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.NET Plugin Interface 1.3

Provided interface allows to create Total Commander plugins using .NET supporting languages.

If you are .NET developer and have a good idea for Total Commander plugin - provided .NET Interface is the right choice for you.
With this interface you can concentrate on the main functionality of your plugin without having to worry about most of mundane tasks of TC plugin building.

Main features:
- use all flexibility and power of .NET Framework to implement required plugin functionality,
- your plugin project will contain managed code only, not even one line of C++ unmanaged code,
- base classes for all TC plugin types - File System, Lister, Packer, and Content,
- easy debugging with included tracing system,
- all optional methods not implemented in managed plugin are excluded from the final TC plugin (so TC will never call them),
- TC calls are translated into managed calls with parameters marshaling,
- one unified Plugin Loader loads all types of TC plugins,
- each plugin is loaded into separate Application Domain to provide isolation and security boundaries for executing managed code,
- control over the lifetime policy for managed plugin instance is allowed,
- Unicode and 64-bit plugin features are supported automatically,
- final binary files are compact (usually less than 100 KB).

Project's page on SourceForge:

Source code available on:
1364 KB - Updated: 1.04.2015 - x32 - Downloaded  5916 times

ADO Data Sources german lng file 

German language file for ADO Data Source plugin.
Thanks to Kurt Lettmaier
6 KB - Updated: 23.03.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  7137 times

ADO Data Sources 1.6

The plugin provides an access to the objects of server-based and local databases that can be connected to using Microsoft ADO technology: OLE DB providers (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, InterBase, MySQL, MS Access) and ODBC drivers
(Paradox, dBASE, FoxPro, Excel, CSV).

- List of used connections is created using simple visual mode.
- Connection login and password can be stored encrypted.
- Displaying of database objects (user tables, system tables, views, stored procedures) as TC hierarchy.
- Plugin shows table descriptions (CREATE TABLE... - columns, indexes, primary and foreign keys) with F3 and F5. As well for the views and stored procedures.
- Plugin can export table or view data to another TC panel in different formats (Excel, HTML, XML, CSV, Text, RTF).
- You can "copy" files with extension ".sql" to the plugin panel (TC operations F5 and F6).
- You can "edit" objects from DB (TC operation F4).
- Alt+F7 finds objects in the plugin. "Find text" option is also available.
- Internal query lister/editor - QueryViewer. Shows and edits table and view records, executes stored procedures and arbitrary SQL-queries.
- Print and preview of query results.
- Export of query results (see supported fomats above).
- Incremental search in the grid columns.
- Server and local filters.
- Query sorting and filtering with one mouse click.
- Query saving in Query Viewer and special folder for a quick access to saved queries.
- Plugin can work with BLOB fields (TEXT, IMAGE, BYNARY). Text/Image/Hex/HTML modes. Displaying, editing, saving to file, loading from file, clipboard operations, drag-and-drop.
In the Image mode BLOBViewer works with most of graphic formats: BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, PIC, TGA and others.
1153 KB - Updated: 14.03.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  66291 times

MS SQL Servers 1.3

This plugin gives you access to local and remote Microsoft SQL Servers. Different server lists can be used. Hierarchy "Server - Database - Table" is displayed. Internal Query Viewer view and edit records in the tables. Any SQL queries can be executed. Working with BLOB fields etc.
556 KB - Updated: 26.01.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  35712 times

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