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LogViewer 1.1.2

LogViewer 1.1 - this is Lister-plugin to view the text log files, with autoreload (tail, as in the Far manager).

- Ability to view very large files (5Gb or more)
- Quick, does not load the processor and memory
- Ability to set text color, depending on the content of strings
- Text searching and filtering

Default extensions for viewing are equal [. Log] and can be customized in settings.

Hot keys:
Ctrl F - search
F3 - find next
Ctrl F3 - find backward
W - word wrap

Free for personal non-commercial use, for other categories require a license to use.

LogViewer Home Page

* In this version correctly displays only non-unicode encodings, in unicode - only Latin symbols.
1980 KB - Updated: 23.05.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  30181 times

GisLister 1.0.4

Allows to view following formats of the files:
- MapInfo MIF/MID
- MapInfo TAB
- MapInfo WOR (limited,only open tables)
- AutoCad DXF
542 KB - Updated: 29.09.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  32796 times

Used cars from Japan


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