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TotalObserver 1.2.0

TotalObserver 1.2.0

This plug-in assists in listing and extracting content from several types of containers.
This plug-in uses modules from Observer Plug-in for FAR Manager Copyright: 2009-2015, Ariman

Supported formats:

- Installation packages
- MSI packages for Windows Installer
- Installation packages made with Wise Installer
- Install Shield packages.
- Setup Factory packages.
- Create Install(gentee) packages.

- Images of the optical disc (CD/DVD/Blu-ray)
- ISO-images. Following formats are supported:
- ISO-9660 (incl. Joliet, RockRidge)
- UDF (ISO 13346) up to revision 2.60
- NRG-images Nero Burning ROM
- MDF-images Alcohol 120% (MDF/MDS)
- ISZ-images UltraISO

- MIME containers (.eml, .mht, etc.)
- MS Outlook databases (*.pst)
- MBox containers
- The Bat! databases (*.tbb)

- Containers used in various games
- CAT, PCK, PBD, PBB - used by Egosoft for X-series games
- VP - Volition Pack V2 (from FreeSpace 1/2/Open)
- BIG, SGA - containers from games made by Relic (Homeworld 1/2, CoH, WH40k DoW 1/2)
- GCF, WAD, XZP, PAK, BSP, VBSP - used inside Steam
- MoPaQ packages (used by Blizzard)

- Other
- Embedded files from PDF.

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: Open-Source
Author: Egor Vlaznev
Added: 16.09.2015
Updated: 17.01.2016
Downloaded: 30352 times
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