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Qt Plugin Interface

This plugin is designed for plugin writers who interested in development of TC plugins based on Qt framework.
Currently this plugin supports TC WLX (Lister) integration. Other plugin types are not supported.

=== How to use ===
1. Build the core plugin module listerqt:
cd listerqt
qmake INSTALL_PATH=c:\SomeDirectory
nmake install

2. Include the shipped listerqt.pri into your plugin's .pro file: include(C:\SomeDirectory\listerqt.pri)

3. Implement interfaces specified into wlx_interfaces.h. To specify which functions to export from the plugin use CONFIG variable in your plugin's .pro file. Supported values:
- PLUG_LIST_LOAD : plugin can create new windows and load files (ListLoad, ListLoadNext, ListCloseWindow, ListSendCommand)
- PLUG_LIST_SEARCH_TEXT : plugin window can search a text (ListSearchText)
- PLUG_LIST_SEARCH_DIALOG : plugin window has it's own search dialog (ListSearchDialog)
- PLUG_LIST_PRINT : plugin window can print it's contents (ListPrint)
- PLUG_LIST_PREVIEW_BITMAP : plugin can generate previews for TC (ListGetPreviewBitmap)

=== Examples ===

There is an example plugin that renders Qt .ui files: qtuiviewer. It's highly recommended to have a quick view over the code!

=== Known Issues ===

Static linkage with Qt is preferred because of dynamic linkage has a set of issues:
- There is no common solution to keep both 32 and 64 bit binaries (wlx, wlx64) at the same directory because of Qt framework shares the same names of it's libraries.
- Qt doesn't unloads it's plugins and therefore some Qt DLL stays in memory while others are unloaded. This leads to crash on plugin reload.
- Static linkage often saves the size of a plugin and speeds up the loading.
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Plugin that renders Qt .ui interfaces.

The plugin allows to view and to print UI sketches.
8422 KB - Updated: 11.04.2016 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  4166 times

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