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audioconverter 0.992 alpha 1

audioconverter 0.992 alpha 1

audioconverter 0.992 alpha 1

0.992 update 2 comments:

Added voice preset to lame vbr presets

alpha 0.992 comments:

updates from 0.991 can be reached here:

I will write "what's new" in alphas in comments.

1. cdtracks.wfx now correctly reads dll location settings.
2. Additonal parameters weren't work when there was translation.
3. Background mode!
4. Setting "convert to the same folder" and "delete source files" will not be restored after convert now.

Translation autors: If you still interested - please, update your
files and send them to me - I will upload them to the server. Send me you copyrights too, please (your names, maybe emails - we'll publish them too).

AC 0.991 Copyrights:
plotn - initial idea, design and programming
aes - ideas, programming
DrShark - a lot of ideas, testing, description, project maintaining

Vendorf - russian
TychoBarfy - german
Petr Řehák - czech

Audioconverter (AC) is designed to perform converting between several sound formats (preserving tags), extracting pieces of music from CD and making some intermediate transformations during converting process (e.g. normalization, resamling).
AC also can be used to alter bitrate of sound files, so that they can be played on mobile devices.

AC works with a number of popular dll and console coders, such as lame.exe, oggenc2.exe and others.

Input formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, APE, AAC (MP4/M4A/M4B), MusePack, AC3, WavPack, AMR, AIFF,
CD диски (simple and mixed, i.e. with data tracks), M3U

Output formats: WAV, MP3, OGG (aoTuV is used), WMA, ASF, APE, AAC (faac.exe and NeroAAC),
MusePack, WavPack, AMR, FLAC, MIDI

Additional features:
1) Ability to conduct intermediate transformation of temp wav-file - normalization, resamling.
2) Ability to convert directly to WinCE device
3) CDDB support (when converting from CD discs)
4) Multilingual interface

Description of usage.

Select files/directories in total commander, then press "pack" and select AC-plugin.
Choose the desired options and press "OK".
While converting from CD with data (or just from any CD) use file system plugin (incuded) and select tracks in it.
This method is suggested, since it provides for reading of CD Text from CDs and setting of the track names.

Questions, suggestions:

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: freeware
Author: Plotn
Added: 21.12.2005
Updated: 1.04.2007
Downloaded: 64093 times


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