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Tempus 1.01

The plugin perfomrs 4 functions:

1. Automatically updates dates of folders according to dates of the most recent files inside.
Helps define "real" dates of folders and track changes in subfolders.
This function is similar to the great utility SetFolderDate, but works in real time as you move through folders.

2. Shows age of folders and files.
But age is not displayed fixed, for example, in days as in the useful plugin Age. It depends on how long ago
a file has been updated:
30 sec, 15 min, 10 days, etc.
Makes it possible to replace the column of date and time, but still to easily compare neighboring files by recency/age.

3. Sorts files and folders by type.
This function is similar to the plugin Group Sort, but has some differences:
can create groups that are displayed not only at the beginning (e.g., .exe, .zip), but at the end of the list (for example, hidden files);
can group files and even folders;
allows you to specify a different order when sorting groups, regardless of a group name;
can be combined with the column of file attributes.

4. Displays file attributes more concisely.
shows the column of file attributes in a brief but still informative way. For example, turns off the the display of 'a---' and '---' rows for the files with no attributes.
Plus, the column can show extra information about a file (for example, a type of grouping as in Paragraph 3 above).

All these functions have a lot of settings in the ini-file (more details in the attached help file or in the ini-file).

Sources are included in the archive.
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