (Rune) archives
- extracting from archives
- this plugin can't (and won't) create "Unreal Engine" archives
- support for creating "Unreal Engine" files using UCC.EXE (see "System\!make UMOD.bat" in archive)
103 KB - Updated: 12.11.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  16197 times

JustBZLP 24.10.2011

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking JustBZLP - archives.

Plugin JustBZLP is based on BZIP. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
1020 KB - Updated: 24.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7531 times

JustZip 21.10.2011

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking JustZip - archives.

Plugin JustZip is based on classic ZIP compression algorithms. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
1016 KB - Updated: 21.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  8411 times

UCComp TC 12.10.2011

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking UCC-archives.

Plugin UCComp is based on new high-speed opensource text compression algorithm. Good level of text compression. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
1031 KB - Updated: 12.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7296 times

LZRComp TC 12.10.2011

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking LZR-archives.

Plugin LZRComp is based on LZH, used also in LHA packer. Good level of text compression. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
1095 KB - Updated: 12.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7231 times

ELKA TC 12.10.2011

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking ELKA-archives.

Plugin Elka LZMA is based on LZMA, used also in 7-ZIP. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
1105 KB - Updated: 12.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7371 times

SSSR TC 12.10.2011

WCX-plugin for packing & depacking SSSR-archives.

High-compression level plugin SSSR LZMA is based on LZMA, used also in 7-ZIP. Supports tag-based archive header. Supports packing to Tar.SSSR. Used in DarkLib, UTO, etc.
1156 KB - Updated: 11.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  8640 times

TreeCopyPlus 1.051

Packer plugin for Total Commander. It's intended for copying/moving files with keeping of full folder tree.
The main differences from TreeCopy:
1)Works as well in a standard mode.
2)Correctly works in "Branch View" mode.
3)Presence of an option "Number of upper levels to exclude" - amount of nestings from a root up to the CURRENT folder which are necessary to exclude.
4)Possibility "Overwrite all" and "Skip all"...
More details in Readme...
81 KB - Updated: 27.09.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  39330 times


The plugin represents HLP and MVB help files as archives with set of files obtained by decompilation of the original help file (usually it includes main RTF file, some images in BMP and SHG formats and HPJ or MVP project file).

Additional links:
32-bit version without SSE
167 KB - Updated: 17.09.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  17532 times

wcx_fb2 1.0

Packer plugin to add/extract files from fb2 books.

(by: bookmist)
46 KB - Updated: 30.07.2011 - x32 - Downloaded  7633 times

fb2wcx 1.0.3

Packer plugin which allows to extract and substitute binary attachments(illustrations in most cases) from fb2 e-book files.

(by: FeyFre)
41 KB - Updated: 29.07.2011 - x32 - Downloaded  6617 times

BZIP2 1.5

Very good compression, but only one file per archive (as with GZip)
163 KB - Updated: 6.06.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  30413 times

PPMPackTC 2010-07-14

Archiver plugin for working with Dark's PPMP format. It can pack multiple files, has fantastic compression level, more then in ZIP and Tar.GZip, ideal for packing texts, documents, etc.

Suppors PPMD compressor memory up to 512 (classic format - up to 256 Mb)

Plugin PPMPack is based on sources of PPMd by Dmitry Shkarin (public domain from 1997), also used in 7-ZIP and WinRar for text compression. Supports packing one file or multiple files to Tar.PPMP, storing 256 chars in CP-1251. Supports tag-based archive header. Plugin can create solid Tar.PPMP (or Tar.PPMD) archive with higher compression. Compression is nice, but speed isn't too high. Use settings dialog in packer menu. Set more memory (up to 128/256 Mb) and order (up to 16). Best results are in (XML, HTML, some non-unicode texts)

Supports also compression based on HA ASC (LZ+Ari based algorithms) and HA HSC (PPM order 4 based algorims) compression, PPMZ, PAQ8, LPAQ8, QUAD and BALZ compression.
848 KB - Updated: 14.07.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  12743 times

InstallExplorer 0.9.2

This plugin is a remake of an old plugin by an unknown author called "InstallExporer Port", which uses the original InstallExplorer FAR plugin © by Sergei Wanin. The plugin enables you to browse and extract the contents of .exe and .msi files, created by the following installers: Wise Installer, Vise Installer, Inno Setup, Gentee Installer, numerous InstallShield versions, NullSoft Installer versions 1.1o and up, SetupFactory, Eschalon Installer, and Windows Installer (MSI). My plugin is more stable, than the old port, and unpacks all files correctly. The package contains the original InstallExplorer FAR plugin by Sergei Wanin.
89 KB - Updated: 23.03.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  93108 times

GCF 1.1

Works with Valve GCF file.

(by: Timo Stripf)
35 KB - Updated: 2.03.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  6690 times

Cab Packer 

Works with .cab.

(by: Paraglider)
140 KB - Updated: 30.01.2010 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  19430 times

MATLab plugin 1.83 beta

A plugin to manage/pack/unpack Matlab files.

Requires MAT dll-runtime files installed.

(from: Leandro Barajas)
85 KB - Updated: 16.01.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  5791 times

EnsoniqUnpackerEFE 1.23

Ensoniq instrument unpacker plugin.

(by: Thoralt Franz)
12 KB - Updated: 3.01.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  6644 times

EnsoniqUnpacker 1.23

Ensoniq disk image unpacker plugin.

(by: Thoralt Franz)
12 KB - Updated: 3.01.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  6651 times

RisenPak 1.0

RisenPak Plugin for Total Commander

With this plugin you can manage the content of *.PAK
volumes of Piranha Bytes' role playing game - "Risen"
45 KB - Updated: 20.12.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  5488 times

Java Class Unpacker 0.7.1

The Java Class extractor plugin provides class archive support for popular
Total Commander file manager.
Associate it with *.class extension in WCX Plugin configuration or use built-in
auto-installer of Total Commander 6.5 or higher.

- Fields listing
- Methods listing
- Method bytecode Extraction

- Bytecode edition
- Add/delete/modify fields and/or methods
98 KB - Updated: 14.12.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  10271 times

MSC 0.1

Packer plugin for MS-Compress (*.??_) files.

(by: nyam)
2 KB - Updated: 28.11.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  7961 times

7zip Plugin

7Zip standalone packer plugin for Total Commander. (No requirement to install 7-zip at all)

Continue work started by Strzelecki A. and Efimenko D.
196 KB - Updated: 26.11.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  36794 times

fhRAR 0.1

Allows to work with multivolume, encrypted RAR files.

(from: FlyingHorse)
152 KB - Updated: 13.11.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  15072 times


Packer Plugin for Palm-OS PDB- and PRC-Databases

(by: waelder)
29 KB - Updated: 6.11.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  5685 times


WCX_PDB allows you to open (Ctrl+PageDown) Palm DB files (*.pdb),
view records, extract the content and create (Alt+F5) new Data Bases.

ZLIB1.DLL needed for zTXT format.

(by: Al:bom)
12 KB - Updated: 6.11.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  5957 times

alz Unpacker 0.65

Simple wcx plugin for TC. It can unpack alz format which is widely used in South Korea. Main features:
- single/multi volume archive support;
- encrypted archive support.

Older version

(by: BLUE'nLIVE)
43 KB - Updated: 6.11.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  7984 times

Sure Copy 20.03.2008

Copies files, then checks their identity. If something happens, tries to copy once again.
All actions are logged.
There are plugin sources in archive.

(by: D1P)
180 KB - Updated: 28.08.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  8553 times

X3 resource browser/unpacker 1.0 beta 2

Packs and unpacks Enlight X game series .cat, .dat, .pck, .pbb and .pbb files.
Requires zlib1.dll into windows\system32

(by: VX)
110 KB - Updated: 28.08.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  7460 times

Game Archive UnPacker PRO

This plugin allows you to view and to extract some specific resources from some kinds of the "game archives".
You may open an archive file with Ctrl+PageDown.
The PRO version of GAUP also can add files to game archives!

List of supported formats!
284 KB - Updated: 25.08.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  204162 times


Plugin for MHT-files unpacking.

(by: delog)
58 KB - Updated: 19.07.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  9018 times


Packer plugin to view Jpeg as a pack of Jsg segments. Allows to delete Jsg segments.

(by: Dec)
53 KB - Updated: 28.06.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  8229 times

LibView 1.1

Packer plugin for INTEL 8051 and 80x86 libraries.

(by: Andreas Ziemer)
40 KB - Updated: 7.06.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  6525 times

7Zip Plugin 0.6.4

7Zip standalone packer plugin for Total Commander. (No requirement to install 7-zip at all)

Continue work started by Adam Strzelecki.

- File listing
- Extraction & compression
(7-Zip 4.1x compatible methods)
- 7zAES file decryption/encryption using password
- CRC test and detection
- Multilanguage support, langpacks included:
English (builtin), Russian, Spanish
- SFX support: use *.exe filename to create 7zip SFX archive.
162 KB - Updated: 7.03.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  37840 times

ICO wcx plugin 0.1

Allows work with multipage (one page also;-) icon files as archive files.
Supports extract/add/delete single icons or group of icons from/to multipage icon files. Also can creating new multipage icon from single icons.
13 KB - Updated: 15.10.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  11650 times


UnPacker plugin which allows to execute definite commands depending on file extension.

Discussion -
18 KB - Updated: 15.07.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  8908 times

NSCopy 2.2

NSCopy - wcx plugin for Total Commander

Copy unreadable files from any media, using program Non-Stop Copy.
Unreadable positions fills zeros (#0).

Program Non-Stop Copy copies files 3 times faster than Total Commander.
69 KB - Updated: 17.06.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  27062 times

WdxInfoPacker 1.4.1

Packer plugin to list content plugin (wdx) information . It can create "complex" file...
Available language : French, English, German, Spanish,Polish,Russian
New :
-Scheme Comment
-Fix the date problem
437 KB - Updated: 14.05.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  32533 times

English Mover wcx plugin 1.0a

Hardcoded modified version of the Mover wcx plugin.

The dialog has been made more logical. Tab-order and accelerator keys have been fixed. The most common error messages have been translated from French.

Original plugin can be found at:
27 KB - Updated: 16.03.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  7618 times

fobia 1.2.1

This plugin allows to hide files on a FAT-formatted media like USB-flash drives or flopies.
9 KB - Updated: 4.11.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  10107 times

GCA plugin 0.1beta

Packer plugin for TC to support GCA archive format
51 KB - Updated: 18.10.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  7395 times


Packer plugin which shows contents of "structured storage" files: DOC, XLS, PPT etc.

(Note: the original plugin author is Dec.)
54 KB - Updated: 14.07.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  12609 times

Graphics Converter 1.81

Graphics Converter - Packer plugin for Total Commander

Converts files from most graphic formats to
BMP, GIF, JP2, JPG, PNG, TIFF (Uncompressed, LZW, Packbits, ZIP)

Image processing (currently) not supported.

Multilanguage: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, German, Spanish, Chinese, France, Swedish, Hungarian.
716 KB - Updated: 15.06.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  31994 times

iniPacker 1.0

Packer plugin of INI files for Total Commander.
For viewing and changing configs (may be hidden) of programms that use INI.
- Enter: Ctrl+PgDn
- Create INI "archives": create empty file ("example_file.ini") and enter to it.
- View and create (sub)sections.
- Create keys of (sub)sections: Copy file from panel into "archive" (sub)section.
- Changing keys of (sub)sections.
- Delete keys and (sub)sections
40 KB - Updated: 25.04.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  11734 times

audioconverter 0.992 alpha 1

audioconverter 0.992 alpha 1

0.992 update 2 comments:

Added voice preset to lame vbr presets

alpha 0.992 comments:

updates from 0.991 can be reached here:

I will write "what's new" in alphas in comments.

1. cdtracks.wfx now correctly reads dll location settings.
2. Additonal parameters weren't work when there was translation.
3. Background mode!
4. Setting "convert to the same folder" and "delete source files" will not be restored after convert now.

Translation autors: If you still interested - please, update your
files and send them to me - I will upload them to the server. Send me you copyrights too, please (your names, maybe emails - we'll publish them too).

AC 0.991 Copyrights:
plotn - initial idea, design and programming
aes - ideas, programming
DrShark - a lot of ideas, testing, description, project maintaining

Vendorf - russian
TychoBarfy - german
Petr Řehák - czech

Audioconverter (AC) is designed to perform converting between several sound formats (preserving tags), extracting pieces of music from CD and making some intermediate transformations during converting process (e.g. normalization, resamling).
AC also can be used to alter bitrate of sound files, so that they can be played on mobile devices.

AC works with a number of popular dll and console coders, such as lame.exe, oggenc2.exe and others.

Input formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, AAC (MP4/M4A/M4B), MusePack, AC3, WavPack, AMR, AIFF,
CD äèñêè (simple and mixed, i.e. with data tracks), M3U

Output formats: WAV, MP3, OGG (aoTuV is used), WMA, ASF, APE, AAC (faac.exe and NeroAAC),
MusePack, WavPack, AMR, FLAC, MIDI

Additional features:
1) Ability to conduct intermediate transformation of temp wav-file - normalization, resamling.
2) Ability to convert directly to WinCE device
3) CDDB support (when converting from CD discs)
4) Multilingual interface

Description of usage.

Select files/directories in total commander, then press "pack" and select AC-plugin.
Choose the desired options and press "OK".
While converting from CD with data (or just from any CD) use file system plugin (incuded) and select tracks in it.
This method is suggested, since it provides for reading of CD Text from CDs and setting of the track names.

Questions, suggestions:
3883 KB - Updated: 1.04.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  64099 times

Z4 Archive plugin 0.9.7

The Z4 is filesystem-based storage library. This plugin allows you to work with common Z4 file archives (reading, adding and deleting files).

You may use Z4 compression format for files, when access speed (read/write, add/delete) is more important than compression strength.

See for more about Z4 (including sources). I will be grateful for any-scale testing of Z4 library.
78 KB - Updated: 3.02.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  15249 times

ISO 1.7.4 beta 1

iso plugin for Total Commander (read CD-ROM images)
28 KB - Updated: 24.01.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  206752 times

XBox ISO Plugin ver 1.4

XBOX ISO plugin for Total Commander
can read and create XBOX DVD-ROM ISO images
42 KB - Updated: 25.10.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  16418 times

ivtdir 0.3

.ivt files are the file format of the Microsoft InfoViewer program. This format was the native help format used with DevStudio for a while, also the MSDN subscriber CD's shipped during at least 1998 contained their documentation in this format.
ivtdir.wcx adds support of .ivt file format to Total Commander, allows you to extract and search files in .ivt.
22 KB - Updated: 6.09.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  14410 times

Total Converter 2.0.1

For amateurs of brevity:
Plugin Allows to convert all in all. And the most main to do this suitable, not conceiving on the ensemble of adjustment.

In detail:
Plugin Is shell, starting console utilities of converting the files with beforehand saved by adjustment.
First, configure the ctconv.xml and enter in new archive by pressing CTRL+PGDWN.
Select result file and copy in some folder.
For instance you have a telephone, saving sound files in AMR format and console program Converter. You may type a command:
Drive:\path\to\programm-converter\converter.exe amr2wav source_file.amr result_file.wav

This enough asked command can present from itself difficulty at low-activity use since happens to to recall keys, correct sequences a source-result and on that, whether to add an extension.
But as this can look with the program lame.exe having as a result the kit of key --help several pages highly useful information?
On my glance a people use highly limited desksides of these programs in their own purposes, possible save 2-3-10-50 kits of keys profiles) for the program and afterwards their use.

As A Result has appeared this plugin which allows on CTRL+PGDWN striking enter in file, with the extension determined in its config file. Inwardly, in the manner of resulting names of files will be displayed the most varied profiles, determined in same config file. There possible simply choose a necessary file and copy in the
necessary place. Plagin Will start in the hidden window a program-converter with determined for this profile by keys and program-converter convert a file in the necessary place.
After change config please open it in IE, for test to XML errors.
31 KB - Updated: 8.08.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  20978 times

FileFactory 0.3 beta

Plugin for TotalCommander and separate application, intended for complex file processing, such as search and replace with regular expressions, file name and search results formatting using easy but powerfull script language, support for TotalCommander WDX plugins, report generation.
WARNING! While program version is unstable, I strongly recommend you to back up your files before using Multi-rename and Search and Replace!

Please report errors and suggestions on forum.

Web site
364 KB - Updated: 6.08.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  15967 times

ert_wcx 0.9.2

This plugin allows to view and edit metadata (*.md) and external reports
(*.ert) files of 1S:Enterprise environment
This plugin performs all common compound files content management operations:
extracting, adding, removing.
Plugin supports following 1S configuration objects storing features:
* zip compression storing MD Programm text, Inplace descriptions, and Pictures
* Main MetaData Stream and Dialog Stream lengths
* Pictures header
52 KB - Updated: 2.08.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  14712 times

IShield 0.9.1

This plugin enables you to browse and extract the contents of .CAB files, created by various versions of InstallShield. Usually these files are named,, etc. The plugin is written with the help of source code of i5comp and i6comp utilities © fOSSiL, Morlac (InstallShield Compression and Maintenance util).
65 KB - Updated: 19.07.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  32153 times

WCReg_patched Packer Plugin 1.4

Patched version of the original WCReg_1.4 packer plugin:
Open and work with .REG-files as archives!
15 KB - Updated: 17.05.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  11539 times

Mover 0.1

To separate files into folders...
29 KB - Updated: 7.05.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  11210 times

AES encryptor plugin 0.6.3

This plugin allows you to encrypt/decrypt files.

- encrypt/decrypt files with 128bit key
- create self-decrypting archives
- internal Zlib compression
- wipes files according to Department of Defense standard DOD 5220.22-M
- random password generator
- configurable password policy
- user defined hotkeys
- multilanguage support
- uninstall

Delphi source included.
665 KB - Updated: 5.03.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  37271 times

Power Packer 1.0

The most popular Amiga packer was the famous "Power packer" by Nico F. Many text files, sources, modules and pictures was packed with this utility. From now you can view and even extract this files directly from Your lovely Total Commander. Combined with AmigaDX plugin this is a very powerful tool for old Amiga users ;-)
Sources included
49 KB - Updated: 8.01.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  11639 times

AmigaDX 3.3 beta

With this plugin you can extract/view ADF, DMS, ADZ, HDF, HDZ, DMP file types for Amiga Emulators (WinUAE, U*AE). You can also create/modify ADF files. If you are an old Amiga user who have installed WinUAE or other Amiga emulator then this plugin is for you.
77 KB - Updated: 8.01.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  20921 times


This plugin allows you to create hard links on NTFS file system using Total Commander file manager.
30 KB - Updated: 6.01.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  14624 times

PalmDB zTXT Plugin 1.1

Plugin creates palm databaze ztxt archive for Palm's bookreaders. Uses modified libztxt library and zlib library. In libztxt turned off regular expressions and text processing. In order to work plugin requires zlib1.dll file, included in archive. It has to be copied to installation folder of Total Commander.
115 KB - Updated: 30.12.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  9082 times

MSI Plus 0.5

Can Pack/Unpack tables and streams in MSI files. Preview of dialogs included in MSI.
34 KB - Updated: 23.11.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  54584 times

MPQ Plugin

Plugin for easy extract or add files from/to MPQ archives. MPQ is an archive file format used by games of Blizzard Entertainment. MPQ files are compressed and encrypted archives, containing game sounds, music, videos, graphics and other stuff. You can find more information about the MPQ archives at
829 KB - Updated: 16.11.2005 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  69130 times

Operation Flashpoint PBO Plugin 0.81 beta

This is a Total Commander freeware plugin that allows to implement pbo files
management. You may open an archive with Ctrl+PageDown.
30 KB - Updated: 14.11.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  11706 times

Webcompiler Unpacker 1.0

A packer plugin to uncompress the e-books made by WebCompiler (
54 KB - Updated: 6.11.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  10843 times

Mbox 1.10

mbox.wcx is a 32-bit Windows DLL for reading and writing Unix mailbox files (mbox format). This packer plugin basically makes it possible for Total Commander to treat mbox files like "directories" of mail files.
141 KB - Updated: 4.11.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  21679 times

targzbz2 0.02

Having an extra step to go through before getting at the contents of a .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 archived file was what prompted me to create this plugin. It's a readonly plugin for tar archives compressed with either gzip or bz2. My reasoning for not doing a full compression plugin with write support is that Total Commander is already able to write .tar.gz files just fine, which is enough for my needs.
275 KB - Updated: 7.09.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  24959 times

WebArc 0.01

The idea is to have a packer plugin for Total Commander that has a counterpart that can be run on a web server.
That way, you can upload or download a single file instead of multiple small ones, which takes lots of time using FTP.
The plugin is written in Delphi, and the source code is included.

The server side is currently only available in PHP, but future versions may include a .NET version too.

All source code is included.
37 KB - Updated: 5.08.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  9787 times

Wipe plugin 0.2

File destroyer (secure erase) plugin.
Wipes files according to Department of Defense standard DOD 5220.22-M.
16 KB - Updated: 29.01.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  24349 times

MHT Unpacker 0.1.1

Allows to extract resources (images, web pages, cascade style sheets) stored in Microsoft's MHT files.
59 KB - Updated: 13.01.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  37036 times

LISP packer plugin 1.1

Plugin is intended to operate with programms, written onLISP for AutoCAD.
Features: view list, extract, add and delete function definisions in *.lsp file.
60 KB - Updated: 8.01.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  11832 times

7z plugin

Packer plugin for Total Commander to work with 7z packed files.
7z plugin can work with self-extracting archives as well using Ctrl+PgDn.
You also need the 7za.exe, that you must copy to the plugin directory. 7za.exe can be found in 7z installation package.
16 KB - Updated: 6.01.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  86216 times

Disk Explorer Professional Database Viewer 1.3

This plug-in allows you to view the contents of Disk Explorer Professional Database files. Disk Explorer Professional is a powerful tool for catalogizing CDs, DVDs, floppies, ZIP disks, or other removable media, hard drives, network drives, or even FTP servers.
38 KB - Updated: 8.12.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  17807 times

InstallExporer Port 2004-06-04

InstallExporer Port for Total Commander. InstallExplorer is a FAR plugin (© Sergei Wanin) that can explore and unpack exe-files created with Wise, Vise, Inno Setup, Gentee, Installer, InstallShield, NullSoft Installer (ver>=1.1o), SetupFactory, Eschalon. Contains both InstallExporer Port for Total Commander and InstallExplorer 3.0 for FAR.
98 KB - Updated: 5.12.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  40673 times

alz Unpacker 0.1i

Simple wcx plugin for TC. It can unpack alz format which is widely used in South Korea. Main features:
- single/multi volume archive support;
- encrypted archive support.
full source included: msvcpp6, dev-cpp project.
147 KB - Updated: 4.12.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  22004 times

Heroes III wcx Pack 1.0

Collection of three packer plugins to extract resources of famous Heroes III (from LOD, SND and VID files).
79 KB - Updated: 4.12.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  14725 times

Novell DSView 1.0

- Browse through Novell Directory Services
- View (F3) Login Script
- Copy (F5) users login scripts to the file system
- Edit (F4) login script (commercial version only)
- Copy previously saved login scripts from the file system to Novell Directory Services (commercial version only)

82 KB - Updated: 17.10.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  11765 times

D64 0.2

This plugin treats Commodore 1541 disk images saved in .D64 files
used in most Commodore 8-bit emulators (C64+C128, Plus4) as archives
and allows looking on the contents of .D64 files and extracting of
.PRG files out of them (in future also creating of new .D64 files and
copying into them).
6 KB - Updated: 28.07.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  14080 times

UnPSF 1.1

This plugin unpacks PackSafeFormat archives of WinPSF Archive and Backup Utility.

WinPSF is tray, small, fast and easy to use software for making daily home and office important data backups. WinPSF has powerful archive and profiles manager for configuring user's automated system and personal backups.

Piotr Zagawa
Vetch Utilities
56 KB - Updated: 20.07.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  11595 times

ExtrKarText 0.1

This plugin can extract lyrics from MIDI and KAR files.
30 KB - Updated: 12.07.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  14749 times

LowTraffic v2.0

Needed for coding files into LT format to transfer by net. Is analog to the famous formats as UUE, XXE, MIME, but it makes more compact code (15% less). However, sections created by LT-coding can't transfer along mail systems, edges 8th bit.But systems builded on FTN technology deprived this, that you may transfer LT-sections in any FTN network, for example FIDO.
9 KB - Updated: 9.07.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  11557 times

KillCopy plug-in for Total Commander 0.9 alpha

This is a simple TC packer interface to KillCopy (available at, a utility made by Killer which claims to be able to speed up copying of large files. Source code included.
13 KB - Updated: 21.06.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  18178 times


Plugin to handle animated gif files:
- Extract single frames of animated gif files
- Delete frames of animated gif files
- Append images to existing gif files
- Create a whole animated gif file of existing images (can be *.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png)
383 KB - Updated: 19.06.2004 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  26716 times

Mod2Wav 0.5 beta

Mod2Wav ver 0.5 beta
Opens files:
*.xm - version $0104.
*.mod - "M.K.","6CHN","8CHN"
Mixing to *.wav (now only for *.mod).

Made by DandLs (destman)
9 KB - Updated: 16.06.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  18311 times

ICQScheme 2.0 (OpenSource)

To work with sound ICQ schemes.
17 KB - Updated: 12.06.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12521 times

Webshots plug-in for Total Commander 0.981

Webshots Plug-in for Total Commander is an archive format plug-in for Total Commander which supports the file formats used by Webshots software (WB0, WBO, WBD, WB1, SPV, WBC, WBP, WBZ).
44 KB - Updated: 8.06.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  17760 times

MSI 1.2.1

Opens Microsoft Installer files.
51 KB - Updated: 16.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  52572 times

BMC 0.2 (alpha)

To convert BMP (Microsoft) raster format to another graphic formats.

- Palette extraction from the BMP format (for non-compressed 8bit images only)
- Image information extraction
- Can convert BMP->CEL (for non-compressed 8bit images only)
- Can also convert BMP->RAW
5 KB - Updated: 8.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12048 times

Operation Flashpoint PBO 1.0

Plugin that allows to work with PBO packed files (game Operation Flashpoint). Allows to extract and compress resources.
28 KB - Updated: 5.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  15637 times

UFO VFS plugin 0.1

This plugin allows you to work with vfs archives (game UFO Aftermath) in Total Commander. You can create new archives, and new files and remove files and directories from within an archive. Basically this makes working with VFS-files a lot more convenient. This software is still in beta stage. Some functions might still contain bugs. Be aware of this when using it.
70 KB - Updated: 5.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12546 times

GPAK 0.1 (beta)

Packer plugin to unpack .pak files for 3D-action games as "Quake I", "Half-Life", "Counter-Strike"
3 KB - Updated: 1.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  15491 times

TOW 0.1 beta

Packer plugin to unpack .tow files. Tow-files are resource files of stategy game "Tides of War", which was popular in 1998 year.
3 KB - Updated: 1.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  10710 times


Create AVI video files (from BMPs, JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, PCXs, TIFFs), open AVI files with Ctrl+PgDn and extract frames/the sound with F3, or reencode the whole video! Max. 2 GB AVI supported.
385 KB - Updated: 20.04.2004 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  32364 times

Treecopy 1.3

Allows you to copy/move files from the Search result list (Find files -> Feed to listbox) and from Branch View mode list, retaining the tree structure. This is temporary workaround for Total Commander's inability to do this or to use a complex filter while copying. Hope soon we'll be able to get rid of this plugin... :)
6 KB - Updated: 9.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  20996 times

PL Plugin 1.2

This plugin can list or extract files stored in PROGRESS PL files (procedure libraries).
42 KB - Updated: 4.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12629 times

Resource Extractor 1.1.1

- Decompilation of 32-bit PE executables (EXE SCR) and libraries (DLL OCX CPL BPL), resource files (RES DCR).
- Automatic detection of 32-bit executables and libraries by format. Resource files are detected only by extension.
- Resources with primary language are placed in both resource directory and resource type directory. "Primary" means the following: plugin searches for resource that better fits keyboard layouts.
- Resources can be deleted either internally (fast, but not safe; file may be damaged) or using Resource Hacker (you can get it from Backup copy with name "filename.ext.!!!" is created.
- Supports almost all standard resources. Styles for common controls can be decompiled as named constants.
- Decompilation process is fully customizable. Options can be stored either in the regsitry or in the ini-file.

- Icons (ICO) and cursors (CUR). They can be extracted as a whole or as particular format. Formats have names like "16x16 256 Colors" or "48x48 True Color (XP)". "(XP)" mark in the format name means that it is 32-bit icon with alpha channel.
- Dialogs - both standard and extended (RC). Types and styles are decompiled as named constants for controls: Button, Static, Edit, ScrollBar, ListBox, ComboBox, ToolbarWindow32, RichEdit, SysAnimate32, SysDateTimePick32, SysHeader32, SysListView32, SysMonthCal32, SysPager, SysTabControl32, SysTreeView32, msctls_hotkey32, msctls_progress32, msctls_statusbar32, msctls_trackbar32, msctls_updown32, ComboBoxEx32, ReBarWindow32, ToolbarWindow32, RichEdit20A, BorBtn, BorRadio, BorRadio, BorCheck, BorStatic, BorShade. Styles for unknown controls are decompiled as hex values. All window styles are decompiled as named constants.
- Menus - both standard and extended (RC)
- Borland forms (DFM) are decompiled into the text format.
- Version information (RC)
- String and message tables (RC)
- Accelerator tables (RC). Keys are decompiled into the "VK_" constants.
- XP Manifests (XML)
- Toolbars (RC)
- Registry scripts (RGS)
- Registry installation (INI)

- Bitmaps (BMP DIB)
- Text (TXT). If the first KB of resource does not contain non-printable symbols, it is detected as text
- Web resources (HTM HTML GIF JPG JPEG XSL)
- AVI video files (AVI)
- Wave sound files (WAV)
- Metafiles (WMF)
- Executables (EXE)
- Virtual devices (VXD)
- Resources with unknown format have "BIN" extension
- Corrupted with exe-compressors resources have "!!!" extension
- Resources with incorrect format have "!" extension
462 KB - Updated: 20.02.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  71335 times

BFC 0.9.2

It adds support of BFC file format to Total Commander.

BFC file means Blowfish-CBC ciphered files used and created by
the Universal Commander for PalmOS(R) , UniCMD (

It creates enciphered copies of files or directories using Blowfish CBC encryption.
It can decipher BLowfishCBC encrypted ".bfc"-files.
Because of some limitations of the TC-packer-plugin design I found no way to decipher
directories in one step, but you can decipher multiple files in one step.
(Maybe I better had to use the file-system plugin :o) ...)
46 KB - Updated: 8.02.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12782 times

Disc Maker 1.1

This plugin creates the list of files is similar DiskDir and Catalog Maker but also can scan ZIP and RAR archives.
37 KB - Updated: 24.01.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  20419 times

Checksum 0.2b

Provides MD5 and SHA1 checksum generator/checker from within Total Commander
packer interface. It is able to generate ".md5" and ".sha" list files
acceptable by GNU respectively md5sum and sha1sum utilities. There is also
'virtual' browser for these list files. You can "enter" into listing as it
were archive, test it and use Lister to see original/computed MD5/SHA1
checksums *BUT* it is only possible if ".md5" or ".sha" file is stored in
root path of all files listed inside it. See "Usage" section for details.
16 KB - Updated: 16.01.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  25453 times

Far2wc 1.3

Far2WC plugin allows to use certain packer Far plugins with Total Commander. The supported plugins are those not emulating file panels (in Far terminology) and that work with Far version 1.65 or less. The list of FAR plugins that have been tested with FAR2WC and found to be useful you can find here
42 KB - Updated: 10.01.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  23739 times

Access Viewer 0.7.1

Usefull for viewing Microsoft Access Databases -
description files in 'CREATE TABLE' format and data-files in CSV-format.
350 KB - Updated: 21.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  41609 times

DSP Plugin 

This plugin lets you see Microsoft Visual C++ projects (DSP) as archives, and browse files that are part of the project. The archive is organized as directories following the DSP groups (such as "Source Files", "Header Files" or "Resource files"). You can view files independently of their original place. However, the files you may extract are NOT the original files, but a COPY. Those files are then marked as READ-ONLY. You can also add/delete files or directories. This plugin is essentially conceived as a handy way of viewing files in a Microsoft Visual C++ project.
56 KB - Updated: 1.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  18614 times

ATR.wcx 0.5 beta

It allows to view, extract, modify and create contents of ATARI 8-BIT disk images (.ATR).
Note: there are supported all standards modes of those images: 90kb, 130 and 180 kb.
61 KB - Updated: 1.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  14341 times

WADFile 1.0

This tool allows you to use WAD files (DOOM game) in Total Commander. Sorry, it is still in beta stage and now works in read-only mode.
24 KB - Updated: 1.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  16991 times

Lib 1.1

This plugin handles object files contained within a library.
Currently supported library types:

OMF-51 INTEL 8051 OMF-51 (INTEL,KEIL,RENAISSANCE,etc. list/rd/wr/del/create)
OMF-86 MICROSOFT 80x86 (list/extract only, !ARCH type not yet supported)
36 KB - Updated: 21.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  14248 times

IMaGinator 1.6

Advanced floppy image (diskimage, rawread etc.) plugin: create IMG (different sizes, use "Configure" button to choose), extract, add and delete files. Long filename support. More advanced than IMG(1), but without source code.
42 KB - Updated: 14.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  24135 times

Cryptonite 1.0

This plugin lets you pack and encrypt files. Features:
Strong encryption with 128, 192 and 256 bit keys
ZIP-equivalent compression levels with a choice from no to maximum compression
226 KB - Updated: 14.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  17775 times

HA 1.1.0

It support viewing, unpacking, packing and deleting files within archives in HA format. Uses original HA sources by Harry Hirvola
54 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  23189 times

DEB 1.0

Unpack Debian Linux .DEB packages
28 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  20029 times

IMG 0.9

Open floppy disk image files (1.44 MB). Only supports short (DOS) names.
13 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  20489 times

MakeBat 1.3

Write-only plugin to create batch files (*.bat) with all the selected files, e.g. for repetitive tasks. May also be used to create mp3 playlists. Source included!
125 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  20692 times

TRD 1.0

Plugin for Windows Commander 4.0 (or newer) to browse TRD-files (Spectrum)
33 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  13667 times

DiskDir 1.3

Creates a list file with all selected files and directories, including subdirs (e.g. as an index for CD-ROMs). It is called like a packer (Files->Pack)!
115 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  26839 times

GRP 1.02

Extract/create support for GRP (Duke Nukem 3D and other Build engine-based games group file) file format. First (and only) plugin written in Assembler!
11 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  14179 times

SCL 1.0

Plugin for Windows Commander 4.0 (or newer) to browse SCL-files (Spectrum)
33 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  12691 times

LZOP 1.0

Plugin to extract files created with LZOP packer
24 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  13145 times

DBX 1.2

Plugin to open Outlook Express 5/6 mail files. Also available: A configuration tool to change parameters like maximum message title length.
48 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  50376 times

PACK 1.1

Packing/unpacking of Quake levels.
37 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  14965 times

PPMd 1.0

Similar packer as GZIP and BZ2
46 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  13874 times

RPM(+cpio) 1.5

Read Linux installation files!
57 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  27675 times

SFF 1.2

Opens SFF Fax files as BMP in Total Commander
26 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  14474 times

SIS 0.91

Opens SIS installation files (Psion)
33 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  24078 times

H4R 1.1

It adds support of H4R file format (used by game Heroes of Might & Magic by New World Computing) to Total Commander. It allows you to extract files from heroes data files.
29 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  15972 times

UnImz 1.0 beta

Support for floppy disk images, HDD images. Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, long file names.
31 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  16585 times


Resource extractor for PE32-files (*.exe, *.dll)
73 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  23307 times

Used cars from Japan


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