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CHMDir 0.41-alpha

CHMDir 0.41-alpha

CHMDir adds support of ITSS/CHM file format (compiled HTML) to Total Commander, allows you to extract, search, pack, delete files in CHM.

Also it add unpacking of HtmlHelp 2 files (.Hx?).

Also it can used as content plugin, showing info about title of help window, maker of CHM and time of compilation.

Presence of Internet Explorer in system is not necessary.

NB: Plugin can not make full-fledged HtmlHelp files (contents, index, etc.) but it can make CHM-file even if there is one '.htm' or '.html' file in files to be packed. For example, repack this archive to CHM-file. To make full-fledged HtmlHelp use HTML Help Workshop or htm2chm.
If there is not file '#SYSTEM' in root of packed files list it will be created and if there is not some '.hhc' file in packed list, 'stub.hhc' will be created with all files and directories from packing list using of topic. Its order depends on sort type of TC. Default topic will be (what comes first, case insensitive): see 'default_topics' in CHMDir.ini. If there is not such file, first found '.htm' or '.html' in packed list will be used.

For keeping structure of file before repacking it must be unpacked with turned on option 'Show special CHM files' in CHMDir.ini to keep files such as '#SYSTEM' (there is information about title of help window and contents file in this file).

Category: TC Packer Plugins
Status: Freeware
Author: Oleg Bondar
Added: 12.11.2003
Updated: 6.04.2012
Downloaded: 112714 times


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