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Java Decompiler 1.1

Java Decompiler 1.1

This plugin allows Total Commander to both decompile and navigate java .class files. It is a packer plugin, meaning you can "enter" these files as archives.

But... a .class file is not an archive, is it?

It is not, .class files do NOT contain other files. However this plugin "hacks" the TC packer interface so that class files appear to be archives containing all of:

- a file "" which you can view (F3) or copy (F5). This java is the decompiled class file
- a list of directories representing all the methods, fields, constructors, member classes and interfaces of the class. This way you can have a very quick view of the class structure
- a couple more directories show the system properties and environment variables (this info is not directly related to the class, but it could be useful)

In the screenshot, on the left panel we have entered to a .class file. The sub-directories contain members of the class. Decompiled class is viewed on the right panel.

The plugin uses CFR 0.152 decompiler as a library, so it does not need any extra executables or processes.

More info and source code at the Github project

This plugin is based on the Java plugin interface 2.3, also here in

JavaDecompiler is written in Java, so you need to have installed a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Because it uses lambda expressions, it needs at least Java 8. It has been tested on JDK1.8.0

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: Open-Source
Author: Moises Castellano
Added: 27.12.2021
Updated: 30.01.2022
Downloaded: 2792 times
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Java Decompiler

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