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FileListViewer 3.3.0

It is possible to create lists files of catalogues with the help of standard tools of TotalCommander.
Special Plug-ins are usually able not only to create, but also to read the lists-files . If you hasn't at hand TotalCommander or the plug-in which has created the list, this utility will help you.

1. this utility is able to read lists-files (versions on which work is guaranteed are specified in brackets):
1) TotalCommander (v 7.03)
2) Structures of a tree treeinfo.wc
3) Plug-in Catalog Maker (v 2.4, v 3.1.5)
4) Plug-in Disk Dir (v 1.1)
5) Plug-in Disk Dir Extended (v 1.32, v 1.55)
6) lists-files created by a "dir" command (supported keys: A, C, L, N, O, S, T, 4 and without keys)
7) lists-files created by a "tree" command with keys and without
8) lists-files created by a dir command from DosBox

2. Fast search with different options. (search in folders' names, in files' names , in attributes)
3. Two types of interface: the list and the tree.
4. Auto detection and manual definition of a file format. (не поняла что это такое)
5. The expanded search in a separate window.
6. Start by command line: FileListViewer.exe list_File_Path.
7. Saving(preservation) of all options.
8. Speed of parsing is comparable to speed of the first call by a corresponding plug-in in the list. Speed of transition on folders is much higher.
9. Export of the loaded list.
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