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CertificateInfo 0.4.0

CertificateInfo 0.4.0

CertificateInfo is a Total Commander content plugin (WDX) that provides various pieces of information about certificate files like CER, CRT, DER, PEM, P7B, PFX, P12 and SST. It supports binary encoded files as well as Base64 encoded ones.

It can also be used as a packer plugin (WCX) with which it's possible to extract single certificates from certificate files and to convert between binary and Base64 formats.

- Supports binary encoded X.509 certificate files, Base64 encoded X.509 certificate files, PKCS#7 messages, PKCS#12 messages and serialized certificate stores
- Supports multiple certificates in Base64 encoded files (PEM)
- Provides over a dozen information fields for each certificate including Subject, Issuer, Valid from/to, Signature algorithm, Pubkey Length, Serial, Thumbprint, and many more
- Check if a certificate is considered valid by the system the check is run on
- Show number of certificates contained within a certificate file
- Supports PFX files, with and without private key, but only those with an empty password
- Extract certificates from certificate files containing one or multiple certificates (WCX)
- Convert certificates from binary to Base64 or vice versa (WCX)
- Supports Unicode and long paths (> 259 characters)

System requirements:
- Windows 2000 or later, both 32 and 64 bit
- Total Commander 7.50 or later, both 32 and 64 bit

Category: Content plugins
Status: Freeware
Author: Dalai
Added: 7.08.2022
Updated: 29.09.2023
Downloaded: 2663 times
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