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Viewer/editor for source code files. Based on ATSynEdit component and CudaText editor.

Supports "lexers" to highlight many syntaxes, they are files in the "lexers" subfolder. You can install more lexers by unpacking zip files from . You can select any lexer, or encoding, via click on the statusbar. You can edit current file, by unchecking "Read only" in the context menu, can save file on exit too. You can call Options dialog, via right-click menu.
4671 KB - Updated: 3.04.2023 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  44300 times

MSIE Cache Browser

This file-system plugin allows to browse Microsoft Internet Explorer cache ("Temporary Internet Files" folder contents). Unlike Windows Explorer, plugin shows cache contents in structured form: domains list, sites list for every domain, URLs list for every site.
1363 KB - Updated: 25.12.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  69320 times

AudioInfo 2019.04.17

This content plugin can show information about audio files.
Supported stream formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA, WAV, VQF, AAC, APE, MPC, FLAC, CDA, OPUS, SPX, OFR, WV, TTA, AC3, DTS.
Supported tracker formats: IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, UMX, MO3.
421 KB - Updated: 17.04.2019 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  47722 times

TextSearch 1.6.4

This Content plugin allows to perform full-text search in any documents, which have command-line converters to the plain-text form.

Included converters are:

- RTF: Rtf2Txt converter (built-in)
- OdfToTxt converter
- MS Word, PDF: XDoc2txt
738 KB - Updated: 5.03.2018 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  54387 times

SynWrite 6.40.2770

Text editor (application installer and Lister plugin) with widest feature set:

syntax highlighting for lot of languages
fully customizable highlighting
code folding
tree structure for source code
project management
clipboard history
tools output
search results
text clips
file explorer
tabs list
coding helpers:
code templates
expansion of html tag names by Tab key
sync. editing of all id occurances
support for Zen Coding/ Emmet
color picker + color preview
inserting of image tag
portable bookmarks
column markers
support for almost all encodings
search/replace with regular expressions
search/replace in multiple files
support for external tools, capture of console output, errors navigation
strings extraction feature
tabbed interface
toolbar themes
customizable hotkeys
export to RTF/HTML
HTML Tidy support
and more...

Application installer
15025 KB - Updated: 29.08.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  170676 times

SynWrite - Addons pack 2017.06.18

Archive with major addons for SynWrite, except binary plugins.
To install a zip/rar file, open it in SynWrite and confirm installation.

18714 KB - Updated: 19.06.2017 - x32 - Downloaded  16702 times

SynWrite - Binary plugins pack 2016.07.31

Archive with major binary plugins for SynWrite editor.
To install any plugin, open RAR/ZIP file in SynWrite and confirm installation.

27919 KB - Updated: 31.07.2016 - x32 - Downloaded  7491 times

SynWrite Lite 6.1.185

SynWrite editor - Lite package.

Lite version offers same SynWrite executable, but with predefined settings: lots of menu items are hidden, Tree panel is hidden, some files are removed (plugins Explorer/SynFTP, Emmet, Color Picker, Html Tidy, source-code, tutorials, etc).

Installer creates portable folder.
4650 KB - Updated: 18.12.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  5133 times

EncInfo 1.2.1

Plugin detects:
a) if file is text or binary,
b) text encoding of file.
Currently only limited set of encodings is supported (readme).
109 KB - Updated: 17.10.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  7475 times

TC Plugins Manager 2.2.8

TC Plugins Manager is a utility for Total Commander which allows to easily manage TC plugins. Allows to:

- Manage plugins of all types
- Install plugins, even from zipped packs and nested folders
- Disable/enable plugins - TC cannot do it
- Run/restart Total Commander
- Log installation operations
904 KB - Updated: 28.08.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  293419 times

Universal Viewer Pro

Universal Viewer Pro is an easy-to-use file viewer application for Windows. It supports lot of file formats, including MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, images, audio, video, web-pages, text, RTF and unknown binary files. Common operations are supported: printing, copying to clipboard, saving-as, search.

Pro version contains additional features: support for Word/Excel/PDF files, support for RAW images, new multimedia player, and more.
12314 KB - Updated: 22.04.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  24448 times

LogViewer Pro 2.2.0

Viewer for text log files. Features include:

* Fast scrolling, eats low memory
* Supports any file size (4 Gb and larger)
* Multitabbed interface
* Log auto-reloading
* "Follow tail" mode
* Allows to highlight some lines (e.g. "errors", "warnings")
* Support for multiple encodings: ANSI, OEM, UTF-8, Unicode LE/BE etc.
* File search (both forward and backward)
* Creation of filtered log
* and more.
642 KB - Updated: 2.02.2013 - x32 - Downloaded  22706 times

UnicodeTest/LockedTest 1.2.3

This content plugin allows to check:
1. is filename Unicode or ANSI (on Windows NT+);
2. is file locked by another task or not.
127 KB - Updated: 28.01.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  49252 times

SynWrite x64 Edition 3.0.610

x64 Edition of SynWrite text editor. Included are x64 executable and Lister plugin. Based on SynWrite 3.0: removed docking, removed themes support, some opts disabled.

Many issues are present comparing to x32 version - see almost full list in Readme\ReadmeX64.txt.
4712 KB - Updated: 21.09.2012 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  30998 times

Universal Viewer Free

Universal Viewer Free is an alternative for Total Commander Lister (stand-alone). All Lister's view modes are implemented: Text, Binary, Hex etc.


- Built-in functions of several plugins: images, multimedia, webpages view
- Support for multiple codepages: ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, ISO etc.
- Support for text converters
- Support for user tools
- Toolbar, status bar, other interface improvements
- Auto-reloading of file, "Follow tail" option
- Displaying of line numbers
- Displaying of non-printable characters
- Combined Unicode/Hex mode (call Unicode mode twice)
- Modern RegEx search library
- Print preview
- EXIF viewer

Home page
Configuration files relocation tool
Known issues with Lister plugins
5320 KB - Updated: 13.06.2012 - x32 - Downloaded  181660 times

OpenOffice/DOCX/FB2 Viewer 1.7.2

Plugin allows to view OpenOffice, MS Word 2007, FB2 documents with formatting. Documents are converted to XHTML form, you can see them with most of formatting. Not all document styles are supported currently, because of underlying XSL stylesheets work.

Plugin works more correctly in Universal Viewer (in Lister some keys don't work).
3003 KB - Updated: 8.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  149294 times

File Descriptions 2.6.2-x32 / 1.2.3-x64

File Descriptions is content plugin for Total Commander, which allows to display file descriptions:

- descriptions from Descript.ion/Files.bbs
- for text files: file contents
- for executables/dlls: version information
- for HTML files: contents of Title/Meta tags

It also allows to use additional plugins (also other WDX plugins!) to show descriptions of other file types:

- AVI/QuickTime Movies (*.AVI,*.MOV)
- MPEG Movies (*.MPG,*.MPEG,*.MPE,*.M1V,*.M2V,*.VOB)
- Images (*.BMP,*.JPG,*.GIF,*.TGA,*.PNG,*.PSD,*.TIFF,*.PCX)
- Streamed Music (*.MP3,*.MP2,*.MP1,*.OGG,*.WMA,*.WAV,*.VQF,*.AAC,*.APE,*.MPC,*.FLAC,*.CDA)
- Tracked Music (*.MOD,*.XM,*.IT,*.S3M,*.MT2,*.STM,*.MTM,*.UMX)
- MS Office Documents (*.DOC,*.DOT,*.XL?,*.PPT,*.PPS,*.POT,*.OBD,*.WPD,*.SDA,*.FPX,*.MIX)
- Documents (*.OD?,*.OT?,*.SX?,*.ST?)
- Linux RPM Files (*.RPM)
307 KB - Updated: 7.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  72412 times

OpenOffice Simple Viewer 1.2.0

This plugin allows to view documents. Document contents is currently shown without formatting - only plain text! The following file extensions are handled:
1517 KB - Updated: 5.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  180623 times

OpenOfficeInfo 1.3.0

This plugin allows to display properties of documents.
The following file extensions are handled:
428 KB - Updated: 1.10.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  21404 times

Security Info 1.0.1

This content plugin allows to show group and owner for files on NTFS partitions under Windows NT and higher.

In the future versions it will also allow to show access permissions.
46 KB - Updated: 27.09.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  18496 times

decIcoWDX 2.0

Plugin to show ICO-files properties.

(by: Dec)
844 KB - Updated: 31.05.2011 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  6503 times

decThumbsDBViewer 4.7

Lister plugin which allows to view thumbnails from *thumb*.db plus caches of many applications (list in Readme).

Author: Dec
2735 KB - Updated: 15.04.2011 - x32 - Downloaded  40872 times

WDX Guide 1.9.0

This program tests all Content plugins installed in Total Commander. You can easily switch between plugins and see how a plugin processes selected file.

"Test filename" can be passed in command line. So it's recommended to add button to TC toolbar with command Guide.exe and parameters %P%N.
346 KB - Updated: 13.01.2010 - x32 - Downloaded  31235 times

decFLTViewer 1.1

Graphic viewer, which uses FLT: Office filters.

[Note: author is Dec.]
20 KB - Updated: 2.04.2009 - x32 - Downloaded  13191 times

decClipboardFS 3.6

Shows contents of Windows Clipboard as a file-system: different clipboard formats are presented as files of different extensions.
As an option, when you create screenshots by PrtScrn, plugin allows to remove app window backgroung from the final image.

Support at

(by: Dec)
822 KB - Updated: 20.06.2008 - x32 - Downloaded  58430 times


Packer plugin which shows contents of "structured storage" files: DOC, XLS, PPT etc.

(Note: the original plugin author is Dec.)
54 KB - Updated: 14.07.2007 - x32 - Downloaded  12609 times

File Thumbnails 1.0.2

File Thumbnails is Total Commander Lister plugin, that allows to display thumbnails for various files.
It is able to handle the following file types:

- Video File (*.AVI,*.MPG,*.MPEG,*.DIVX,*.OGM,*.MKV,*.M2V,*.DAT,*.VOB,*.ASF,*.WMV)
- AutoCAD Graphics (*.DWG)
- CorelDRAW Graphics (*.CDR)
- Adobe Acrobat PDF (*.PDF)
- Digital Camera Raw Files (*.CAM,*.CCD,*.CR2,*.CRW,*.RAW)
- TrueType Fonts (*.TTF)
32 KB - Updated: 24.11.2005 - x32 - Downloaded  58736 times

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