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ChoiceEditor 1.95c_patched

ChoiceEditor 1.95c_patched

The original ChoiceEditor.exe (included and renamed to ChoiceEditor.exe.orig) includes some
hardcoded accelerator shortcuts which make it impossible to use A, O and U as
standard hotkeys throughout the program.

In this patched version this annoyance has been fixed by stripping the & from
the following strings:

Button: &other program...
Checkbox: &Use as additional
Checkbox: &Always use this program to open this filetype

Also the Button O&K has been changed to &OK.

All credits go to mozers for coding ChoiceEditor -- -- and for giving his OK to
release this patched version!

Category: TC Utilities
Status: freeware
Author: Icfu
Added: 26.10.2006
Updated: 26.10.2006
Downloaded: 13473 times


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