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BarToLnk 1

Extracts buttons from .bar as .lnk files
At start without arguments will be added button in menu bar with default arguments
-p= path to source bar file. In TC button use -p="%P%N" (required parameter)
-t= path to the target directory. In TC button use -t="%T". If not specified,
matches the .bar file directory
Default button arguments -p="%P%N" -t="%T"

If target folder is not defined .lnk files will be placed in the .bar folder
The same will be if drag .bar file on app button.
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TCbarGcmd 1

Utility for creating a bar file from lnk files in a directory.
Works in TC only.
At first start (run from TC) creates a panel (.bar) with 2 program buttons with attributes. Also, the program, if possible, will install this panel as a button in the main TC panel. Restarting TC may need. If not installed, add it bay yourself dragging the bar file on the panel. If you mark "as menu" in the settings of button, there will be a drop-down list with buttons by default:
"Add to bar"
"Overwrite bar"
"Add to bar" - add lnk files from the directory to the existing bar file, or creates new if the bar file is missing (or the name is different from the directory name). If you add the same shortcuts several times, they will be added to the existing panel.
those, after adding, you can delete already added shortcuts.
The directory name and bar file name must match.
"Overwrite bar" - overwrites the bar file again, including only those lnk files that are in the directory. And it tries to append the new panel as a drop-down menu to the main TC panel.
A txt file is also created with help on command line arguments.
If there are no shortcuts in the directory, the program exits.

Button arguments
-p="%P\" - get path from active panel
-o=over - if exist, overwrite bar file by all lnk in directory, otherwise add all lnk to bar.
-i=ins - experimental, try to add new button bar to main TC panel

Default button arguments
"Add to bar" -p="%P\"
"Overwrite bar" -p="%P\" -o=over -i=ins
10933 KB - Updated: 17.12.2020 - x32/x64 - Downloaded  1930 times

TCbarGen 1.3

The program for generating a *.bar file from the *.lnk files contained in the catalog.
-First of all, place in one folder the shortcuts of the programs that you want to place on new panel.
-Select the directory containing *.lnk files ("Select catalog" Button). it doesn't matter how many *.lnk files will be selected. All shortcut files from the directory will be automatically taken.
By default *.bar filename is the same as the catalog name. You can give it manually in the yellow box.
-Generate bar file ("Generate" Button)
2 files will be created in the folder with shortcuts. *(file name)*.bar and *(file name)*.txt
Also the data for pasting the button by right-clicking will be copied to the clipboard.(After right-clicking on a TC panel select "Paste"). This will add the new panel as a menu.
If for some reason the necessary information is not copied to the clipboard, it can be copy manually from the bottom part of the TCbarGen program window, or from *(file name)*.txt file.
-You can also link the *(file name)*.bar file directly by drag&drop with mouse.
-If you just generated a *.bar file, then it can paste automatically into the current TC toolbar by select current clicking "Select *.bar" and add "Link to *.bar".
Button will be added to the end of the current toolbar.
-On first launch, the program creates the TCbarGen.ini settings file.
It will contain the last used path to *.lnk files and the path to *.bar file in which you added the new panel.

The shortcuts in the folder should point to executable files (*.exe) it's does not tested with other shortcuts

P.S. the program is provided for free use without any guarantees.
I made it for myself, If the program is in demand, then plans to add functionality.
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