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TC Command Poster 0.3

Posts command(s) to TC window by number or name defined in using function PostMessage() Win32 API with WM_USER+51 and wParam=cmd.

May be useful in make- or batch file to send command cm_UnloadPlugins before linking plugin.
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Java Plugin Interface 64 bits 2.3

This Interface makes it possible to write Total Commander plugins (WLX and WFX, WDX and WCX) in Java.
The original Java Plugin is Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Ken Handel: he also provided a lot of java plugin examples for any kind: lister, packer, file system and content, now updated to 64-bit.

However the developer abandoned the project in 2007 (now is 2021), and he has been unreachable since then (some people tried to reach him long ago). 64-bit versions of this plugin were no available, because as said the project was abandoned in 2007 and 64-bit tcmd came around 2011. That makes it unusable for most people, nowadays using 64-bit TC.

As the license allows so, we have undertaken the project; special thanks to Ghisler (author of TC) for recompiling the dll. you can see the thread discussing it in the TC forum

If you want to check plugins developed with this interface, take a look at DiskDirCrc or Java Decompiler. You can find a list with more than 20 example plugins developed in Java at

Further information at the GitHub project for this plugin.
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Packer-Plugin writer's guide 2.21se

Description of the packer plugin interface - write your own plugin!

This is the CHM version. If you prefer HLP you can get it by the following link:
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LS-Plugin writer's guide 2.1

A help file which describes how to write your own lister plugin. Also available:
A very small sample plugin (shows line numbers to the left of each line). It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins.

This is the CHM version. If you prefer HLP you can get it by the following link:
40 KB - Updated: 18.03.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  30146 times

FS-Plugin writer's guide 2.1se

A help file which describes how to write your own file system plugin. Also available:
A very small sample plugin (mirrors local file system). It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins.

This is the CHM version. If you prefer HLP you can get it by the following link:
86 KB - Updated: 18.03.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  24194 times

Content-Plugin writer's guide 2.11

A help file which describes how to write your own content plugin. Also available:
A very small sample plugin (shows file details like date, time similar to Total Commander's internal plugin). It's well suited as a starting point for your own plugins.

This is the CHM version. If you prefer HLP you can get it by the following link:
57 KB - Updated: 18.03.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  19622 times

Qt Plugin Interface

This plugin is designed for plugin writers who interested in development of TC plugins based on Qt framework.
Currently this plugin supports TC WLX (Lister) integration. Other plugin types are not supported.

=== How to use ===
1. Build the core plugin module listerqt:
cd listerqt
qmake INSTALL_PATH=c:\SomeDirectory
nmake install

2. Include the shipped listerqt.pri into your plugin's .pro file: include(C:\SomeDirectory\listerqt.pri)

3. Implement interfaces specified into wlx_interfaces.h. To specify which functions to export from the plugin use CONFIG variable in your plugin's .pro file. Supported values:
- PLUG_LIST_LOAD : plugin can create new windows and load files (ListLoad, ListLoadNext, ListCloseWindow, ListSendCommand)
- PLUG_LIST_SEARCH_TEXT : plugin window can search a text (ListSearchText)
- PLUG_LIST_SEARCH_DIALOG : plugin window has it's own search dialog (ListSearchDialog)
- PLUG_LIST_PRINT : plugin window can print it's contents (ListPrint)
- PLUG_LIST_PREVIEW_BITMAP : plugin can generate previews for TC (ListGetPreviewBitmap)

=== Examples ===

There is an example plugin that renders Qt .ui files: qtuiviewer. It's highly recommended to have a quick view over the code!

=== Known Issues ===

Static linkage with Qt is preferred because of dynamic linkage has a set of issues:
- There is no common solution to keep both 32 and 64 bit binaries (wlx, wlx64) at the same directory because of Qt framework shares the same names of it's libraries.
- Qt doesn't unloads it's plugins and therefore some Qt DLL stays in memory while others are unloaded. This leads to crash on plugin reload.
- Static linkage often saves the size of a plugin and speeds up the loading.
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.NET Plugin Interface 1.3

Provided interface allows to create Total Commander plugins using .NET supporting languages.

If you are .NET developer and have a good idea for Total Commander plugin - provided .NET Interface is the right choice for you.
With this interface you can concentrate on the main functionality of your plugin without having to worry about most of mundane tasks of TC plugin building.

Main features:
- use all flexibility and power of .NET Framework to implement required plugin functionality,
- your plugin project will contain managed code only, not even one line of C++ unmanaged code,
- base classes for all TC plugin types - File System, Lister, Packer, and Content,
- easy debugging with included tracing system,
- all optional methods not implemented in managed plugin are excluded from the final TC plugin (so TC will never call them),
- TC calls are translated into managed calls with parameters marshaling,
- one unified Plugin Loader loads all types of TC plugins,
- each plugin is loaded into separate Application Domain to provide isolation and security boundaries for executing managed code,
- control over the lifetime policy for managed plugin instance is allowed,
- Unicode and 64-bit plugin features are supported automatically,
- final binary files are compact (usually less than 100 KB).

Project's page on SourceForge:

Source code available on:
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TC Plugin Ace 1.0

This is package for Delphi IDE, which adds into IDE dialog for easy TC plugins creation, with few mouse clicks.

You need to install this package, call IDE dialog "File - New - Other", and select tab "Total Commander plugin", then follow next prompts.

(author: Dec)
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decWDX Delphi library 

Delphi library to simplify WDX plugins writing. Supports all Delphi versions. Supports all wdx features.

(by: Dec)
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Script Helper ActiveX for TC beta12

This ActiveX was designed to control Total Commander's view and behavior by using standard WSH scripts.
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VFS 0.5

This plugin is appropriated for learning of Total Commander file system plugins interface. It is possible to use as base for plugin in which need to work with virtual (existing in plugin only) file system. Wrote with C++ Builder 6. Base of virtual file system - ini-file.
Compiled vfs.wfx
107 KB - Updated: 1.07.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  8900 times

WDX Test 0.2

Implements content plugin interface functionality. Prints all fields' values with all measurements (if exists).
13 KB - Updated: 6.09.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  8372 times

Java Plugin Interface 1.7

Notice: This project is no longer active. A new version is available, maintained by another author: Java Plugin Interface 64 bits

This Interface makes it possible to write Total Commander plugins (WLX and WFX, WDX and WCX) in Java.
Please send me your self-made plugin examples, suggestions and feedback.

Java API Documentation
Change Notes
The Plugin Writers Guide
My eMail
My Homepage

* All plugins share the same virtual machine.
* Each plugin is loaded by the PluginClassLoader
* Installation with Total Commander, simply extract archive with Total Commander (requires TC 6.5 or newer)
* Java Exception Handling in native code
* Java debugging with chainsaw

Required Java Software

First install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 2
Please use the latest available Java version,
because i want to use new Java features in my plugin examples.

Then click on Download Button and install javalib and extract to the Total Commander Installation directory (e.g. C:/Program files/Totalcmd7).
Then you have javalib sub-directory required by any of the plugins.

If JRE and javalib are installed, then go to the Java Plugin Examples Page
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Super_wdx_src 2.2b2

Because of lack of time and loss of interest this plugin has been deserted. In spite of the fact that it is quite efficient, there are some subquality work and is not fixed bugs.
Therefore has been solved to publish source codes of a plugin in free use.
877 KB - Updated: 11.08.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  9263 times

TC WCX Test 0.22

Implements algorithm described in "WCX Writer's Reference" to test plugin functionality.

May be useful for testing plugins because plugin can write to stdout or stderr. Or to work with archive with WCX plugin.
13 KB - Updated: 17.07.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  13173 times

TC Migrator 1.6

TC Migrator is utility for easy migrate/backup/restore process of
Total Commander settings, resources, plugins, icons, language packs,
menu files, etc. if you an author of TC related stuff you can create
.tcm packages for distribution over the net.

WDX+WCX for TCM format here 180Kb
1032 KB - Updated: 24.06.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  20329 times

Plugin Setup Creator 1.0

This program automates the process of creating an installer for TC plugins.

You just need to specify the folder where your plugin files are located and the program will do the rest:
It creates a standalone setup.exe which will install the plugin and register it in totalcmd ini file.
It will update it if the plugin has already been installed.
It creates also an uninstall.exe file to remove the plugin automatically.
471 KB - Updated: 26.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  16687 times

ListSimpleBcb 1.0

Appendix to article "Lister Plugin on C++ Builder 6 for beginner". Plugin for viewing RTF files. All files that required for compiling are available.
13 KB - Updated: 19.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  14590 times

ListSimple 1.0

Appendix to article "Lister Plugin on Borland Delphi 7 for beginner". Plugin for viewing RTF files. All files that required for compiling are available.
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NSIS scripts for Total Commander plugins 

Script for NSIS (Nullsoft Install System) which can create an automatic setup for your plugins (WFX or WLX).
The script creates self exe setup which will automatically install your plugin and register it in the Total Commander ini file.
4 KB - Updated: 16.03.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  14198 times

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