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Transformer Framework 1.0

Transformer Framework v1.0 filesystem plugin for Total Commander.

With the plugins coded for this framework you can do almost everything that needs file modification. From compression/encryption to different converters or collecting information about files, it's simple and easy. Only your creativity sets the limit.

You can test, and code plugins for this version. If you have any comment or suggestion for further development you can send an e-mail to info[at]transformerfw[dot]com. The official website of the framework is under construction, you can find every important information in the framework help and plugin sdk help.

For further information check the topic of Transformer Framework in the forum:
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RamCopy 1.3

With this plugin, mostly large files and directories are copied - moveable with the use of complete physical RAM. Therefore the 'grinding' of hard disk is reduced and is much faster than the usual procedure. The source code can be reached in Delphi 6.0.

Now available in nine languages:
English: Morion
Magyar: Summer
Deutsch: deus-ex
French: Clo
Italiano: Pallino The Lawyer
Spanish: Antonio and Jos Luis Meja Haro
Ukrainian: Butsky Igor

Thanks to the translators!
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