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Camp 1.4

Camp 1.4
Very simple clipboard maneger + fast winamp use.

1) Selecting key for each action.
2) You can turn off Baloons ..,
3) Saving configuration to %path to program%/camp.ini
4) Automatic delete of the same elements.

If You OS isn't XP - download this
(this update is for displaying tooltips as a baloons...)
You need msvcrt70.dll to start program
200kb of RAM
WMZ to: Z497761853700
13 KB - Updated: 2.02.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  15794 times

File Redirector 5.4

File Redirector 5.4 + SRC FR 5.0

FS-plugin, which will help you organize files
xfrom different disks.

1) Made all file system operations (copy,delete,reneme,create directory,
delete directory).
2) Compressing of base (3 degrees)
3) You can record file in base(full or just start of it).
4) You can add comment to all files from one disk.
7) Fast loading of base, by command "n".
6) You can exec files from plugin ("ENTER").
7) Automatic chech of new/deleted files.
8) Record files in base whith defined extanation.
9) Saving part of base in other base.
10) Assign types for file.
11) Automatic assign type for new files.
12) Displaying files of given type
13) Multilingual.
13) Multilingual. (Belarussian, Russian, English, French, German, Polski,
14) For acceseble files displaying icons.
15) You can assign several paths to file.
16) Export to M3U.

Made by DandLs (destman).
114 KB - Updated: 20.11.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  40542 times

Mod2Wav 0.5 beta

Mod2Wav ver 0.5 beta
Opens files:
*.xm - version $0104.
*.mod - "M.K.","6CHN","8CHN"
Mixing to *.wav (now only for *.mod).

Made by DandLs (destman)
9 KB - Updated: 16.06.2004 - x32 - Downloaded  18255 times

Used cars from Japan


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