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Today 1.6.2

Content plugin for show additional info about file creation/modification date.
Can be used for file search and coloring.
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DirCBMLister 0.2.0

DCL - DirCbmLister.WLX V0.2
(Deutsch weiter unten)

Plugin for TotalCommander to view CBM (Commodore Business Machines) disk images with the PETSCII char set.
Enjoy the old CBM disk directory art.

Currently the following disk image formats are supported:
-D64 (1541 images incl. 40 track formats)
-D71 (1571 images)
-D80 (8050 images)
-D81 (1581 images)
-D82 (8250 images)

- view the disk images with the original C64 char set
- gives additional info about the disk image like format, D64 40-track type and if error info is available
- use it with F3 or Ctrl-Q
- shows BAM and error map too
- switch between Upper/Graph, Lower/Upper char sets, BAM and error map (if available) with the word wrap key 'w'

- added BAM view (via 'w' key)
- added error map view (if available, via 'w' key)

- first release


Thanks to:
- user "mhoney" at TC forum for the original idea in 2015
- "Comos" (CZ) for testing and ideas
- the people at for the C64 monospace true type font

Downloads, ideas, suggestions and comments:

or write e-mail to
loo66 {at} users {dot} sourceforge {dot} net

Please change {at} to at-sign and {dot} to a dot.

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PE Viewer 3.0.7

The plugin is designed to view information about PE format modules (EXE, DLL, DRV, SYS, OCX, COM, etc.).
Shows the functions imported and exported by the module, detailed information about the module's sections and headers, as well as the resources contained in the module.
This plugin is a continuation of the "PE Viewer 2.0" project.
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CertView 2.6.1

Plugin for viewing X.509 certificates, CRLs and digital signatures saved in files "cer", "der", "pem", "crt", "p7b", "crl", "p7s", "sig", "sgn", "sst", "pfx", also "exe" and "dll".
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Extended German Menu and Language 11.05

German translation with extended menu for TC 11

Deutsch mit erweitertem Menό fόr TC 11
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Plugin for TotalCommander to extract/view/create CBM (Commodore Business Machines) disk images

Currently the following disk image formats are supported for reading, creating and writing:
-D64 (Commodore 64 1541 disk image)
- including 40 track formats like SpeedDos and DolphinDos
- if 40 track format is not recognizable as one of these (e.g. other format or disk is full) -> image is R/O
-D71 (1571 images)
-D80 (8050 images)
-D81 (1581 images)
-D82 (8250 images)

Currently the following tape formats are supported for reading only:
-T64 (C64 tape images)

The unpacked file sizes show the actual file sizes in bytes. The packed file
size shows the size in "blocks" (except for T64 where both sizes are in bytes).

The file sorting should be turned off (Ctrl-F7), to get the original sorting

With an active setting for scratched files these will be shown as hidden files.

-read / write / extract files from/to the image
-create disk images (Alt-F5)
- with standard or customized interleave (via config dialog)
- with default or customized disk title, disk ID and DOS ID (via config dialog)
- with optional error information space added (via config dialog)
-deleting of files (disk images only)
-replace illegal file characters with '_' ( \ / : * ? " < > | )
-special settings are in DIRCBM.INI (normally in plugin path); see INI file for more details
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Extended English Menus for Total Commander 11.01

Extended Menus for Total Commander - Combined 32bit and 64bit:
* Download Menus for Windows 10 (22H2) / 11 64bit
* Download Menus for Windows 8.1 64bit
* Download Menus Windows 7 64bit version

Extended Menus for Total Commander - 64bit:
* Download Menus for Windows 10 (22H2) / 11 64bit
* Download Menus for Windows 8.1 64bit
* Download Menus for Windows 7 64bit

Extended Menus for Total Commander - 32bit:
* Download Menus for Windows 10 (22H2) / 11 64bit
* Download Menus for Windows 8.1 64bit
* Download Menus for Windows 8.1 32bit
* Download Menus for Windows 7 64bit
* Download Menus for Windows 7 32bit
* Download Menus for Windows XP 32bit

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Udvidede Danske Menuer for Total Commander 11.01

Udvidede Menuer for Total Commander - Kombineret 32bit og 64bit:
* Download Menuer for Windows 10 (22H2) / 11 64bit
* Download Menuer for Windows 8.1 64bit
* Download Menuer Windows 7 64bit version

Udvidede Menuer for Total Commander - 64bit:
* Download Menuer for Windows 10 (22H2) / 11 64bit
* Download Menuer for Windows 8.1 64bit
* Download Menuer for Windows 7 64bit

Udvidede Menuer for Total Commander - 32bit:
* Download Menuer for Windows 10 (22H2) / 11 64bit
* Download Menuer for Windows 8.1 64bit
* Download Menuer for Windows 7 64bit
* Download Menuer for Windows 7 32bit
* Download Menuer for Windows XP 32bit

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Imagine 1.1.6

Imagine - Image & Animation Viewer for Windows

* View and save image/animation files with very fast speed
* Support for numerous image/animation file formats:
* Support for digital camera raw image file formats:
* Support for numerous archive file formats:
* Support for high dynamic range image file formats:
* Extract single/all frames from animation files
* Show detailed information of image/animation files
* Show Exif/IPTC information
* Show or hide transparency
* 64-bit version available
* Unicode version available
* Multilingual support:
English, German, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
* Thumbnail browser
* Batch conversion
* Slide show
* Batch rename
* Capture screen
* Tiled view
Check textures for seamless tiling, very useful for game developers/modders
* Create animations
* Create multiple page images
* Manipulate and edit images:
Flip vertical and horizontal
Rotate left, right and free
Change color depth (1, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit)
Swap colors
Resize per pixel, percentage or standard dimensions.
Several resample filters available.
Effect filters, including a handy Preview browser
Import, export and edit palettes
Set and remove transparency
* Customizable shortcuts for Keyboard and Mouse
* Command line parameter support
* Shell extension support
* Add-on plugin support
* Total Commander lister and packer plugin
* No write unnecessary registry (ini-based configuration)
* Fully optimized binaries (tiny, pure, fast, neat)
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TCIMG 33.2

TCIMG - utility to execute a certain command Total Commander and perform additional actions.
Powerful tool to extend the functionality Total Commander and other programs.
Aims to automate monotonous operations associated with the file, system, software, window operations. Fully portably, ie requires no installation and does not contribute to the registry or anywhere else for more information.

The archive utility to help the description of all the teams and more than 15.700 examples of the utility.

• Allows you to issue commands Total Commander + internal + custom + special
• Opens the specified path in the right panel + + in a new tab + support opening multiple paths in new tabs + support go directly to the file
• Emulates keystrokes in the active window
• Switches keyboard
• Delays at the time of executing the following command
• Supports Clipboard + Writes text to the clipboard + Returns the text from the clipboard + Modifies and adds the information to the clipboard + Converts search and replace with regular expression support + encodes, decodes + Encrypts, decrypts + Stores, cleans + more than 30 sub-parameters
• Summons + program, depending on the bit system. +, Depending on the system name. + + Allows the parameters to pass to parameters in the cycle list of objects + allows the transmission parameters of the way objects + allows the transmission line parameters from the clipboard window + hide + wait for the completion of the program + use a progress bar to show progress
• support for special folders
• Allows you to work with ini files + rename, delete, record + clean, replace section
• Works with the registry + Opens the specified branch in the registry + Imports. reg file to the registry + Exports the specified section / option in the reg-file + recursively copies the section, including sub-sections and parameters + Delete key or value + Creates a registry key or value in the registry
• Renames + elements with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...) + c addition of information from wdx plugins + for regular expressions + + correction coding using clipboard + with + input the necessary information to support display all the files without subdirectories ...
• Copies the elements + with + display progress bar with customizable conditions + renaming + registered in the folders you create ...
• Move items + more than 30 sub-parameters
• Creates lists from different parts of the selected items + more than 30 sub-parameters
• Restarts + Total Commander + program by process name
• Create a folder in the list + + with the transition to the newly created folder + + with the necessary conditions of a predetermined number
• Drops files + + empty the contents of the clipboard + encoded + list + template • Create a library of icons
• Extract icons from files
• Opens the link in a given browser
• Clears the cart on all drives
• Allocates + different objects from the list, clipboard with ... + different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...)
• Removes / Sets attributes for files and directories + with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...)
• Deletes files and folders + with different conditions (size, attributes, masks, templates ...)
• Has the language file (may be translated into other languages)
• Creates a pop-up window with the image
• Works with window classes + allows click on the buttons in different windows without emulation keystrokes + show / hide the specified window + prohibit / allow access / drawing window + set + to change the transparency of the window title bar text. + Assign attribute "top" + read information from windows + expect + to expect the appearance of the window closes the window + expect + availability window element set the text to the specified items + transfer window focus to the window / window element
• Create Shortcut + regular + relative + + more than 15 sub-parameters opens a relative path shortcut in Total Commander
• Assigns folders icons
• Changes the modification, creation, last access 15 + more subparameters
• archives using WCX plugins Total Commander + with specified conditions + with automation actions under the same names in the background + + expects completion packaging
• Batch changes in text files information
• Batch add / remove / replace the object comments
• Manages Winamp
• Advances tray slides or CD-drive
• Uploads reference list
• Add / Remove associations in Total Commander
• Batch extracts / converts and stores various information contents of text files
• Combines text files with advanced formatting
• Creates customized popup with text
• Creates varying difficulty entering information dialogs + + + select information display information
• Plays mp3, wma (mini player)
• Viewing color codes + reads codes any place of the screen displays the color code + Clipboard + supports selecting and configuring the color prints + color code to the clipboard in a specified format
• Turns on / off / volume Changes in the system
• Changes the title text of the specified window
• Sets the size / weight of the font in Total Commander
• Set the size of the icons in the file panels in Total Commander
• Displays various information objects, system, Total Commander
• Makes switching between the circle
• Changes Total Commander + menu highlights one of the system colors + sets / clears the status unavailable (gray) menu + is specified menu item
• Completes / Restarts process
• Closes / keeps tabs Total Commander
• Starts the help files CHM, with the introduction of the search string and the transition section.
• Encrypts / decrypts files
• Runs the list of commands from a file + + section of
• Archives / unzip zip

and more ...
Discussion Ή1 -
Discussion Ή2 -
Discussion Ή3 - (Telegram)
Online Help -
Help with dark style
Help in Chinese (translation Li Zhijun)
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XML Review 3.6

Plugin for viewing XML and JSON files. Three viewing modes:
- Formatted text with node tree. It is possible to filter nodes based on XPath.
- Source file with or without xsd schema validation.
- Converted file based on the specified xslt template.
Default extensions are xml, xsd, xsl, xslt, wsdl, json.
3704 KB - Updated: 29.08.2023 - Downloaded  13815 times

TC Language Bar 1.16

Languagebar v. 1.16 for Total Commander 11.00

This buttonbar is mostly meant as an easy way for testers to switch
between different languages for Total Commander, and to have all current
available languages at their disposal.

The languagebar files are installed like any other Total Commander
addon, by double-clicking on the .zip file.

After installation just drag the file:
to Total Commanders buttonbar.

When clicking on the new button, a small menu bar opens up. You can
either have the Languages bar shown as a new Buttonbar by clicking the
first button, or you can have it shown as a Menu by clicking the second

The Return button in the Language buttonbar takes you back to Total
Commanders - if you are not using this file for your default
buttonbar, then edit line 4 in the the file to point to
your default buttonbar.

There are two blank buttons meant for your custom Language/Menu file or
just your custom Menu file. You have to edit the Parameters field of
those two buttons to point to your actual files (change XXX).

The Languages button bar comes with all currently available languages
for Total Commander. Some of the languages are not (yet) updated to
version 11.00 of Total Commander - those languages are marked with an
asterisk (*).

All the languages are installed and opened from the Language\Extra
folder in Total Commanders program directory. Therefore they do not
show up in Total Commanders Language configuration dialog - unless the
same language file exists in Total Commanders Language directory. If
the language does not exist in the Language directory then "English"
will be marked as the current language.

The "Main menu file" field will show the correct path to the chosen .mnu
file in %COMMANDER_PATH%\Language\Extra\ though - hence give you a clue
that it is not the language file in the Language directory that is used,
but the one in the Language\Extra directory.

I have made it this way, to not interfere with the users present
language files, and to make it easy to "uninstall" the addon again.
Also you don't need to have installed the extra languages when you
originally installed Total Commander - they come with the Languagebar

To "uninstall" - just delete the %COMMANDER_PATH%\Language\Extra\
directory and delete the button in your buttonbar. You may also want
to delete all wcmd_*.chm files from the %COMMANDER_PATH%\Language\

I have had to fix a single error in the file wcmd_mk.lng to make
it work correctly - otherwise all files are as they come from

Discussion and new releases:,
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NTFS Stream Viewer 0.9.4 Beta

Plugin for view NTFS files and folders data streams (ADS).
1540 KB - Updated: 16.08.2023 - Downloaded  2499 times

TCSumatraPDF Plugin 1.51

The TCSumatraPDF plugin is designed to view AI, AZW, AZW3, CB7, CBT, CBR, CBZ,
using SumatraPDF.
The plugin is written for a specific unofficial version of SumatraPDF,
in which has additional functions for processing PDF files. But it works with
any versions and bit depths of SumatraPDF.
The main difference between the plug-in and analogues is the correct operation
of the Esc key for SumatraPDF x86 to Total Commander x64 and double use of '4',
'N' and 'P' which are essential for both TC Lister control and SumatraPDF
2654 KB - Updated: 16.08.2023 - Downloaded  8964 times

Total Commander 11.00

Total Commander is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.
5515 KB - Updated: 2.08.2023 - Downloaded  4890298 times

PHSM-Calendar 16.22

PHSM-Calendar is a Window Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 Desktop gadget

A perpetual calendar that shows Week numbers, Leap year, Number of day, Daylight saving time and Time zone info.

* PHSM-Calendar supports Flash player clocks - currently there are up to 225 different Flash clocks available (41 types).
* PHSM-Calendar supports html5 clocks - currently there are up to 110 different html5 clocks available (25 types).
* PHSM-Calendar also provides a Countdown / Stop Watch timer and 4 Alarm Clocks.
* The format of Date and Time can be set by the user.
* The Week format (Sunday or Monday as first day of the week) can be set by the user.
* The Week numbering (first week = week with 1st of January / first week = week with first Thursday) can be set by the user.
* The clock can be set to Strike the Hour with various selectable sounds.
* User defined marking of events - for example birthdays - is possible in the calendar part.
* Audio-Visual notification of the marked events is possible.
* Extensive function for searching in the events.
* Easter Sunday is calculated, so events can be entered relative to Easter.
* Julian calendar date and Julian day number can be shown for all dates.
* Islamic and Hebrew calendar date can be shown for all dates.
* Islamic and Hebrew events can be entered with Islamisk and Hebrew date.
* The calendar is a proleptic Gregorian calendar with astronomical numbering of the years (includes year 0).
* The Islamic dates are calculated according to the tabular Islamic calendar system (fixed lenght of all month except 12th month at leeap year).
* Choices beteeen two Islamic epochs an four types of calculation of Islamic leap year.
* The conversion to Islamic dates can also be done according to the Umm al-Qura calendar.
* The calendar can show calculated Moon phases.
* English and Danish are supported.
* PHSM-Calendar can be run as a gadget under Windows 8, 8.1, 10 & 11 after installing 8GadgetPack from
* PHSM-Calendar can be used as an Active Desktop item under Windows XP.
* PHSM-Calendar can be run in a browser also on a SmartPhone. Try it here or here...
* PHSM-Calendar can be inserted in an iframe or a frame on a webpage.

Download script to re-enable Flash after Adobes block in January 12th 2021
Download installation program to re-establish Flash ActiveX in Windows 10 or 8.1 after Microsofts KB4577586 opdate
Download installation program for installation of Flash ActiveX in Windows 7, Vista or XP

Click here to read more.
Online demo.

Video showing how to use the calendar as a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Browser App.

Click here for Unicode version

See also: PHSM-Event countdown Gadget

7959 KB - Updated: 7.07.2023 - Downloaded  19307 times

TC IrfanView Plugin 1.8.7

Image viewer plugin for Total Commander.
Supported formats are: ACR,ANI,AVIF,ARW,AWD,B3D,BMP,CAM,CDR,CIN,CLP,CR2,CR3,
The plugin supports animation in files and IrfanView hotkeys.
488 KB - Updated: 29.06.2023 - Downloaded  15178 times

TC IrfanView Plugin 2.59

Plugin for viewing images in Total Commander.
The plugin supports animation in files and IrfanView keyboard shortcuts.
The 2.X plug-in line differs from the 1.X line in that a clean one is launched
by F3 IrfanView, without integration with Lister Total Commander. This allows
you to use the entire IrfanView toolkit, increases the smoothness when
displaying the image. You can also now use Total Commander and IrfanView of non-
matching bit depth. The lines are developing in parallel.
482 KB - Updated: 8.06.2023 - Downloaded  18210 times

TC ModPlug Plugin 1.4

Plugin for listening to track music in Total Commander.
Supported formats are: 669,AMS,AMF,DBM,DMF,DSM,FAR,IT,MDL,MOD,MOL,MTM,MED,NST,
329 KB - Updated: 5.06.2023 - Downloaded  2739 times

MediaInfoWDX 2.04

MediaInfoWDX call MediaInfo.dll to pull the media information. For Windwos XP, download this one
42 KB - Updated: 4.06.2023 - Downloaded  37725 times

SignatureInfo 0.6.0

SignatureInfo is a Total Commander content plugin (WDX) that provides various pieces of information about digital signatures embedded in files like EXE, DLL, MSI, MSU and so on (Authenticode). It can also find and process signatures stored in external catalog (CAT) files.

- Provides various pieces of information about digital signatures embedded in files like EXE, DLL, SYS, OCX, CPL, MUI, MSI, MSU, CAB and CAT
- Determines number of signatures per file
- Supports multiple signatures per file, including multiple nested signatures
- Supports embedded and external catalog signatures
- Show if a file is signed by embedded signatures and/or an external catalog file
- Provides over a dozen information fields for each signature including Subject, Issuer, Valid from/to, Signature algorithm, Pubkey Length, Serial, Thumbprint, Signing Time, and many more
- Show which catalog file signs a file, e.g. for drivers and Windows system files
- Check if a signature is considered valid by the system the check is run on
- Supports Unicode and long paths (> 259 characters)

System requirements:
- Windows 2000 or later, 32 or 64-bit
- Total Commander 7.50 or later, 32 or 64-bit
289 KB - Updated: 27.05.2023 - Downloaded  821 times

gitview 1.0

64-bit plugin for TC 5.5+ for browsing git repository branches.

Repositories and branches appear as directory tree:

Plugin is configured in gitview.json file (see the archive) which should be located in same directory as wincmd.ini or in 'plugins' subdirectory.

Source code is available at github:
208 KB - Updated: 26.05.2023 - Downloaded  558 times


Collection of scripts to compare, convert, copy, move, rename, create, edit, select, operate and etc using file or directory path lists.

Designed to be used with the Total Commander version 9.51 and higher, but can be adopted to use with, for example, Double Commander.

Sources contains Total Commander button bar files and 32x32 icon files.

You have to install at least once `tacklebar--external_tools` before install `tacklebar`.
See Discussion link for details.






* github:


* sourceforge:




* github:


* sourceforge

3147 KB - Updated: 30.04.2023 - Downloaded  1969 times


Viewer/editor for source code files. Based on ATSynEdit component and CudaText editor.

Supports "lexers" to highlight many syntaxes, they are files in the "lexers" subfolder. You can install more lexers by unpacking zip files from . You can select any lexer, or encoding, via click on the statusbar. You can edit current file, by unchecking "Read only" in the context menu, can save file on exit too. You can call Options dialog, via right-click menu.
4671 KB - Updated: 3.04.2023 - Downloaded  39275 times

xmltab 1.0.5

View XML files

* Mixed tree and grid view
* Column filters
* Sort data by column click
* Beautifier and highlighting
* Supports ANSI, UTF8 and UTF16
* Open source
62 KB - Updated: 22.03.2023 - Downloaded  10753 times

sqlite-wlx 1.1.3

View SQLite3 files (*.db, *.db3, *.sqlite, *.sqlite3)

* Quick column filters
* Sort data by column header
* Data editing (off by default)
* Doesn't require SQLite library (built-in)
* Supports huge tables
* Open-source

The plugin has standalone version.
670 KB - Updated: 22.03.2023 - Downloaded  12039 times

odbc-wlx 1.0.4

View Access (*.mdb, *.accdb), Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsb) and Data Source (*.dsn) files through ODBC interface. 64-bit version requires Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable or 2016.

* Quick column filters
* Sort data by column click
* Open-source
45 KB - Updated: 22.03.2023 - Downloaded  9771 times

jsontab 1.0.5

View Json files

* Mixed tree and grid view
* Column filters
* Sort data by column click
* Beautifier and highlighting
* Supports ANSI, UTF8 and UTF16
* Open source
96 KB - Updated: 22.03.2023 - Downloaded  10018 times

csvtab 1.0.3

View CSV files

* Auto-detect codepage and delimiter
* Column filters
* Sort data by column click
* Supports ANSI, UTF8 and UTF16
* Open source
47 KB - Updated: 22.03.2023 - Downloaded  10692 times

PngInfo 1.0.3

Show information for png files.
250 KB - Updated: 22.01.2023 - Downloaded  2106 times

Used cars from Japan


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