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Par4TC 1.0

Par4TC 1.0

Modified version of PAR for MultiArc 1.11 including support .addon files and a PAR customized version able to work with MultiArc. PAR for whom that don't know it, is a program able to decompress as it would be a packed file all the .prc and .pdb PalmOS files, letting you to see inside resources and code section as if they would have been packed files (PalmOS files are indeed similar to little databases). You can also add/extract. Unfortunately it didn't work with TC and specially with MultiArc. In order to fix this PAR limitation (;-)) I changed it a bit (mainly how the output is created). Modifications are specific for TC only and to distinguish it from the official release (updated rarely indeed) I renamed it as 0.05.02 Included in this package there's is also the offical PAR manual, which of course can still be used as a DOS command. Some of the supported operations indeed don't have sense inside TC and I left them out. You can think of specific usage, for example using custom buttons of TC's command bar (i.e. the creation of a pdb file streaming into a text is one of these less useful funtions with respect to an integration into MultiArc).

Category: TC MultiArc Addons
Status: freeware
Author: Frumento Enrico
Added: 24.03.2004
Updated: 24.03.2004
Downloaded: 13755 times


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