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DiskInternals Reader 1.9.3

How to get safe and quick access to alternative file systems? DiskInternals Reader for Total Commander is a new easy way to do this. This program plays the role of a bridge between your Windows and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, HFS, ReiserFS, exFAT, FAT and NTFS file systems.

DiskInternals Reader for Total Commander is absolutely free. The program provides for read-only access and does not allow you to make records in file system partitions. This guarantees that the interference in an alterative file system will not affect the work of system later.

Native reader for:

Windows and Linux software raid arrays
Adaptec, nVidia, Intel, Via, Silicon raid arrays
MBR, GPT and Apple partitions
VMWare, VirtualPC and Parallels disk images
7375 KB - Updated: 4.06.2014 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  82404 times


NTFS4TC features:

Under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003:
- Support NTFS images.
- Create Images of any disk/partition (NTFS, FAT, EXT2, and any other)
- Supports physical drives, USB FLASH, etc.

Under Windows NT, 2000, XP only
- Allows save locked files (such as swap-file, Registry, $MFT, etc. ).
- Custom dynamic disk support

Under Windows 9x Only:
- Gains access to the NTFS partitions under Windows 9x.

Mount NTFS Image's:
Copy disk image file to NTFS4TC panel or execute file "\Mount Image"
66 KB - Updated: 17.12.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  53033 times

TipTop 1.0

Enables/disables, shows/hides any window, sets window always on top/not always on top, changes alfablend value (2000-XP)
24 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  26237 times

ListDoc 1.2

Views MS Words texts in Total Commander lister very fast without formatting. No need of Microsoft Word to be installed or any additional libraries.
25 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  81390 times

ProcFS 2.0

This plugin allows to view/edit/kill processes that are running currently on the system. This plugin can view list of processes, kill ANY process (including system), view and save additional information, view windows created by selected process, change priority class.
35 KB - Updated: 12.11.2003 - x32 - Downloaded  69470 times

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