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Total Commander 11.03 released

Oct 26, 2022: Total Commander 10.52 is released.
Various fixes of issues found after the release of 10.51.

Sep 1, 2022: Total Commander 10.51 is released.
Various fixes of issues found after the release of 10.50.

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Total Commander 11.03 - advanced file manager


PE Viewer 3.0.15

The plugin is designed to view information about PE format modules (EXE, DLL, DRV, SYS, OCX, COM, etc.).
Shows functions imported and exported by the module, detailed information about module sections and headers, digital signatures and certificates, CLR header of the .Net assembly, debugging structures, and the resources contained in the module.

Make sure that there is no detect line for the plugin in the wincmd.ini configuration file. Allows you to open files without filtering by extension.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
2092 KB - Updated: 23.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  13443 times

TC 1by1 Plugin 1.6

Plugin for listening to track music and MIDI Total Commander files.
Supported formats: CMF, KAR, MID, MIDI, MIZ, RMI, 669, AMF, FAR, IT, ITZ, MDZ,
WARNING: 1by1 hangs when using the latest version of the BASSMIDI module if 1by1
or close the plugin when a midi file is playing.
It is enough to add the BASSHLS module and the freeze disappears. When using
1by1 with parameters (when the option to close the player via ESC is enabled) a
module is also required BASSWEBM.
Other modules may also be required. I don't have test papers files of all
formats supported by 1by1 to find out. Therefore, if you want to use the plugin
to play other formats, itís better to install all available BASS modules.
With the BASSMIDI library version included in the archive of the plugin
1by1 is closed always correct without connecting additional libraries.
The plugin allows you to play any other audio formats, supported player 1by1.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
2478 KB - Updated: 22.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  2582 times

TC AkelPad Plugin 1.12

Plugin for viewing text files in Total Commander.

The TCAkelPad plugin allows you to use AkelPad in both x86 and x64 bits.
Moreover, they can be used both with Total Commander x86 and x64.
You can use AkelPad of one bit depth for both bit depths at once
Total Commander.
The plugin allows you to use AkelPad in two modes. In edit mode and
in viewer mode.
The plugin provides double use of the keys '1'..'8', 'N' and 'P'.
When focus is in TC Lister, '1'..'8', 'N' and 'P' work as in TC Lister.
If the focus is in the AkelPad window and editing mode is enabled, the keys
'1'..'8', 'N' and 'P' are used to enter text.
ATTENTION: The performance of the plugin directly depends on the AkelPad
settings. If you are using pseudo multi-window mode (PMDI) in the AkelPad, you
must allow the launch of multiple copies of AkelPad. To do this in
the file AkelPadL.ini and/or AkelPadQ.ini in the [Options] section set the value
SingleOpenProgram=0. Otherwise the plugin will not be able to process files
correctly if there is a separate running copy AkelPad.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
107 KB - Updated: 19.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6049 times

TC IrfanView Plugin 1.15

Image viewer plugin for Total Commander.
Supported formats are: ACR,ANI,AVIF,ARW,AWD,B3D,BMP,CAM,CDR,CIN,CLP,CR2,CR3,
The plugin supports animation in files and IrfanView hotkeys.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
501 KB - Updated: 12.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  24809 times

CertView 2.9.2

Plugin for viewing X.509 certificates, CRLs, CSRs, CTLs, keys and digital signatures saved in files cer, der, pem, crt, sst, p7s, p7b, p7x, p10, p12, pfx, sig, sgn, crl, stl, cat, csr, key, also exe and dll.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
2757 KB - Updated: 11.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  12678 times

TC SumatraPDF Plugin 1.12

The TCSumatraPDF plugin is designed to view AI, AZW, AZW3, CB7, CBT, CBR, CBZ,
using SumatraPDF.
The plugin is written for a specific unofficial version of SumatraPDF,
in which has additional functions for processing PDF files. But it works with
any versions and bit depths of SumatraPDF.
The main difference between the plug-in and analogues is the correct operation
of the Esc key for SumatraPDF x86 to Total Commander x64 and double use of '4',
'N' and 'P' which are essential for both TC Lister control and SumatraPDF
ATTENTION: For the plugin to work properly, you must change the value of the
parameters UseTabs = true to UseTabs = false and
RememberOpenedFiles = true to RememberOpenedFiles = false.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
10338 KB - Updated: 09.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  21325 times

Code Viewer 1.6

Plugin for viewing source code with syntax highlighting. An interface is provided for configuring file associations and color schemes. Based on the TTextEditor component from Lasse Rautiainen.
Category: TC Lister Plugins
6651 KB - Updated: 07.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  3389 times

PHSM-Calendar 17.04

PHSM-Calendar is a Window Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 Desktop gadget

A perpetual calendar that shows Week numbers, Leap year, Number of day, Daylight saving time and Time zone info.

* PHSM-Calendar supports Flash player clocks - currently there are up to 225 different Flash clocks available (41 types).
* PHSM-Calendar supports html5 clocks - currently there are up to 110 different html5 clocks available (25 types).
* PHSM-Calendar also provides a Countdown / Stop Watch timer and 4 Alarm Clocks.
* The format of Date and Time can be set by the user.
* The Week format (Sunday or Monday as first day of the week) can be set by the user.
* The Week numbering (first week = week with 1st of January / first week = week with first Thursday) can be set by the user.
* The clock can be set to Strike the Hour with various selectable sounds.
* User defined marking of events - for example birthdays - is possible in the calendar part.
* Audio-Visual notification of the marked events is possible.
* Extensive function for searching in the events.
* Easter Sunday is calculated, so events can be entered relative to Easter.
* Julian calendar date and Julian day number can be shown for all dates.
* Islamic and Hebrew calendar date can be shown for all dates.
* Islamic and Hebrew events can be entered with Islamisk and Hebrew date.
* The calendar is a proleptic Gregorian calendar with astronomical numbering of the years (includes year 0).
* The Islamic dates are calculated according to the tabular Islamic calendar system (fixed length of all months except 12th month of leap year).
* Choices beteeen two Islamic epochs and four types of calculation of Islamic leap year.
* The conversion to Islamic dates can also be done according to the Umm al-Qura calendar.
* The calendar can show calculated Moon phases.
* English and Danish are supported.
* PHSM-Calendar can be run as a gadget under Windows 8, 8.1, 10 & 11 after installing 8GadgetPack from
* PHSM-Calendar can be used as an Active Desktop item under Windows XP.
* PHSM-Calendar can be run in a browser also on a SmartPhone. Try it here or here...
* PHSM-Calendar can be inserted in an iframe or a frame on a webpage.

Download script to re-enable Flash after Adobes block in January 12th 2021
Download installation program to re-establish Flash ActiveX in Windows 11, 10 or 8.1 after Microsofts KB4577586 opdate
Download installation program for installation of Flash ActiveX in Windows 7, Vista or XP

Click here to read more.
Online demo.

Video showing how to use the calendar as a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Browser App.

Click here for Unicode version

See also: PHSM-Event countdown Gadget

Category: Other downloads
7982 KB - Updated: 07.07.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  20617 times

TCTorrent 2.1.4

TCTorrent is wlx/wdx/wcx plugin for retrieving and viewing info.

* retrieve almost all available info
* fully unicode (if torrent in UTF-8)

Content part:
* caching info

Lister part:
* higly configurable presence (icons, fonts, colors etc.)
* fast loading and displaying of big torrents

When moving from version 1.x to 2.x it's recommend to remove old version (but you can preserve configuration file).
Category: TC Lister Plugins
1928 KB - Updated: 25.06.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  72088 times

TCMediaInfo 1.0.8

TCMediaInfo - content/lister plugin for retrieve an info from the video and audio files. Plugin uses MediaInfo library and support all formats that library support.

Since MediaInfo library can retrieve a LOT information from file, plugin is fully customizable and allow to wrap any MediaInfo library's field. By default some most useful fields already configured and you can instantly start use plugun. Plugin support scripting interpreter what allow fully customise the output.

Content plugin is support data caching in the SQlite database, what is dramatically increase the speed of retrieving in the future.
Category: Content plugins
7839 KB - Updated: 24.06.2024 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  22017 times

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