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ClpBrd 1.3.1

ClpBrd 1.3.1

Small clipboard manager.
The program is almost full analogue of the utility camp ( The Principal cause of a writing of the given program - camp does not work under OS Windows Vista.

By default ClpBrd copes with the help of 6 hotkeys:
1) <WIN>+LEFT - viewing of the previous element of clipboard history
2) <WIN>+RIGHT - viewing of the following element of clipboard history
3) <WIN>+UP - moving of a current element of clipboard history on one position upwards
4) <WIN>+DOWN - moving of a current element of clipboard history on one position downwards
5) <WIN>+HOME - display of a current element of clipboard history
6) <WIN>+DELETE - removal of a current element of clipboard history
However in the program possibility of change of shortcut keys, and also disconnectings of response to any of operations is provided.

Under the program has the English interface. To replace language on Russian it is necessary to start the program with ключем "/lang=russian" (for example, clprd.exe/lang=russian).

Known problems:
- probably incorrect display of the Russian text in pop-up helps (balloons);
- incorrect capture of the data at their copying from Microsoft Excel is possible;
- at copying data from Microsoft Excel incorrect check on their identity;

Category: TC Utilities
Status: freeware
Author: Alexey Starchikov
Added: 7.01.2009
Updated: 10.11.2009
Downloaded: 11075 times


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