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Total Converter 2.0.1

Total Converter 2.0.1

For amateurs of brevity:
Plugin Allows to convert all in all. And the most main to do this suitable, not conceiving on the ensemble of adjustment.

In detail:
Plugin Is shell, starting console utilities of converting the files with beforehand saved by adjustment.
First, configure the ctconv.xml and enter in new archive by pressing CTRL+PGDWN.
Select result file and copy in some folder.
For instance you have a telephone, saving sound files in AMR format and console program Converter. You may type a command:
Drive:\path\to\programm-converter\converter.exe amr2wav source_file.amr result_file.wav

This enough asked command can present from itself difficulty at low-activity use since happens to to recall keys, correct sequences a source-result and on that, whether to add an extension.
But as this can look with the program lame.exe having as a result the kit of key --help several pages highly useful information?
On my glance a people use highly limited desksides of these programs in their own purposes, possible save 2-3-10-50 kits of keys profiles) for the program and afterwards their use.

As A Result has appeared this plugin which allows on CTRL+PGDWN striking enter in file, with the extension determined in its config file. Inwardly, in the manner of resulting names of files will be displayed the most varied profiles, determined in same config file. There possible simply choose a necessary file and copy in the
necessary place. Plagin Will start in the hidden window a program-converter with determined for this profile by keys and program-converter convert a file in the necessary place.
After change config please open it in IE, for test to XML errors.

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: freeware
Author: Dmitry Kovalevsky
Added: 7.06.2006
Updated: 8.08.2006
Downloaded: 20940 times

Total Converter

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