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TCBL 1.04

TCBL 1.04

This tool get a list of file, build batch file according to some options {mini macro language} and parameters allows to edit it or not and execute it or not....

More details :
this is a lst2multi replacement with Much More features !
This is a makeBat replacement that also allows to get info on the file from WDX plugins.

A) Why should i use it ?
- I want to execute some command from TC toolbar with more than one file (the %l %L).
- the command i want to execute is an internal shell command.
- I want to execute more than one command at the time.
- I want to do dedicated action depending on the file extension or size or type ....
- I want to produce an output using WDX from a list of file
Personnaly I use inside TC to launch a lot of imagemagick command resize,rotate,contrast...integrated inside a nice toolbar ;)
I also use it to concatenate all the file together, rename/copy folder and files,...
unzip all selected file into a target folder

B) is it easy to use ?
- if you know how to do thing with a dos console you are able to use it !

C) Why a bat/cmd file is used :
- you can use all system command (echo, ren, copy, move, .... ) depending of your command interpreter.

You can either use only the command line or an ini file where you can store your "script template" with much more feature !

-e option allow you to edit in notepad the created batch in order to complete / modify before execution.

The program is fully functional in 32bit as only support of 32bit wdx is done.
The program only support ANSI file list and ini.

You can get more info at

Category: TC Utilities
Status: Freeware
Author: nsp
Added: 10.06.2015
Updated: 26.06.2016
Downloaded: 5363 times
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