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System Events Ex 1.0.3

File system plugin for Total Commander that allows you to view all logs of event Windows. Created by analogy with the plugin Events NT 1.3 and can serve as a substitute.
Support for 64-bit Total Commander. Full Unicode support.
Has multilingual interface (English, Polish, Hungarian and Russian included; German can be found here:

Supported OS: Windows 2003 / Windows XP and later
1145 KB - Updated: 1.11.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  14107 times

RadminPlg64 1.0.0

Plugin RadminPlg rebuilt for 64-bit architecture.

File system plugin for Total Commander to store its own configuration of connections with Radmin-clients. The plugin provides the ability to connect to Radmin-clients with auto-login. After installation go to the network neighborhood to configure the plugin and specify the path to Radmin.exe and adm.dll. For groups of connections, you can create folders.

Fully supported by the file configuration radmin.base from the plugin RadminPlg versions 3.23-3.27. RadminPlg64 can be installed in the same folder where you installed the RadminPlg. In this case, the settings will pickup from an existing file radmin.base.
5036 KB - Updated: 13.09.2013 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  8552 times

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