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iniPacker 1.0

Packer plugin of INI files for Total Commander.
For viewing and changing configs (may be hidden) of programms that use INI.
- Enter: Ctrl+PgDn
- Create INI "archives": create empty file ("example_file.ini") and enter to it.
- View and create (sub)sections.
- Create keys of (sub)sections: Copy file from panel into "archive" (sub)section.
- Changing keys of (sub)sections.
- Delete keys and (sub)sections
40 KB - Updated: 25.04.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  11707 times

Total Calculator v4.0 PL

Calculator - utility for Total Commander.
This calculator is based on Lua script engine. Supports libraries, plugins.
Standart plugins:
+ Logger - Logging a Math Expression;
+ Graph - Graphing a Math Expressions;
428 KB - Updated: 5.08.2006 - x32 - Downloaded  39288 times

FileView v2.0 alpha

- Hexadecimal editor:
can edit in HEX and ASCII modes:
switch modes by TAB key or by the left button of your mouse over accordingly region.
- Convenient HEX view:
at the bottom of the plugin window it is displayedcurrent cursor position in the file, current byte in different notations (DEC,HEX,BIN).
- Jump to address
(click the down status bar)
- Scroll on the file by scroll bar (plugin
also supports mouse wheels)
- Save:
1. Autosave when the current page is changed.
2. By F2 key, and from menu.
- Open new file from menu and by F3 key.
- Change of palette
14 KB - Updated: 5.03.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  39056 times

LowTraffic v2.0

Needed for coding files into LT format to transfer by net. Is analog to the famous formats as UUE, XXE, MIME, but it makes more compact code (15% less). However, sections created by LT-coding can't transfer along mail systems, edges 8th bit.But systems builded on FTN technology deprived this, that you may transfer LT-sections in any FTN network, for example FIDO.
9 KB - Updated: 9.07.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  11537 times

ICQScheme 2.0 (OpenSource)

To work with sound ICQ schemes.
17 KB - Updated: 12.06.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12491 times

BMC 0.2 (alpha)

To convert BMP (Microsoft) raster format to another graphic formats.

- Palette extraction from the BMP format (for non-compressed 8bit images only)
- Image information extraction
- Can convert BMP->CEL (for non-compressed 8bit images only)
- Can also convert BMP->RAW
5 KB - Updated: 8.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  12022 times

GPAK 0.1 (beta)

Packer plugin to unpack .pak files for 3D-action games as "Quake I", "Half-Life", "Counter-Strike"
3 KB - Updated: 1.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  15463 times

TOW 0.1 beta

Packer plugin to unpack .tow files. Tow-files are resource files of stategy game "Tides of War", which was popular in 1998 year.
3 KB - Updated: 1.05.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  10689 times

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